Pocket game console 5000 mAh mini portable power bank built-in 188 classic games

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Model: Y6
Product type: handheld game console
Game type: ACT action game
Game version: Softcover version
Memory: 256M
Applicable number: two persons
Connection method: wired
Interface type: USB

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Black, Blue, Red, White

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98 Reviews For This Product

  1. 98

    by Jacqueline

    I bought this for all 6 of my grandchildren! They all loved it. Two of my daughters are getting one for their husbands

  2. 98

    by Bishop

    Great game! Loved it so much for my son that I bought another one for my boyfriend

  3. 98

    by Martha

    Cons, not actually 188 games, but several hundred sooooo who cares? Cord to connect to TV not nearly long enough to be practical.

  4. 98

    by Jean

    I bought this as a birthday gift for one child ands Christmas gift for another child. They both loved it. It is really light and durable. For the price and the amount of games it comes with, it was a perfect gift for children.

  5. 98

    by Debby

    Exactly what I wanted for a stocking stuffer. Love the vintage games. Reminds me of a gameboy.

  6. 98

    by Octavia

    Fun for small children at low cost! We gave this to our 5 year old and she loves it. My husband and I play sometimes too 🙂 It is definitely a blast from the past. You can’t save progress, but with all the options she doesn’t stick to one game for too long anyway! Such fun!

  7. 98

    by Frederica

    Reminded me of my yesteryears indeed all games are unique and loved the design as well as game play comfort. Will absolutely recommend it if you want a small time machine in your hands to experience the nostalgic moments when playing it. I will surely show this off to my friends and rest assured if you cant get your hands on the gaming console you sure will be envious to watch someone else who owns it.

  8. 98

    by Hedda

    I bought this for my 9 year old because I didn’t want to have to worry about him interacting with people online. This game is lightweight with GREAT graphics. So so many games to choose from. I played Super Mario on it myself and got a nostalgic kick back to my childhood. It charges quickly and hooks up to our Roku flatscreen easily for fun 2 player games. I’m definitely buying 2 more for my other kiddos.

  9. 98

    by Samant

    Very easy and charge lasts awhile! Games are just as I remember and the kids love it!

  10. 98

    by Clark

    Good game for price

  11. 98

    by Florence

    I just bought my second one for my younger son. They love having them for travel and just to pass the time instead of stealing mom and dads phone. They last forever without charging. I love the games they take me back to my childhood and I can enjoy playing with them!

  12. 98

    by Constance

    This is an awesome game! For the price you can’t beat it. So many game selections.

  13. 98

    by Celeste

    Used for a gift, excellent choices for games, vibrant color, easy comfortable handhold of device.

  14. 98

    by Cornelia

    Got it for my 7 year old’s birthday, but all the family has enjoyed it.

  15. 98

    by Brand

    I’m very pleased with this gaming console. It’s so user friendly that my 3 year old plays with it as well. He loves the games too. I love that he is so into the old school games that I use to play as a kid. The game is made very well. It doesn’t seem cheap, I feel like it will last a very long time. Even if it doesn’t I will buy another one because they are so affordable. Definitely will purchase again for future gifts, I feel like everyone would enjoy this!

  16. 98

    by Thera

    Son absolutely loves it and now teenage daughter wants 1!!

  17. 98

    by Donna

    I bought this for my cousin for Christmas, but I couldn’t resist playing with it. …just to make sure it worked, of course. I almost didn’t want to wrap it up. I miss the old games we used to have, Mario Bros., Pac-man, etc. The handheld game is a convenient size for on the go play and travel. The screen display was clear. Although many of the games repeat, it is still a good value to have so many games at your fingertips. I didn’t connect it to the television so I don’t know how well it displays on a TV. But, I will be getting another one for myself.

  18. 98

    by Ursula

    It’s So Nostalgic, brings back memories with great game choices and what a great price to match for a piece of your childhood back

  19. 98

    by Miranda

    I love it. It’s a great purchase. It reminds me of my childhood, the variety of games are all I used to play. The size is perfect and easy to carry. Long battery life, easy to connect, and so fun!

  20. 98

    by Lauren

    Este producto fue un regalo de cumpleaños para mi hijo, y él quedó encantado con la cantidad de juegos y la duración de la batería y el tamaño le gusto también ya que no es muy grande y lo puede guardar en la bolsa de su chaqueta cuando andamos en la calle y así no se aburre

  21. 98

    by Suzanne Joanne

    Since I’ve gotten this product, I literally play it every night during my down time. I seriously love it!

  22. 98

    by Janice

    It brings back the kid in me. (Even posted it on my fb stories )

  23. 98

    by Diana

    Got this for my sons birthday he’s been asking for it for a long time but I wasn’t sure it would work or have the games as described but I finally caved. I’m glad I did, he absolutely loves it! Screen quality is great, reasonably priced, with tons of games he enjoys!

  24. 98

    by Pandora

    Exactly as described! Works perfectly and a great value.

  25. 98

    by Avery

    This thing is great, lightweight, compact and has so many fun games, it’s easy to use and set up and such a good deal. Buying two of these games on my phone would cost the same and there’s 500 of them on here.

  26. 98

    by Xanthe

    the battery lasts a long time and the device is easy to carry.

  27. 98

    by Mandy

    This is exactly what my grandson wanted for his birthday! Once he got it he couldn’t put it down. It’s a good thing it was the last present he opened. LOL! Great entertainment for an 11 yr old boy, that’s for sure!

  28. 98

    by Sophia

    Cool handheld! So nostalgic and fun. This 188 games in 1 actually has Super Mario Bros 1-3 as well as other great games. Great deal for under $40

  29. 98

    by Claire

    I am absolutely in love with this handheld game system.I can’t believe that it actually has 188 games on it,my boyfriend and I are going to hook it up to the Tv and and have some fun.

  30. 98

    by Salome

    My sons in love with this game boy!!!

  31. 98

    by Atalanta

    Product arrived quickly, feels very good when holding! Has all of the games from growing up. The battery life lasts a solid 6 hours with heavy usage! Would definitely buy again !

  32. 98

    by Viola

    I love it best gift for myself ever!!

  33. 98

    by Sean

    This was my daughter’s favorite Christmas present! I keep waiting for her to get bored with it but still hasn’t happened! It’s absolutely perfect!

  34. 98

    by Regina

    This has been such a Nostalgic Toy for myself to share with my son.

  35. 98

    by Candance

    the other controller doesn’t work.. i bought this so the kids could play together

  36. 98

    by Winifred

    Very light weight, battery life is also good. Bought this as a gift and its a good classic!

  37. 98

    by Breenda

    He has Xbox, Playstation, all, but this is his road trip choice!!!

  38. 98

    by Perez

    This little game is so worth the money! It has a load of games that keeps my little one entertained for hours. We bought this for her while she was away at Grandma’s for the summer. Since my parents aren’t computer savvy at all and have no idea how to hook a game system up to the tv, I figured this would be a easy to use alternative. It worked out great and is very easy to use.

  39. 98

    by Lorraine

    This is the best game for my kids this is the 4th one I have bought from this company my kids love it especially all the different Mario games wonderful would recommend for anyone big and small!!

  40. 98

    by Roberta

    Super genial! Mis sobrinos quedaron encantados!

  41. 98

    by Arlene

    Battery life has been very good so far, when the battery is almost drained, I noticed the backlight will start to dim in order to give you a chance to plug in before it shuts down.

  42. 98

    by Viola Ingrid

    I love this little thing has all my childhood games .. I recommend it it’s great little game boy like ..

  43. 98

    by Harris

    I bought his for my son as a Christmas gift and he was just telling me about all the games. He has really enjoyed playing the games.

  44. 98

    by Astrid

    This handheld game is awesome…so many games, my kids love it and so do I. I would definitely buy again as a gift for a kid or any adult that loves games.

  45. 98

    by Lesley

    My kids play this all day, great games!

  46. 98

    by Trinity

    It is great product for price . My kiddo loves it and I am a pro at all the games .

  47. 98

    by Beatrice

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

  48. 98

    by Spring

    My boys both love this. It is quite a bit like a GameBoy, but has a ton of games. Screen is pretty good quality, controls are intuitive. The list of games is a bit of a chore to dig through, but it has a ton of great classics.

  49. 98

    by Cynthia

    I think this was a very good value for what you get. It can keep the kids (or adults) entertained for a long time.

  50. 98

    by Sean

    The only bummer is that it doesn’t seem to save progress in the games, but nobody is really all that sad about it.

  51. 98

    by Sean

    The games brought back memories. There are a lot 80s and 90s games to choose from. Awesome graphics. I added video im a little rusty lol. It came with a second controller and connective wire to plug to your TV so that 2 players can play. I plan to buy another one because I’m going to be a little selfish lol. I’m the child today the game is all mines. On serious note its worth the money and the manager Tom wanted to make sure everything arrived working. Yes sir its all good. Love it. Games etc . Pac man, donkey kong, tetris, Aladdin,Angry bird, burger time. So far so good. I have one issue but I will email the seller.

  52. 98

    by Sean

    The games are good and described they are not repeated and great collection. All contra, turtle, double dragon etc.

  53. 98

    by Sean

    I bought this for my nephew’s birthday so he and I could play together. I don’t know how to play any Playstation or Xbox games so this was perfect for me. I love all the old school games. The best part is the cord to connect to the TV is so long that we are able to connect it to the TV and be able to lounge on the bed. Unfortunately, he tripped over the cord and it broke. I contacted them and they are going to send me a replacement.

  54. 98

    by Sean

    For the price, it is a fun item and my son really enjoys it. The extra controller is great for playing with friends or siblings. As a parent, it feels cheaply made, the battery does not last very long – 2 hrs max, and half the games are in another language, but he has fun with it and that’s enough for me.

  55. 98

    by Sean

    This is a really fun product. The amount of games that I was able to find that I really enjoy is worth the price itself.

  56. 98

    by Sean

    We ordered this to pack in the COVID indoor recess bag. We were looking for something less expensive (than an iPhone or a Nintendo Switch) so we purchased this. It came loaded with a TON of games, we played it for hours upon arrival after we realized all the games that were on it! My son (2nd grade) takes it to school to play during indoor recess and he absolutely loves it! My senior asked me to buy him one because he loves all the games on it!

  57. 98

    by Sean

    Love this for my daughter ! She’s been loving all the old school games. Easy to use so many different games to play and love that it has the controller that you can connect to the tv ! Definitely a great little Christmas gift.

  58. 98

    by Sean

    Bought this for my son’s birthday!He loves it absolutely!True value for money.A tone of games.Affordable.Cheap to replace if something is to happen to it.Comes with a warrant.Seller exceptional customer service.Would recommend highly!

  59. 98

    by Sean

    Awesome for the price keeps me entertained. Some games are interesting and weird. For the most part its entertaining and has a ton of different games. Keeps me entertained.

  60. 98

    by Sean

    This is a pretty cool device with good value for the money. I like that it has the option to hook it up to the television for better clarity, but is still awesome for portability. My girl’s kids love it!

  61. 98

    by Sean

    I was so excited to finally get my console!!! I love being able to play all of the games I played as a kid!!! This is an awesome product and I would definitely purchase from this company again!!! Thanks for giving me some serious feelings of nostalgia ❤️❤️❤️

  62. 98

    by Sean

    So excited for to give this to our son for his birthday! We broke it out and loved reliving all the retro games we played as kids.

  63. 98

    by Sean

    It’s great it brang back so many happy memories and now i can share them with my kids it’s under $20 and that’s amazing

  64. 98

    by Sean

    Bought as a Christmas gift for a buddy, who enjoys gaming and a bit of nostalgia. He loved it, and it was also a big hit with his 8 and 11 year old.

  65. 98

    by Sean

    This is an awesome value. I got two of them for gifts. Those that got them absolutely love them. They thank me for them every time I see them. Preloaded with tons of games, good for on the go, or lunch break fun.

  66. 98

    by Sean

    Great little game for the retro nes fan! 500 games on this with lots of great games! Hours of fun for NES game fans. Well worth the cheap price. A high quality hand-held game for very little money. Buy it already!

  67. 98

    by Sean

    We are loving the this handheld gaming console. It has so many games and it is good quality. I definitely recommend getting one!! It was a great price, too!!!

  68. 98

    by Sean

    Always wanted a game boy

  69. 98

    by Sean

    Got this for my husband as a bit of a nostalgia gift. He LOVES it. For the price, this is a great gift idea. It works wonderfully and we love it. Don’t hesitate, BUY THIS! 馃槉

  70. 98

    by Sean

    Awesome product! Perfect for my son! I also love the fact that the seller makes contact after the sell via letter or email just to make sure you’re satisfied with the product! Would definitely buy from them again!

  71. 98

    by Sean

    Product worked as advertised. Good little Viewing screen and easy setup to my TV system and the cord is long enough to sit comfortably in front of the TV. My kid and I love it. We’ve already spent time playing Several games together.

  72. 98

    by Sean

    Great product for the price. Kids loved it for hours while waiting for lines at Disney. Nostalgic games for parents too!

  73. 98

    by Sean

    I was very suprised!! You get your money’s worth and then some! Graphics are great! Battery life goid for such a small console. My children have endless fun!! Very impressed!!! Worth every penny…

  74. 98

    by Sean

    This was such a great deal for the money. So many great games packed into one system. I highly recommend this product.

  75. 98

    by Sean

    My boy absolutely loves this!!! We don’t have x-box or any kind of Nintendo in our house, so this has been so much fun for him! We also live in a small home, so we love how compact it is!!!

  76. 98

    by Sean

    Value for money!!!

  77. 98

    by Sean

    6 year old loves this

  78. 98

    by Sean

    It brings back memories and I really enjoyed playing Mario and Tetris. What’s more wonderful about this is you can connect it to you TV

  79. 98

    by Sean

    Great value for the expense. If you’re an old school gaming fan you’re going to love this setup.

  80. 98

    by Sean

    I like it very cute and portable

  81. 98

    by Sean

    Thank you! It reminds me when I was young. Fast shipping and good price.

  82. 98

    by Sean

    My grandchildren love this game.

  83. 98

    by Sean

    My kids love this game. It’s handy and can even connect to the tv!!! I’m very satisfied with my purchased.

  84. 98

    by Sean

    Product provides hours of fun and entertainment. Perfect for all ages!

  85. 98

    by Sean

    Is a Christmas gift. Did try it out and very happy with product, fast shipping,great price.

  86. 98

    by Sean

    Great price and very good customer service! Would definitely buy from them again.

  87. 98

    by Sean

    It works very well, and it has 500 games in just one little thing.

  88. 98

    by Sean

    I got this for my 4 year old and he loves it!

  89. 98

    by Sean

    I like everything of the console

  90. 98

    by Sean

    LOVE these games! Love having all the classics in one spot. My kids are inlove with these. They like that they can connect it to the TV as well. We have bought 5 of them now! These make the best gifts.

  91. 98

    by Sean

    Item was a gift and they loved it!

  92. 98

    by Sean

    It nice to play game from back then that retro

  93. 98

    by Sean

    It’s a trip down memory lane! Working on getting the kids more interested, something they can play together or separately. I suppose I should of expected the reaction from the tablet generation lol. I wish it had a search or category filter though, just a big list of games. Super fun at least for me testing it out.

  94. 98

    by Sean

    This product clearly indicates a battery is included. However, we are missing the battery rendering the device useless. ******REVIEW UPDATE***** I was able to email the company and get this resolved, I requested a battery and the sent me a new battery and a another game! The replacement got here in 3 days!!! Very pleased, thank you!

  95. 98

    by Sean

    I bought this for my grandsons birthday. He loves it. Great product, great price!

  96. 98

    by Sean

    I limit electronics and kids like earning play time, also will be great for long car rides or the airplane.

  97. 98

    by Sean

    I was doubtful at first to buy this site unseen but once I received it I was so happy. This is bigger then the regular gameboys and is easy to use with my big hands. The color purple has sparkle. All the games are on the device so no extra games to carry around and pop in and out. I mainly bought this because I like to just play games not for a long time so I get my fix and can move onto another game if I want and best part yet is I have 500 to choose from. I’m 40 yrs old and missed all my games I played when growing up so this makes me so happy.

  98. 98

    by Sean

    Wife loves it. I bought this for my wife as a gift. She loves Mario and older Nintendo games but doesn’t always have the time to get on the system. This works great as a quick option to gaming. It loads quickly and has a ton of games. Some are doubled but who cares. There are plenty of titles to choose from on this system. Would recommend to anybody. It has a controller and cables to hook up to a TV as well. Enjoy!!

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Pocket game console 5000 mAh mini portable power bank built-in 188 classic games

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