Professional Waterproof Smart Wrist Band Fitness Bluetooth Watch 0.96″ Color Screen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Call SMS SNS Remind

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Warm Tips: Before initial use, please detach the watch from the strap and put the device into a USB port to boot it up . There will be a red indication lights up when it is charging successfully , if not please flip it over to recharge it.
Product Features:
1). Colour Screen & Brightness adjustable: 0.96 inch TFT LCD colour screen with wonderful visual effect . 5-levels of the screen brightness can be set in app manually.
2). 14 activity modes: Walking, running, riding, hiking, mountaineering, basketball, football, badminton, tennis, fitness, yoga, dancing, treadmill, dynamic cycling. (It can only add max 3 activity modes each time in the app.You can set the 3 activity modes which you need).
3). Pedometer: It can track your steps daily and calculate calories and mileage automatically.
4). Real Time Heart Rate Monitoring: There are three types of real-time heart rate monitoring (resting heart rate, average heart rate, maximum heart rate), remind you to take care of your body.
5). Sleep monitor: This program will automatically start at night to monitor your sleep quality, including total sleep duration, deep sleep duration, and light sleep duration.
6). Calls / SMS / SNS notification: Calls, SMS and SMS notification ( WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn, Email, etc ),  allow you to not miss any important coming calls and news.
7). Smart Alarms: Max 10 smart alarms can be set on your app . The device will vibrate when the smart alarm works.
8). Wrist perception: When you raise your wrist, the time interface lights up automatically.
9). Remote Selfie: Convenient to take selfie by pressing the oval icon on the screen.
10). Waterproof performance: IP68 Level ,Sweat safe, rain and splash proof etc. You can wear it to swim or take shower ( not in hot water, it may cause wristband damanged ).
11). Free APP: You can download the free app “VeryFitPro”. After you’ve bind the fitness bracelet and mobile phone through the VeryFitPro APP, you can use the fitness bracelet alone to record your activity data.
12). Weather Forecast Sync: It can sync the weather forecast from your phone if the phone is under the network .
13). Easy and Fast Charging: Built-in USB charging port . Simply insert it to any universal power adapter, PC or power bank without requiring a particular adapter.

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48 Reviews For This Product

  1. 48

    by Natalie

    I don’t exercise enough to take advantage of all the fitness features yet (though I keep saying I will), but I love that it monitors heart rate and my sleep and I really like receiving my messages on it.

  2. 48

    by Nathan

    have been using this for a few months now and have found it to be really good. I have also changed phone and had to re pare the phone .. no problems at all. Really good value fopr money . …I had been putting off buying a fitness tracker for some time. I am pleased I decided to give this one a go. Bought when on offer and pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to set up. Easy to use.

  3. 48

    by Logan

    Really good smart bracelet really helpful during workouts kepps you up with your daily goals and notifies you when you get a call or text.
    Really helped me during soccer game.

  4. 48

    by Cameron

    Its nice to wear and accurate in counting the steps and calories. its also smart and easy to handle. its not bulky and not too big. It is just right for me and I have encouraged my friends to buy it as well.I managed to make it work now it is working properly and it is fantastic .
    It keeps me going and focused on my goal. it is easy to use and also as watch it is punctual and always correct.

  5. 48

    by Luke

    Nice accuracy. Only loses one minute per day time clock. After sync via bluetooth, the time becomes precise again.

  6. 48

    by Ashley

    I’m an old man&I can’t afford an expensive tracker-and I don’t need so many bells and whistles. I just want to know how many steps have been taken & it gives me motivation. Cheap products, it tells me if my cell phone rings & show my SMS. It also reminds me that if my heart rate is too high. It suits my needs very well.

  7. 48

    by Avery

    I mean it works as advertised. I haven’t found any major issues/flaws with it, and considering the price it’s a great deal. The app is standard run-of-the-mill, I do like that it supports sharing data with Google Fit. I like all the features more or less. What are you waiting for, just buy the thing! 🙂 It’s really nice to be able to check my blood pressure on demand and my heart rate; whenever I feel shortness of breath or feeling a bit ‘icky’ I can look to my watch or my app to confirm my vitals. My wife has even asked to borrow my watch from time to time to check her vitals. Very handy thing to have around.

  8. 48

    by Elizabeth

    I bought this smart wristband as a replacement for a Fitbit. It works just as well and it’s much cheaper. It was easy to set up and it works well with my i-phone. Younger people will find it easier to read the instructions, but I had to use a magnifying lens. Alternatively, one could take photos of the instructions, and enlarge them at will.
    I don’t use all the health functions daily, but they are useful (heart beat monitor, blood pressure and oxygen monitor, etc.) The product came earlier than scheduled, it was as described, and works well. I recommend it.

  9. 48

    by Megan

    Bought it for the wife, she loves it, especially the temperature feature

  10. 48

    by Taylor

    The baby has arrived. It was bought for my brother. A few days ago, I always wanted a smart watch that can detect sleep and heart rate. So I saw on the Internet that this watch is very cost-effective and it is enough to buy, brother I really like that I plan to buy another one for myself.

  11. 48

    by Tyler

    Used for measuring temperature, steps, sleep quality and heart rate. Easy to set up, but read the instructions first. Brilliant little appliance and the watch is accurate. Communicates without any problem to android phone (using the app) and records all the data. A bit fiddly removing the strap to recharge the phone but, I’m sure doing that twice a week won’t be a problem. Does what it says on the box!

  12. 48

    by Abigail

    Just got this watch and I already love it! Not huge on my wrist but still easily read. I love that the weather is on the face.
    The bottom strap is a little hard to pull off for me, I have arthritis, but I guess that it’s good that the band is on nice and tight so it wont fall off and that the charging part is sealed well from water.

  13. 48

    by Jonathan

    I compare this with my husbands Apple Watch to see if the heart rate monitor was the same and if it was tracking the same steps and the results are……. yep!! All tracked the same.
    it has tracked my workout well and heart rate and steps and sleep really well so far.
    It is also very comfortable to wear too, nice and light.
    I would recommend this fitness tracker to everyone who is looking for one, great product.

  14. 48

    by Brandon

    App connects to the device directly. Do not try to connect to phone first or you’ll end up scratching your head for a bit like me! It’s in the instructions.
    The tracker itself seems accurate for steps and heart rate. App is easy to use. You are able to choose the main time display type.
    All in all great value for money. Would definer buy again.

  15. 48

    by Samantha

    This looks just like the big name brand and so far I haven’t figured out anything this little thing can’t do! I don’t know why anyone would spend the extra $ on the big name brand. This is comfortable, tracks everything I wanted and gives me text and call notifications.

  16. 48

    by Nicholas

    I am so impressed, not least because it is waterproof, very versatile, with many options for activities which suit your lifestyle.

    You can even take photos from distance using the watch, and be notified about incoming calls. amazing. It’s just very versatile and has so many options for what activities best suit my lifestyle. The colour range is good, it’s easy to wear and forget you have it on, and easy to charge from a USB port. The App itself is broad-ranging and easy to interact with and check on biological functions such as heart rate, sleep pattern, etc..

  17. 48

    by Christian

    It was just okay. I’ve had trouble recharging it because it wouldn’t fit in my USB ports I have. So it just okay. I had to use a friends battery to charge my watch.

  18. 48

    by Jasmine

    Charged it and it works perfectly. I love how it keeps track of my sleeping habits as well. I’d recommend this item.

  19. 48

    by Mason

    Got this for the step counting. Simple item nothing fancy battery has lasted well over one week but will need recharge soon. Easy to plug into computer. Comfortable to wear. Accuracy not sure on this make sure you put in all info including your step stride measure from heel to heel for that. Heart rate a guide but due to placement of watch don’t think you should go by it just a guide. Sleep seems accurate I did take off after a few nights as I don’t like wearing items like this during sleep. It did not get in the way though. In walk mode was again accurate to what I already knew from step counter on my mobile this item is a far less intrusive way of counting steps. Value for money no complaints.

  20. 48

    by Emily

    I have not had a fitness tracker before so i didn’t know what to expect from this.
    I am happy to say its a very good piece of kit,
    I was shocked how many miles i walk in a day!
    The app is worth getting and easy to install on a phone.

  21. 48

    by Addison

    The watch is nice once you figure out how to make it work. It’s easy to charge once you figure out which side reveals the USB charging port.

    It does what it says and for the price it does a good job.

  22. 48

    by Victoria

    I like this fitness tracker very much. It makes me more serious and accurate fitness. A perfect body must be obtained through hard work. This tracker reminds me very well to set the daily exercise time to a greater extent. The development of my body has made my body better and better. Every time I exercise, I always don’t know the time. With this tracker, I have a good control over my fitness method. It is a good shopping and recommended to people around me. stand up

  23. 48

    by Isabella

    I’m pleased with the design of this fitness tracker, slips on easy, and mine charges fairly quickly. Admittedly using a fitness tracker for the first time is a bit confusing and hard, but they have provided a small instruction book with pretty clear instructions as to navigating through the many features included in the device. Along with the device, it is encouraged to also install their mobile app to keep track of all the data stored, as well as give the device access so the fitness tracker can notify you of live message notifications from your mobile device.

  24. 48

    by Brianna

    I like the appearance and color of this product, it is very comfortable to wear on the wrist. It has many functions. What I like most is that it reminds women of menstrual periods. This is indeed very practical and can avoid sudden embarrassment. And it is waterproof, can adapt to various environments, and I can use it anytime. It is indeed worth buying a multifunctional watch at such a cheap price.

  25. 48

    by Lauren

    As a fitness enthusiast, a scientific and reasonable fitness plan is very important. This watch can accurately record my heart rate, blood pressure and calories during exercise, so as to help me train better. And its small size will not affect my exercise. The quality is very good and the appearance is also good. I wear it on my wrist almost all day. It has many functions and is very practical. I like it very much.

  26. 48

    by Hannah

    It tells me everything i need to know about my health

  27. 48

    by Jayden

    The first reaction was that the fitness tracker is compact and follows the shape of the wristband smoothly round my wrist. After charging the watch reacts to tapping on its face to provide the time and activities as described. The brightness of the time screen can be set at the required level. There are additional useful features included with the number of steps walked. By tapping and holding your finger on the ‘walking screen’ , the distance walked, calories used and the time taken are additionally displayed. For such a small streamlined watch it is surprising the features available.

  28. 48

    by Madison

    The readings are so close to what I get at my doctors that I would call it extremely accurate. I just wish there was an option to purchase the bands alone to be able to change colors.

  29. 48

    by Hailey

    Bought this due to high blood pressure so wanted an anytime reading but discovered it reads low so not much good to me. Otherwise the step count and bpm are accurate so I will continue to wear it. Bracelet stiff and sometimes pinches.

  30. 48

    by Sofia

    The product arrived the second day I bought it. The charging is pretty fast and the calories, kilometres and sleep time are accurate. There a blood pressure monitor on this as well, this is a very useful watch for people who are looking for a maintained diet or to lose weight

  31. 48

    by Morgan

    I bought this watch a few days back and it is totally worth the price. I want to recommend it to people that are heath conscious . I am going to order similar for my wife.

  32. 48

    by Thomas

    Works great right out of the box. Connects easily with the App via the Bluetooth unlike others. Will recommend anytime

  33. 48

    by Emma

    Great for the price. Only problems we had were lack of good instructions. Had to go online to help set it up and use.

  34. 48

    by Sophia

    I mainly use this to have the time on my wrist and to use the pedometer function to count the number of steps I do. It has worked very well. I was even able to measure my heart rate during physical activity. The charging cable was a little bit stiff at first, but it’s better now

  35. 48

    by Olivia

    We very much like this watch! It does alot for the price. It is a little hard to understand the instructions with some of the English translation, but time ans playing with it help!

  36. 48

    by Chloe

    Works great! Keeps track of all the vitals and my steps. Easy to use

  37. 48

    by Dylan

    I got this to help me monitor my health. I have severe anxiety and I can check my vitals whenever I want. I especially like the fact that I can even check my temperature. This is the first fitness band that I have found that checks your temperature.

  38. 48

    by Anthony

    Mobile app is OK, battery life half of a week before recharging pull one of the straps reveals a USB plug and plug in quick to charge only thing it does not support is swimming although it is waterproof comfy strap and adjustable.
    Features : notification are readable from all email Facebook what’s app and others are a nice addition but you can’t play music or answer calls just a nice addition whether going to the gym or just walking around the block. Captures steps daily and weekly, heart rate sports and sleep.

  39. 48

    by Sophie

    The appearance is very beautiful, the function is relatively complete, the heart rate and blood oxygen saturation can be monitored at any time, and there are various exercise modes in the exercise. I saw several models and chose this one. I was very satisfied with it, with high sensitivity, color screen, complete functions, simple and easy operation, and a very satisfying shopping.

  40. 48

    by Oliver

    I was very frustrated with this purchase. I can read and understand English, but the instructions were quite lacking. Once it was operational I found that the battery life was less than suitable. Wish I hadn’t purchased it. It was kind of a waste of money for what it actually does.

  41. 48

    by Jordan

    At first I was suspicious as to how accurate the readings would for blood pressure, blood oxygen, and temperature. I took the watch readings and used a temporal thermometer, a pulse oximeter and a BP wrist cuff to compare results. SPOT ON!! Seriously. This watch exceeded my expectations. I reccomend you buy one. I also reccomend you not get insect reppellent on the display screen, just trust me on this.

  42. 48

    by Alyssa

    This is my first fitness tracker. I like it very much! Like all the functions. It’s perfect for keeping up with my pace and exercise in a day. The tracker is both fashionable and practical; the design is smooth and shows the time. Compared with the pedometer function on my mobile phone, it can track my steps accurately.

  43. 48

    by Amelia

    This watch does everything that those fancy name brand health monitoring watches do at a fraction of the price. The screen is well displayed and bright enough to see easily. The connective software is also really easy to use and has some cool functions. You don’t need any charging cable, just remove one of the arms and there is a USB plug. Overall I would say this watch has a good build and a good investment.

  44. 48

    by Charlotte

    Bought this for mom and she has enjoyed using it. The digits are large so it’s easy to read and the find your phone function is just the cherry on top. So far so good!

  45. 48

    by John

    This tracker is a must have! Super easy to use and it’s perfect for this pandemic time since it checks your temperature. It’s light and the quality is great. It has some many features. It took me a min to find where to charge it but you just remove one side of the bracelet. Lol. Love it! I’m going to be buying this for Xmas gifts.

  46. 48

    by Zachary

    This wristband really impressed me. I didn’t have great expectations considering such a low price. The temperature, the blood pressure and the heart rate are very accurate. It looks very stylish and it’s very comfortable to use.
    Another plus is that it is waterproof so it’s a wristband that can be used in multiple sports and activities.
    Hope they’ll sell extra bands so you can be able to change colors throughput the week.

  47. 48

    by Gabriel

    So far so good does everything it’s supposed good general easy watch. However not a full touch screen just the bottom panel controls functions.

  48. 48

    by Grace

    I have been using this product for near enough a month and it has worked great so far. The battery life is more than adequate and I find myself wearing the product 90% of the time. The sleep tracker seems to work really well (I can’t validate its accuracy) however the times of falling asleep and waking up are tracked really well so I am reassured that the device is working well and as intended.

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Professional Waterproof Smart Wrist Band Fitness Bluetooth Watch 0.96" Color Screen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Call SMS SNS Remind

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