PVP handheld game console PSP game console PVP Station light 3000 game console with 2.8″ screen

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Model: PVP3000
Product category: handheld game console
Game type: AVG adventure game, RPG role playing, ACT action game
Interface type: USB
Video/audio interface: AV
Connection method: wired
Applicable number: 1
Applicable age: 12+
Product size: 19*12*8.5CM

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99 Reviews For This Product

  1. 99

    by Moira

    Great little game. Bought it for my son for Christmas! Tested and it works great. All the classics from my childhood. Love it!

  2. 99

    by Diana

    I absolutely love it! It came a day earlier than expected and has so many cute games. I found hello kitty on here which i was very excited about and it plays really well. Well worth the money.

  3. 99

    by Kelly

    Got this for my four year old as something to keep her happy in car rides. Works like a dream, very easy and the games are great.

  4. 99

    by Amanda

    Not bad. Got it for my grandson who loves to play games. He loves it…calls it his cell phone. Some of the games are foreign language but it does notmattwr. The games are the same. I even enjoyed playing with it before giving to him.

  5. 99

    by Marjorie

    That you can charge using your USB cord anywhere. I really like it.

  6. 99

    by Arabela

    Excellent, has many popular titles, as well as some of my fav b-list games!!!

  7. 99

    by Jord

    My son was excited to play some of the original games and really had enjoyed using it on road trips. The battery life was also very impressive.

  8. 99

    by Queena

    Just received my daughter’s Diswoe 3000 in 1 Handheld Game Console, Retro Mini Game Machine for her Christmas present it is really nice quality. She is going to love it.

  9. 99

    by Elma

    It’s very light, all the games work, the size is perfect

  10. 99

    by June S.

    This is great for a birthday party gift. Really brings me back to games and growing up in the 80s & 90s. It’s very portable small and compact and it comes with extra controller so you can play with a friend.

  11. 99

    by Shirley

    I haven’t touched a Gameboy in years but finally got a chance to relive my childhood with this alternative. There are so many games to select from (built in) compared to when I had to purchase individual games back in the day! The Game Play itself is much lighter than its the original Gameboy and not bulky. Highly recommend to people who loves the Gameboy.

  12. 99

    by Patricia

    The quality was fine. It worked well. It was easy to use. The screen was fine.

  13. 99

    by Andrea

    This game console bring back so much good memories from my childhood. all the games work good and the color screen is vibrant. definitely buying some more to give out as gifts.

  14. 99

    by Xaviera

    My sons love how handy and easy this game system is. They enjoy all the different game. Easy to charge as well.

  15. 99

    by Freda

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

  16. 99

    by Maud

    I decided to buy not one, but 4 to give to my cousins for Christmas and to see their reaction was priceless. It took us way back and even gave one to my little 4 year old cousin who seems to have liked it as much as we did.

  17. 99

    by Bishop

    Got it for my 7 year old’s birthday, but all the family has enjoyed it.

  18. 99

    by Suzanne Joanne

    I love it , perfect condition everything as described and it has all the games that I was looking for, it does has Mario my son loves it .

  19. 99

    by Bridget

    Love the size and color. The games are clear and easy to I cannot comment on battery life as I haven’t had the item long enough to have to recharge. I may purchase a couple more so my kids don’t fight over who gets to play with this.

  20. 99

    by Nath

    The screen is bright and easy to read. You can adjust the sound volume which is also very practical.

  21. 99

    by Regina

    Small pocket size. Came with cable that connect tv.

  22. 99

    by Mandy

    This is like a throw back to the game boy I grow up with. The picture is great and the games are just like the old days… this is a great must buy

  23. 99

    by Jackson

    This is such an awesome handheld game console! It takes me back to my youth!

  24. 99

    by Deirdre

    I really like all of the different games that the console comes with. I bought it for my grandson, he says that he really likes it. It keeps him well occupied while his mom does her housekeeping.

  25. 99

    by Penny

    Cool little handheld game player. Has tons of retro games. Son really enjoys playing. Battery lasted a few hours before needing to be recharged.

  26. 99

    by Arabela

    Kids love it! I haven’t even made it through the list of games yet and there’s already so many from when I was a kid that I want to play! Happy with my purchase.

  27. 99

    by Cecilia

    I grew up on Nintendo (the original grey box). I found that it was hard to put this little guy down. There are so many of the old games. Brought up feelings of nostalgia. Even the grandkids jumped in to play and somehow got it working on their TV.

  28. 99

    by Dinah

    Love it! Our 4yr old has been asking for a gaming system & this is perfect for him . . . love that he can play as a handheld or connect to his tv just like big brothers gaming systems. It’s compact & lightweight . . . we are very happy with it.

  29. 99

    by Atalanta

    Excelente Gracias

  30. 99

    by Erica

    My bf LOVES handheld games, especially with the classics. Worked amazing and good quality. Highly recommended.

  31. 99

    by Hilary

    My kids have been begging to play on their Diswoe 500 in 1 Handheld Game Console ever since they got them for Christmas. They love to play on them together and because of the controller that you can connect to it they can play on the same game together. It’s lots of fun for the whole family.

  32. 99

    by Katherine

    Absolutley perfect. Comes with everything you need. Very easy to use.

  33. 99

    by Isabell

    The retro game player is a thing which can you make feel like you kid again. First, the quality looks very good, I tested everything and everything works. It really has 400 games but I think I will need only 10 of them from my childhood. Battery life looks enough to enjoy couple hours of playing with no breaks. It is super small and I can take it anywhere with me, it fits to my small pocket inside the backpack! So, my conclusion is: the game player is awesome to play games from 1980-1990, I feel so good of all my memories. Thank you

  34. 99

    by Gail

    This unit is awesome! I love all the OG games!

  35. 99

    by Annabelle

    This little game is so worth the money! It has a load of games that keeps my little one entertained for hours. We bought this for her while she was away at Grandma’s for the summer. Since my parents aren’t computer savvy at all and have no idea how to hook a game system up to the tv, I figured this would be a easy to use alternative. It worked out great and is very easy to use.

  36. 99

    by Mag

    I got this just in time before my trip! So many games and it kinda reminds me game boy on steroids.

  37. 99

    by Madeli

    Despite looking exactly like a game boy, this handhold device is extremely lightweight as in it feels practically hollow so definitely Be careful about dropping it. It does have a whopping 3000 games on here and it’s easy to navigate through the menu and pick the one you want. There’s some great titles included in here from popular Super Mario Bros to super obscure titles that you’ve likely have never heard of. I wish there had been included a full list of all the games somewhere in the packaging but you have to scroll through the menu to see them all and there are no photos or anything so you just kind of have to click them and try them out. I’m enjoying it for a nostalgia purposes and my kids are getting a kick out of it too. For the price I would pick up a couple, they’d be great on road trips.

  38. 99

    by Priscilla

    this was a great gift for my girlfriend’s birthday

  39. 99

    by Monica

    These are great! They remind me of my childhood! My kids loved them! Not too hard to use and very fun! I will be buying from this seller again! Very satisfied ☺️

  40. 99

    by Priscilla

    I love it. Seeing that I have been having nostalgia for the retro games. And it has MARIO!!! Couldn’t be more happier with my purchase.

  41. 99

    by Clementine

    This is a great retro hand held gaming system. It’s the perfect size and the battery life is great! I purchased this item for myself and buying another one to give to my brother as a gift.

  42. 99

    by Bblythe

    I have bought one of these previously and returned to buy a couple more for the family. The battery lasts a good while and my kids enjoy the games. They seem pretty durable given the price. My kids have dropped them a few times and they survived! I love these! It’s a ton of fun to go back and play the games I loved as a child. I also love the yellow.

  43. 99

    by June S.

    It’s working pefectly.

  44. 99

    by Jodie

    What a fun game. My boys haven’t put it down since Christmas morning! Best idea ever.

  45. 99

    by Nelson

    We previously bought the Red Game boy & loved it! So with two kiddos I had to buy another. This one Purchased for my 6 yr old daughter. Absolutely love the color. Very lightweight and battery life is Awesome.

  46. 99

    by Samant

    Very cute console! It has TONS of adorable games (400) and they play just like the original versions. It feels like an old game boy, but without the annoying game card chips. Love that it comes with an extra controller so the kids can play together.

  47. 99

    by Hermosa

    Good little video game player. I like the fact you can hook it up to the TV and play it on a big screen. Perfect for long trips and boredom.

  48. 99

    by Erica

    I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to do some retro gaming!

  49. 99

    by Hann

    Son absolutely loves it and now teenage daughter wants 1!!

  50. 99

    by Tobey

    This Video game is perfect and fun to play with at any age. It is reliable and holds up!! I love it and I will tell all my friends!!

  51. 99

    by Sean

    The only bummer is that it doesn’t seem to save progress in the games, but nobody is really all that sad about it.

  52. 99

    by Sean

    Bought it for my son for Christmas. He is a big gamer and I thought it would be fun for him to reminisce with some classic games. He loved it and it seems to work great. He told me that it works very well. Lots of retro games. All in all a good purchase! What I really liked is that I received a letter direct from the Amazon Seller, stating that they are a small new company and stand behind their products and if there are any issues to contact them directly – which I think is great. I hope they sell a lot of these – while having a good product is certainly important – things sometimes go wrong – and it says a lot if a company is willing to make things right.

  53. 99

    by Sean

    Seriously_500 games of both familiar classics and bizarre Chinese amalgamation versions-only 20$? …if there is even a single complaint by a customer it is only because their soul is lifeless and their idea of fun is counting grains of salt in a salt shaker. I would rather contemplate why “I” am not buying one for every single room in my house, maybe two for your car. This device has even helped my marriage…. every time my wife and I are about to mutter the words “divorce” she tells me to play my game boi and after a few minutes I tell her “it’s a GAME MAN!”

  54. 99

    by Sean

    In terms of the system, its exactly what you should expect. All the games work great with pretty much no lag. Just wish there were a way to organize/categorize all of these games

  55. 99

    by Sean

    My son loves it! We like that it was inexpensive and teaches him responsibility to take care of his Gameboy. It’s just the like ones we had as a child but smaller and more fragile.

  56. 99

    by Sean

    First time it arrived it was missing a piece but they send a replacement quickly. I got this to see how my nephew would do with a v. game, as my sister has been wanting to buy him a wii.

  57. 99

    by Sean

    I bought this for my sister. She has been in the hospital for a month now. She loves this game it keeps her busy. Someone offered her 50.00 for the game but she didn’t sell it because I bought it for her. But she did tell them where they could buy one.

  58. 99

    by Sean

    My ex-husband used to play a lot of videogames, but he’s been feeling out of place with all the new systems. He wanted to play Super Nintendo. So, I asked my son about it, and he told me those games would be tough to find and expensive to buy these days. So, I settled on buying this system as a gift, and my ex loves it!

  59. 99

    by Sean

    This was exactly as advertised. Great old games that my children enjoyed playing and an extra controller that can be used with 2 players on your TV or larger screen.

  60. 99

    by Sean

    So my first one wouldn’t even turn on. I tried to charge up the battery and everything. So I sent it back. My replacement came really quickly and it works great! I haven’t hooked it up to my TV yet but I love the little device because it takes me back to my early gaming days!

  61. 99

    by Sean

    Esta consola de juegos esta genial, la puedes llevar contigo a todas partes ya que cabe en tu bolsillo, le dura bastante la bateria, la imagen es de buena calidad, ademas de que tambien puedes jugar con alguien mas al mismo tiempo con su control adicional que puedes conectar a tu television y funciona muy bien. Tiene muchos juegos divertidos! Ademas su precio vale la pena.

  62. 99

    by Sean

    I got this as a gift for my son for Christmas and he absolutely loves it! He likes that we can play together with the add on remote. Definitely has 500 classic Nintendo games as advertised. It also has a rechargeable battery (looks just like a phone battery).

  63. 99

    by Sean

    This is so cool! It has so many games and it’s easy to use. You can turn the volume up and down (which is great because I plan to take it on a plane), the screen isn’t too small, and it’s not too chunky. Easily could fit in a purse or pocket. Extra neat that it comes with a controller and adapter so you can play 2 player on the tv! Can’t beat the price either. 5/5 stars!

  64. 99

    by Sean

    My son had a problem with the first unit that we received and he sent them an email and within 3 days a new one was delivered and working perfectly . I’m very impressed

  65. 99

    by Sean

    Excellent condition! Seller sent letter to confirm quality with e-mail to reply with concerns or problems.

  66. 99

    by Sean

    Just got it and came much earlier than I expected. I’m loving it.

  67. 99

    by Sean

    This is a neat little handheld game. It’s got a TON of old school games. I specifically purchased it for Mario Bros. Was bought for my 10 year old son who loves it. Seems pretty sturdy. Sound and visuals are good. All in all was a good purchase for the price. Would order again.

  68. 99

    by Sean

    This one is great! I bought this one and a different one with 400 games. This one is my favorite of the two. The picture quality is better and the cords are longer (when connecting to a TV and adding a second player.) I highly recommend!

  69. 99

    by Sean

    Got this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it ! Great find !

  70. 99

    by Sean

    A wonderful game system! Inexpensive and no disappointments.

  71. 99

    by Sean

    Fun games, reminds me of my childhood.

  72. 99

    by Sean

    Really great product

  73. 99

    by Sean

    Reminds of my childhood..

  74. 99

    by Sean

    This is a good product, fun retro games, and the seller solved and issue with the device in a matter of minutes.

  75. 99

    by Sean

    Console came well packaged. My son has loved playing it. Would definitely buy another one.

  76. 99

    by Sean

    Love the vintage games. Kinda reminds me of a gameboy. Bought for the kids but my husband and I have claimed it.

  77. 99

    by Sean

    Great product! Worth every penny!!! Bought this for my nephew and the fact that he loves it shows how great this game console is. Recommended 100%.

  78. 99

    by Sean

    This is a great little game! Has everything you could think of and works great. Bought it for fun and for car rides. Works perfect!

  79. 99

    by Sean

    Great little handheld with so many of my favorite classic games and some that I never heard of. Makes a great gift for fans of old school 80s games.

  80. 99

    by Sean

    Super Mario Bros , Donkey Kong and Galaga are exactly like the old school NES games. Love it!!!

  81. 99

    by Sean

    Great product and great quality. The Super Mario 1-3 are my favorites, of course. It comes with 500 games and a one year warranty!

  82. 99

    by Sean

    Perfect size, good price and high quality!

  83. 99

    by Sean

    Kids are loving these and my husband and I got a kick out of the “old school” games we played as kids.

  84. 99

    by Sean

    Great gift!

  85. 99

    by Sean

    Happy with purchase! My 7 year old loves it and how it can run without wifi. Great for the car!

  86. 99

    by Sean

    Good product it was what I expected. It has the mario games my child wanted. Thank you!

  87. 99

    by Sean

    Has losts of games! My son loves it

  88. 99

    by Sean

    Great value! Excellent communication from seller!

  89. 99

    by Sean

    I like it and remember my childhood,thanks

  90. 99

    by Sean

    Perfect!! Great quality!

  91. 99

    by Sean

    Definitely worth the investment. Very easy to play the console or connect it to the TV (wires came with the console) for an even better experience. So many games to chose from, Im loving all these classic throwback games. Will buy more as gifts.

  92. 99

    by Sean

    Works well as a gift especially for someone who grew up playing games like Mario, Contra, Adventure Island and others.

  93. 99

    by Sean

    My grandkids and their parents love this game!!!! I would buy it again!!!

  94. 99

    by Sean

    They were so happy upon receiving this. There are plenty of game choices as well and it is very light and durable.

  95. 99

    by Sean

    So much fun! Everyone in the house enjoys the many games that are in the device. Thank you.

  96. 99

    by Sean

    Lots of games. Some familiar some not so familiar but works great!

  97. 99

    by Sean

    I also like that it is rechargable via USB. There is a controller included but we have not tried that yet and he seems satisfied without the controller.

  98. 99

    by Sean

    I purchased this gaming console for my 5 year old. She loves it! With in about 30 minutes she had her favorite games picked out and was able to find them on her own because she memorized the number of the game. My husband and I have played on it and the screen and graphics are what you would expect or maybe even better. So far it works great, and it charges quickly and the charge lasts a long time.

  99. 99

    by Sean

    But, actually, its pretty great. My son is 6 and not acquainted w new video games so he didn’t know these were old skool. He loves this. His dad can play with him w the cool extra controller for the tv. Seriously, I was shocked. The game is fun and durable and easy to figure out. I really recommend it. Well worth the price.

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