RS-8 children’s psp puzzle 8-bit handheld, connected to TV, nostalgic color screen game console

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Size: 128*65*24MM.
Weight: 200g (plus battery).
Display: 2.5 “, 4:3,320*240 dot. Full color TFT.
Power supply mode: 3*AAA battery.
Loss: less than 120MA.
AV output mode: NTST/PAL optional.
Image resolution: 8bit 320 Pixels *240Pixels.
Built-in speakers: 0.5W 16 ohm.
Internal memory: 8M-512Mbit.
Game type: 8 bit NES.
Game name: see the game list.
Packing box: 200*140*40MM.
AV output socket: 2.5MM 1PCS.



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Green, White

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98 Reviews For This Product

  1. 98

    by Hilda

    L product quality is much worse than expected, games look pretty bad

  2. 98

    by Dales

    Gavau greitai. Zai Dimas Geras

  3. 98

    by Moore

    Unfortunately after 1 x Play, broken. Will not charge, and ran fixed. Back will cost more than the product. Seller could not suitable solution provide.

  4. 98

    by Victoria

    No problem seems very good for the price you have

  5. 98

    by Yvette

    The prefix is cool, the wire to the TV is very short

  6. 98

    by Elizabeth

    It’s coming. We don’t print it out. Gift.

  7. 98

    by Hedy

    Brought back alot of memories. Great item to own. Really felt like I was in my childhood. Would advise everyone to get hold of one. The product cane quite fast. Didn’t expect that quick delivery. Especially after brexit the customs have been funny and thankfully I ordered before they started charging tax.

  8. 98

    by Victoria

    I can not confirm that its working. Havent tried yet.

  9. 98

    by Irene

    Very well packaged. It’s arrived in 11 days. Just like the description.

  10. 98

    by Marina

    A week of use after turning on the white screen and playing music. Until you push the reset button very many times, the picture will not appear ((((and such a game is good

  11. 98

    by Norma

    Very good and in perfect condition to Portugal. bought the 7/12 reached 19/01. Great for back a few years ago. Recommend

  12. 98

    by Zenobia

    Delivered quickly, to Perm, by courier for a week. Thanks IML. The console bought for the parents of pensioners, having lost the first 20 games, I remembered dandy, turtles, mario and the counter with a nice decalgia. The size of the main unit with the screen I thought there should be more, can not understand, why does not work through the TV. So far, everything works well.

  13. 98

    by Emma

    The prefix stopped working. A couple of minutes after turning on, turns off.

  14. 98

    by Erica

    Cool toy, arrived working, without damage, delivery would be fast but PR Russia constantly jambs, in general, it does not matter, the toy is delivered, everyone is happy. The seller is well done, sent the next day so the store and the seller recommend.

  15. 98

    by Martinez

    The product is satisfied completely, corresponds to its description, the seller has put not yet a big gift, delivered quickly

  16. 98

    by Diana

    The box has come completely chafada and as it was for a gift, it’s a little wrong.

  17. 98

    by Hazel

    Excellent prefix, everything works on Hurray. Remembered childhood, games from the 90’s!!!

  18. 98

    by Kama

    The order came in 10 days, even faster than expected. Well packed. In the complete set, everything works fine. The seller put a gift: a stand for the phone. Seller recommend!

  19. 98

    by Sara

    At the moment I give you 5 stars although I haven’t opened it because it’s for Santa Claus. It looks like everything’s in and it’s right, and it has arrived in the exact 10 days of the description. I recommend

  20. 98

    by Sally

    As in the picture .. Everything works, they did not connect to the TV ..

  21. 98

    by Victoria

    Super fast shipping to Canada. 20 days

  22. 98

    by Barbara

    The product arrived in perfect condition

  23. 98

    by Mabel Gherardi

    Nostalgia!!! Everything works on Hurray!!! In the Irkutsk region it came in 14 days, delivery mega fast!!!

  24. 98

    by Zora

    Madly fast delivery. In a week delivered by courier directly to the apartment. Madly satisfied with both delivery and goods, respectively and the seller.

  25. 98

    by Sara

    Super! Baaaaardzo fast delivery, not spodziewałam up! All works flawless! What true console for medium spasowaną housing, poor quality plastic and uncomfortable keys… But for the price it and so great, no what complain. Game work, when connected TV stand with adding another rains also, so it is completely cool image. Seller and product worthy command

  26. 98

    by Blanche

    Super prefix, Cross is a little bit different and so norms.

  27. 98

    by Ashley

    The prefix works. On the TV until I checked and the joystick, too. Then I will. So far all is well 🙂

  28. 98

    by Karen

    A wonderful toy of childhood. Children and adults play in pairs. It’s better than sitting in the phone) very quickly came the order and everything is fine. Only wires, well, sooo short. We have to change them at once. Only from jestic at least long. On the first photo, just the screen lit blue and in the film was. Quality is fine and packing too. Thank you!

  29. 98

    by Dora

    Packed very good. Made of materials very simple arrived within nine days Working ten minutes and dead screen

  30. 98

    by Priscilla

    My daughter is delighted, she is 5 years old and she handles easily to choose her games and play alone! I will have to install a schedule of hours of play because they no longer want to let go of their mini console! There are some for all tastes, certainly you have to wait to receive it but it was worth waiting! Thanks to the seller for the packaging, it was very well protected!

  31. 98

    by Breenda

    Great, they have arrived very quickly and in good condition, they work very well and my children are delighted. Thank you

  32. 98

    by Renata

    A cool toy, as in the previous prefix, only a small and a short wire, goes away when playing in the TV, you can see well on the TV. Games are different. Pak men, tanks, Papai, Mario and many other, very many different versions of old games, sat by the family, even the son of the phone did not ask

  33. 98

    by Juliet

    Remembering old times, entertaining, gift of a easel for the phone

  34. 98

    by Genesis

    Excellent, it came very fast, and it works very well.

  35. 98

    by Modesty

    All so yak in the photo! Duge is pre-war! I was worried about the shield came to St. Mikolai! Uncle for the night

  36. 98

    by Jean

    Very good packaging works very well everything and a gift included

  37. 98

    by Roxanne

    The packing is good, the big pupyrka. Everything got intact. The games are just dandy. Thank you.

  38. 98

    by Cynthia

    It came quickly. Checked everything works. Really many interesting games. Thanks for the nostalgia. Seller recommend!

  39. 98

    by Emily

    It’s free shipping but very fast. Great! The packaging is perfect and it’s a very reliable shop! It works fine. I’m looking forward to playing a lot of games!!!

  40. 98

    by Julia

    The toy came very quickly and well packed. I’m glad I’m back in the ’90s… Immediately connected and-in tanchiki! The only remark to manufacturers: AV-the cord is very short. I had to hang around and lengthen. Yes, and the power button is some kind of twitchy. And the sellers did everything right. Well done!

  41. 98

    by Breenda

    Very good recommend too arrived right before tim

  42. 98

    by Jessica

    Very quickly came the parcel, everything is fine

  43. 98

    by Claire

    It is working perfectly and also the 2player mode is functional. I havent tried the tv adapter yet.

  44. 98

    by Gladys

    Fast delivery. Looks good. Still checking the games. 🙂 Already found one game in russian ))

  45. 98

    by Dominic

    I haven’t tried it yet, but it came in very good condition and with a gift.

  46. 98

    by Zora

    I turned it on, it works. The main testing will be after Ng))) took his son as a gift

  47. 98

    by Joyce

    Gift for the new year, I will put under the tree, later I will write about the quality and feel

  48. 98

    by Taylor

    The quality of the console is excellent. There are Russian games. Combat Toad no, this is minus)

  49. 98

    by Elizabeth

    It is perfect, in store the same console costs about 30 euros and here it is baratisima! It works super well, arrives in 1 week to Spain and comes already loaded, I’m thrilled!

  50. 98

    by Taylor

    It came super fast packed and you don’t see any scratches or anything like it is for gift, I will leave additional comment later

  51. 98

    by Paula

    All class! 5Post shipping fast. As in childhood dipped))

  52. 98

    by Leona

    i love it! very happy with my order.. will order more soon

  53. 98

    by Diana

    Nickel delivered on time thank you

  54. 98

    by Janet

    The order came quickly, in two weeks, received it in the “Pyaterochka”, at the cash register. Except normal postal bag, was packed in air chamber bag, nothing damaged, there is an instruction (in English), but I liked more that there is a video on the store page. The toy is good, made neatly. As a gift, the seller put a stand, it also has instructions on how to use, everything. Correspond to the seller’s description. Everything works fine. Good console, excellent service and attentive seller. I’m happy with everything. thank you!

  55. 98

    by Mandy

    Just like the description. It looks a little weak material but it works perfectly. On TV it goes well but doesn’t work the remote in that way. It has many games but the ones that deserve the most are those of super Mario.

  56. 98

    by Sofia

    Everything works, the son is happy

  57. 98

    by Faithe

    Came quickly, games there about three hundred fifty, I play 2nd day, top for my money

  58. 98

    by Genesis

    Super console, recommend

  59. 98

    by Gabriella

    It’s taken less than ten days to arrive! The product has arrived in perfect condition and is as described, at the moment I just played some games to prove it and it goes great. I don’t know if it’s 400 real games but there are many. Very happy with the purchase

  60. 98

    by Taylor

    It has some flaw, the sound wasn’t going well and the tube to open and fix it. Cable for tv does not work

  61. 98

    by Jodie

    I love this product, it’s the second time I buy it, it has 400 games. Shipping has been very fast only 6 days from Spain

  62. 98

    by Hedy

    It’s a gift, so I couldn’t prove it. It comes complete with all its accessories. It’s very cute and it’s come very fast. The box came a little dented.

  63. 98

    by Michelle

    Everything was correct. I asked the seller to send a gift card with something written to it because it was a gift and it was done. Thank you 🙂 Recommend

  64. 98

    by Conn

    Many games and well finished, the cross is very improved but for the price is OK.

  65. 98

    by Mamie

    Apparently well, we’ll have to watch all the games, but for the price all right.

  66. 98

    by Pamela

    Bellissimo, bravissimi, veramente 400 games, super

  67. 98

    by Teresa

    God, what a cool thing it is.))))) Return to childhood))) 400 games and all work)) ordered 11, the goods are already 16. The package was tracked.

  68. 98

    by June S.

    I brought home a courier, ordered from Russia, for this money norms, everything works

  69. 98

    by Renata

    Have the product quickly and neatly received. The product works quite well. Very satisfied.

  70. 98

    by Ursula

    The top is my second order at the level quality unbeatable price

  71. 98

    by Trinity

    Pie friends. If you have a buggy console, just put it on charge.

  72. 98

    by Nelson

    Fast shipping. The plastic is pretty lame but it’s really cool.

  73. 98

    by Darlene

    Amazing ! it’s exactly like the description i love it. Works great

  74. 98

    by Hulda

    Arrived faster than expected. Screen a little scratched but do not bother to play. There are 400 games but several times the same, no matter there are still a lot.

  75. 98

    by Cynthia

    It’s smaller but much smaller than it looks in the seller’s pictures but it’s okay to hands of a child

  76. 98

    by Davis

    Great game, my 5latek thrilled, dotarナB in 14dni to Poland, well secured shipment, very much game included but fits each with phone charger, volume control, 2jezyki to choose Chinese or English, simple to operate, very recommend

  77. 98

    by Winifred

    The finished product is not same as photo.

  78. 98

    by Gabriella

    Awesome! I love this gaming machine. Fast delivery. Some tricks: Press select button to select a second player in the main menu of game, then you can use the second controller. It doesn’t have 800 games, some of them are repeated with a different name, for instance: 17. Super Mario Bross, 792. Button Mushroom

  79. 98

    by Rosemary

    The AV cable is very short, just like that of the controller. She doesn’t weigh much, she looks a little flimsy. Repeated games and the bad thing is you can’t change the contrast, but it’s not bad for what it costs. He arrived Super soon, just for Reyes.

  80. 98

    by Wendy

    Well received, but not yet test because it is for Christmas. I hope I have no problem with.

  81. 98

    by Emily

    My children are a fan! (a little too even)

  82. 98

    by Beatrice

    The machine does not work properly and the seller does not want to take over

  83. 98

    by Genesis

    Quality horror, but for such a price top. To the TV connects, the joystick works. Games work, nostalgia and baldej can be spoken. Recommend.

  84. 98

    by Kayla

    so fun. Game is as described… thanx very fast delivery!

  85. 98

    by Patricia

    Fonciona flawlessly was super fast delivery or a week is arrived

  86. 98

    by Elizabeth

    I do not recommend… Charged more than 4h and it does not turn on anymore. Used 15min And it does not already go. Don’t buy!

  87. 98

    by Mona

    Great! My nephew will love it. Good quality Thank you seller

  88. 98

    by Claire

    Everything works, the prefix is cool. For such a price you can take boldly

  89. 98

    by Elizabeth

    cool games…. fast delivery… … good seller… recomended

  90. 98

    by Winifred

    Class prefix, wires to modern TVs are not suitable. Delivery within two weeks

  91. 98

    by Esther

    Very satisfied came the prefix for 5 days free delivery to the house

  92. 98

    by Taylor

    Great, varied games, reminds of childhood. My kids haven’t tested

  93. 98

    by Camer

    It’s super. The console is working. For nostalgia, that’s it. Seller Thank you!

  94. 98

    by Sara

    Recommend!! Fast shipping.

  95. 98

    by Georgia

    Will go, work, the battery is only 500 Enough for 2 hours of the game

  96. 98

    by Sara

    Pad plug the operation safety. Exchange the complex to just use.

  97. 98

    by Gladys

    Thank you to the seller)) cool toy! Everything works)) the track was tracked.

  98. 98

    by Thomas

    Recommend. Another once zamówiłam game and not to zawiodłam.

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RS-8 children's psp puzzle 8-bit handheld, connected to TV, nostalgic color screen game console

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