M9 Bluetooth headset mono stereo in ear standby time long in ear business sports driving

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Mini Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 Sport Earbuds Headset with Mic for Iphone Xiaomi Waterproof Quick Details: Is wireless:Yes Wireless Type:Bluetooth Vocalism Principle:Balanced Armature Volume Control:Yes Control Button:Yes Style:Bone-conduction Communication:Wireless Use:Mobile Phone, Sports Function:Bluetooth, Waterproof, Noise Cancelling, Microphone Place of Origin:China Bluetooth Standard:Bluetooth v5.1 Waterproof Standard:IPX-4 Active Noise-Cancellation:Yes Key Feature1:bluetooth earphone Key Feature2:waterproof earphone Key Feature3:Ture Wireless Stereo earphone Packaging & Delivery Product Description Bluetooth V5.1Headsets True Wireless Stereo Earphones Fit for Mobiles Waterproof Earphone Bluetooth distance:10meters Color:classification,Black, White,Silver Use:In-ear wear Music:7hours Voice call:8hours Standby time:100hours

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Black, Blue, Pink, Skin color, White

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101 Reviews For This Product

  1. 101

    by TTYT

    I was able to pair them easily with my phone straight out of the box and use them for hours before giving them their first overnight charge. The Battery life is amazing.

  2. 101

    by Nelson

    They are very easy to use!

  3. 101

    by Lulu

    Thank you very much to the seller for very fast delivery speed and excellent headphone quality!!! sound, bluetooth signal, volume, comfortable in the ears, all at altitude!!! Recommend!!!

  4. 101

    by Cain

    Great quality, easy to setup and use and comfortable to wear. Nice deal for this price!

  5. 101

    by Hayden

    As described. Very easy to connect. The sound is clear. Very satisfied!

  6. 101

    by Dennis

    The sound is not perfect, but without wheezing, good. For such money headphones are excellent!!!

  7. 101

    by Nicholas

    QUALITY PRICE EXCEPTIONAL? Free blisteringly fast.

  8. 101

    by Mike

    very perfect for ear… sound quality also very nice… i love it

  9. 101

    by Ivy

    Thank you very much seller

  10. 101

    by Oliver

    Sent very quickly, super. Play perfectly, basses are present.

  11. 101

    by Cheney

    The product is solid, the sound of the highest class.

  12. 101

    by Kenneth

    Headphones are very good! Delivery is fast.

  13. 101

    by Lance

    Looks good and performs good when you listen to the music. While calling, sound quality is not so good.

  14. 101

    by Larry

    Description was accurate ears norms in Complete handbag (cover). Sent sold a day after 3-4 went a month but it’s each individually.

  15. 101

    by Laurent

    The product is equal to the description, they seem of very good quality, i haven’t tried them yet, but the first impression is very good.

  16. 101

    by Mars

    Sounds good. Stereo sound. Paired with the device without problems. Lungs. In the ears sit and do not fall out.

  17. 101

    by Martin

    Excellent product fits perfectly with my Expectations. Professional seller, I am very satisfied 10/10

  18. 101

    by Matthew

    I received it in 3 weeks to santiago. I had bought before this brand but with cable and bluetooth and the sound of the others was better. Now for the price they sound good, at first they sound weird but then you get used to it.

  19. 101

    by Michael

    Everything is fine!! cool sound! The lungs do not interfere, very comfortable, well, there is nothing wrong to say.

  20. 101

    by Frank

    Good, but lack of bass. Good for price.

  21. 101

    by Neil

    perfect to use, proper packing, timely delivery

  22. 101

    by Paul

    Everything is fine. Delivery fast, connection without problems. Sound quality at altitude.

  23. 101

    by Elliot

    For its price, everything is fine, in the ears sit quite well.

  24. 101

    by Oscar

    They’re very parents. i recommend them a hundred! They fit well to the ear, although they lack a little volume but are perfect

  25. 101

    by Hannah

    Headphones excellent order the third time delivery

  26. 101

    by Helena

    So far all OK, make Your Service. Workmanship is OK. Can you recommend

  27. 101

    by Hebe

    As a gift, the seller put the cover) By sound, too, just fire, for wireless-in general Calmly you can compare with earpod

  28. 101

    by Heidi

    Ears are super. Seller recommend.

  29. 101

    by Ingrid

    Very good Of the shortcomings-quiet, and there is no way to increase the sound from the phone, for example.

  30. 101

    by Ishara

    He’s arrived in 10 days in bilbao, they’re great. They sound great, and the calls are heard by the 2 headphones. Fully recommended

  31. 101

    by Irene

    Delivery fast, track tracked. Ears hold well, when playing sports has not yet checked, but in the car and when walking does not fall out. On the time of work-hours for 3-4 enough.

  32. 101

    by Iris


  33. 101

    by Jane

    perfect to use, proper packing, timely delivery….

  34. 101

    by Janet

    These are amazing!! By far the best out of all the ones I bought before!!

  35. 101

    by Jean

    Received in 14 days! Everything is fine! Later i will add a review of the work.

  36. 101

    by Jessica

    The item is as accurate as described. thanks to the seller.

  37. 101

    by Jessie

    Thank you very much seller good stuff fast shipping, I recommend.

  38. 101

    by Jennifer

    I liked the goods Sound quality at altitude Box compact Headphones a little more

  39. 101

    by Jenny

    I use the day approximately, everything is fine, i like everything. I recommend charging the case before use.

  40. 101

    by Jill

    Kind time of the day. Let’s start with the package: the usual package with a doll in which there was a sealed box with headphones

  41. 101

    by Joan

    Very good. Pair emmediately. Good sound. Fit to ear perfectly and are very comfortable to wear and hold well. Received in just 10 days.

  42. 101

    by Joanna

    If it is excellent very good sound already av?a had an experience with one equal and it is even better i recommend

  43. 101

    by Louisa

    The item is good, well packed, fast delivery, everyone is satisfied

  44. 101

    by Jocelyn

    Came exactly on time, work well, the sound is clear.

  45. 101

    by Lucine

    Excellent headphones, liked. Cost 800r, for such money excellent sound.

  46. 101

    by Marks

    Item came on time and in good condition. Awesome seller, highly recommend.

  47. 101

    by Emerson

    Just what I needed for the office. Only issue was that I wished the battery charge lasted a little longer.

  48. 101

    by Shea

    I’ve become a fan of these tiny buggers, especially since I sleep on one side (of my face).. If I used a stereo BT rig, I’d be in danger of losing a silicone cover inside the ‘underside’ ear canal–the one that’s pressing against the mattress or a pillow. This Essoy model not only has an easily accessed port for a charging cable, but it delivers adequate audio for music or audio books (which I’ve found are the best bet for nodding off). And what a relief (due to improved BT connectivity) not to be fighting cables each night.

  49. 101

    by Quinn

    This is a three-star piece of equipment. The earbud works fine, and the sound quality it pretty good. I do like the soft rubber piece that fits securely in the ear. I also like the fact that it doesn’t have an annoying ‘status light’ blinking all the time like some other models. What I don’t like: The call quality it really bad, even worse than other Bluetooth earbuds I own. Not sure why the microphone is so terrible. Also, this particular earbud has nearly a half second of latency, which is fine if I’m listening to music. This is NOT fine when watching a video.

  50. 101

    by Lucia

    Fast shipping. These buds has GREAT sounds. Great value and I would recommend.

  51. 101

    by watson

    For me the fit is great, I have used these for running a couple of times now and didn’t have to adjust them or push them back in at all!

  52. 101

    by Justice

    Wanted to buy an inexpensive bluetooth earbud to see how they fit, if they were comfortable, and performed well. I was happy with all my concerns. They included extra buds in different sizes. Found one size that fit and was comfortable. Performance was good. Easy to setup and good range. Battery life was ok,2-3 hours. Only problem volume level was a bit low. Only problem was I lost the earbud. I guess that I can’t blame that on the seller so I will have to order another one.

  53. 101

    by Ollie

    I was looking for a Bluetooth earbud so that I can listen to music while walking with my new iPhone 8, but I don?t usually like wearing headphones when I?m walking because I don?t like to be too distracted from my surroundings. This earbud is just what I needed; it?s small enough that people won?t notice that I?m wearing it (people visibly listening to music/distracted are more likely to be the victims of crime) and the sound is of fairly good quality, but I?m also able to hear what?s going on around me. I also love the changeable ear cushions because my ears are tiny and standard earbuds are often too big for me. The only reason I?m retracting a star is because the sound quality could be better; for me personally it?s what I was looking for, but if people were looking for exceptional sound this is not that. I think it?s an amazing price for what I wanted though.

  54. 101

    by Amari

    I like how it uses standard MicroUSB charging. Works great for the audiobooks I use it for. I don’t like how it doesn’t say ‘Battery High’ or ‘Battery Medium’ when turning it on like other small in-ear bluetooth earbuds I have. The programming on this one seems simpler, maybe it’s using an older firmware. It fits great in the right ear and it looks like I have a gold ear-ring on, heh. Maybe I should have gone with black, everybody thinks I’m wearing a hearing aid, hehe. Call quality won’t be that geat, the microphone picks up on lots of background noise, but that’s par for the course with any small in-ear bluetooth earpiece, it’s no better or no worst than any of the other dozen or so various models in-ear bluetooth earbuds I’ve owned.

  55. 101

    by Karla Escobar

    These earbuds are a nice alternative to much more expensive big brands which I also own.

  56. 101

    by Roman Zelenchuk

    It is easy to connect to the mobile via Bluetooth and I have not had any issues for connection since the day I started using it. Also, the sound quality is good. There is no disturbance while using WiFi to make a call which I had faced with my previous earpod. the earpod is comfortable to the ears and cancels the outside noise

  57. 101

    by Marquis

    For sure this is one of the best purchases of the year. Very cheap but for that price you get extremely cool headphones

  58. 101

    by Micah


  59. 101

    by bigspender

    A great deal for the price, they fit well and have a nice design for easy wearing.

  60. 101

    by SDTN

    They always fell out of my ear and the sound was affected by the fit. I will take these over that expensive brand any day.

  61. 101

    by SRFG

    It’s so light and easy to match.

  62. 101

    by Azucarpeach

    I just got them and tested them and they stayed in place comfortably. The sound quality is clear and the sound insulation effect is good. The volume can be adjusted directly on the headphones. Answering calls is convenient, can be quickly charged, and the battery is very durable. The earphone box is very delicate and compact. After removing the earphone, the earphone will turn on automatically. Put the headphones in the box and turn off the charging automatically.

  63. 101

    by Sheri B.

    Very, very comfortable earbuds.

  64. 101

    by DSTEH

    The bass on them is amazing. They come in a very nice stylish rechargeable case .

  65. 101

    by Luis Cruz

    I also use these to make phone calls and they sound amazing on both sides of the conversation.These earphones are well worth the money they cost, and I use them while working and at the gym. Overall, amazing for the price and they look great!

  66. 101

    by HKYG,

    These wireless earbuds are awesome, and truly amazing for their price!

  67. 101

    by catherine riendeau

    With work from home increasing and going to continue for a foreseeable future. I had to take a lot of calls over headohones which was not very comfortable. I am glad I chose this product . I had no problem pairing with my phone or computer, the volume is easy to adjust during the call. I noticed the headphones go to sleep after a while. I don’t know if it supposed to be like that.I’ve bought and tried several different brands of wireless earbuds and headsets to use on conference calls.

  68. 101

    by sylvia watson

    I haven’t used them for more than a couple of hours without putting them back in the case so I can’t comment on battery life, I haven’t had to charge the case since I got them.
    Each earphone can also be used individually which is great!
    Call quality is on a par with considerably more expensive pairs of bluetooth headphones I have owned. You can tell someone is talking on headphones/hands free but its not off putting or too crackley/hissey.

  69. 101

    by Gregory Parker

    The audio for Music & Entertainment sounds really good, surprisingly impressive when considering the price.

  70. 101

    by HJKHYU

    They are perfect for exercising with them because they are sweat resistant, also waterproof.

  71. 101

    by HUY


  72. 101

    by Jordan

    The clarity of sound is crisp, clear, and rich.

  73. 101

    by lanette

    I’m VERY happy with my purchase. These buds are smaller and fit my ears more comfortably for long use. The sound quality is far superior and the noise cancellation is almost total.

  74. 101

    by CLessard

    I found these to be very easy to pair!

  75. 101

    by An Sooyoun

    The earbuds came well packaged. The instructions were very easy to understand, and I was able to quickly connect to my phone and begin using.

  76. 101

    by Alisa P.

    These headphones are really lightweight and function very smoothly

  77. 101

    by Taylor Swift

    Overall its worth every dime.

  78. 101

    by catherine

    I love these earbuds and I ordered 3 more for my family .

  79. 101

    by Alexis v

    I would highly recommend this wireless earbuds.

  80. 101

    by JaniLynn3

    I love these headphones ! They make my work day better

  81. 101

    by lsabel

    These are great earbuds.

  82. 101

    by THJKH

    The battery life is a lot longer and the sound of them are incredible.

  83. 101

    by TiUPU

    I freaking love these.

  84. 101

    by HUYO

    I love how they sound as well.

  85. 101

    by IKYUI

    Love it

  86. 101

    by sdgsXFDG

    Very shiny black, and the charging case closes shut with a nice snap.

  87. 101

    by TinUJTY

    The microphone works really great when making phone calls.

  88. 101

    by IOUO;

    They are great at canceling out noise, and they are comfortable to wear.I have had My ear buds for a week now. I use them everyday. They are very comfortable.

  89. 101

    by serwb

    It’s comfortable for ears. Bluetooth connection is fast and the quality is strong enough.

  90. 101

    by fghtj

    The stereo sound effect is very good. All aspects of the headset are well designed. It’s simple, big and small. It’s suitable to carry around. It’s a very good thing to start with. It’s verycost-effective.

  91. 101

    by TGHK

    These are well made and nice quality earbuds. Impressive packaging as well.

  92. 101

    by GOHARD

    Sound quality is definitely situational but for the price and other qualities, that is to be expected.

  93. 101

    by John Halligan

    These work great and I would highly recommend them.

  94. 101

    by Mcclendon

    The earphones are also very close to the ear. The sound quality is really clear, there is no noise, and the wireless is much more convenient.

  95. 101

    by Ruf Mcclendon

    The sound quality is very good for a pair of wireless earphones at this price.

  96. 101

    by Tina

    Well-packed and easy to take them everywhere.

  97. 101

    by ghgfy

    Earphone configuration is very simple, both sides of automatic connection, Bluetooth configuration super fast, very convenient.

  98. 101

    by T Immanuel

    Appearance material: the appearance is very beautiful, as small and delicate as the original.Sound effects: The sound quality is really good, the same as what I heard in the store.

  99. 101

    by Christian

    To be honest I didn’t have the highest hope for these in terms of a great “all in one” but I found that they are amazing in terms of sound, noise cancellation and even how well it picks up my voice when I’m on phone calls. I definitely recommend them! I also love how snug they fit in my ears. I never feel like they’re going to fall out easy.

  100. 101

    by Tkhan

    I have to say these are the best ear buds that I have tried. They stay in your ear and are very comfortable. You don’t have to use both of them in order for them to work. I use these at 💼 work to listen to my ipad 🎷 music. The sound is rich. I would recommend these buds over and over again. 👍💥❤🤗

  101. 101

    by Jamie Larson

    Great volume and bass and clear. When I make a call I haven’t had anyone complain about the quality of my voice.

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