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Function: call function, voice control, music support, multi-point connection
Channel: Mono
How to use: earplug style
Color: black, white, pink, red, blue


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Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White

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102 Reviews For This Product

  1. 102

    by Askhat Beygenov

    The earphones look small and have small design sense. They can be carried at any time, and the charging compartment is really great.

  2. 102

    by sylvia

    They are very light and don’t feel like a weight in your ear. The profile is much better for wind noise than the bose soundsport and Power Beats Wireless.

  3. 102

    by TGHJGY

    They feel good in my ear as well.

  4. 102

    by Nash

    Everything is fine, the headphones work well, the sound is good, although when talking in phone mode was echo, but so far did not check. I am happy with the purchase, thank you!

  5. 102

    by Kathy

    The product fully corresponds to the description. The sound, as for me, is not wow, but quite tolerable (especially for such a low price). Purchase satisfied. Seller recommend.

  6. 102

    by Nima

    Came to ukraine in about two weeks. Their money is worth it!

  7. 102

    by Ivy

    Everything is in order, works, connects normally. For music, this, of course, is not a sound, but for conversation it is quite suitable.

  8. 102

    by Kara

    Quality I’ll have a order. Thank You

  9. 102

    by James

    The article arrived sooner than expected, works perfectly.

  10. 102

    by Jasmine

    It arrived in perfect condition and fast. They’re great, they have great graves. I recommend them

  11. 102

    by Julian

    Quite good headphones for their money sound pleasant in the ears sit well.

  12. 102

    by Kimberly

    Quality is satisfied, although the sound quality is at the average level.

  13. 102

    by Lacie

    I looked at the comments, the quality of the baglanti is very good, after using the appropriate pad, the handle is very nice and you can get the press full.

  14. 102

    by Naphisa

    Caustic non-top. Second purchase

  15. 102

    by Melica

    first use, love’em

  16. 102

    by Katherine

    The product is happy came for two weeks fully corresponds to the description

  17. 102

    by Leila

    Volume is quite low but worth the money.

  18. 102

    by Jill

    Perfect yes, hangs in you forget the world, practical, lightweight, perfect.

  19. 102

    by Naomi

    Very satisfied.. Arrived in 3 weeks

  20. 102

    by Laura

    Sounds great, has a great range, sent for free.

  21. 102

    by Karen

    Super. Recommend 100%

  22. 102

    by Kandis

    Received after 7 days! Well packed, thank you seller!

  23. 102

    by Kelly

    2 weeks before tallinn all the norms work happy

  24. 102

    by Mellicia

    Delivery 2 weeks, everything works

  25. 102

    by Linda

    all ok super

  26. 102

    by Kerrie

    Awesome product. Great look. Nice voice. Good battery backup. Totally worth for money. On time delivery

  27. 102

    by Monica

    The goods came can be said quickly enough from china!!! Corresponds to the description of the box is not wrinkled all well! Everything works well worth buying

  28. 102

    by Riley

    Very easy to use. Excellent sound for the price. Battery is lasting me approximately 4 hours of continuous sports radio listening. Update: Bought second unit for my son. Battery life on both units is actually closer 6 hours.

  29. 102

    by Lassi

    I received the product long before the set. They worked perfect. Excellent product.

  30. 102

    by nancy

    Sound is good, quality too. Thank you the seller. Shipping us fast.

  31. 102

    by Keith

    Delivery is fast, the quality is good, though the ears hurt begin to hurt quickly, and not a single hint of bass, and so in general everything is fine, i’m happy.

  32. 102

    by Lary

    Excellent product very satisfied with hearing aids everything works well according to description, relatively fast shipping only three weeks waiting, packing without any problem.

  33. 102

    by Nicola

    The product went less than a month before barnaul, was afraid for the absence of bass in headphones-in vain, it is not inferior to headphones wired sony of the same price segment.

  34. 102

    by Halligan

    I am glad I bought these out and would recommend these to anyone.

  35. 102

    by Nacie

    Excellent product, recommended quality price, listen very well and are easy to calibrate, i recommend the seller

  36. 102

    by Nicole

    Thank you, i’m happy.

  37. 102

    by Julie

    An article lock. The sound quality is very good. They adapt well to the ear. Exactly the same as other brands that sell them more expensive.

  38. 102

    by Julia

    Everything ok

  39. 102

    by Maria

    Headphones arrived in st. petersburg for a month. Everything works.

  40. 102

    by Mitchell

    Excellent headphones! Customer satisfied! Sound super! Many thanks to the seller for such goods.

  41. 102

    by Joy

    amazing product at this price. shipment come well in time and product is properly intact thanks to the seller for speedy delivery

  42. 102

    by May

    Headphones are good, not super loud, but i have enough. The microphone does not cope on a noisy street and in noisy shopping centers. In a quiet room is quite good.

  43. 102

    by Jamie

    Compared to other units, this one came with far less ‘stuff’. It works great and the sounds quality was good but my wife said she couldnt hear me as well when I spoke via the unit. Battery life was normal to maybe a bit shorter than the other units but it could always have been a fluke as I didnt go thru proper testing, just what I felt during normal use. The price makes it great value but there are several other brands/models in the ultra cheap space so I would try a few and then stick with your favorite.

  44. 102

    by Leanne

    Not bad. At maximum volume, the sound leaves much to be desired.

  45. 102

    by Mary

    Thank you, the ears are nice

  46. 102

    by Lindsay

    Very happy with the purchase. Recommended

  47. 102

    by Mico

    Good headphones, sound medium

  48. 102

    by Kiona

    Everything is clear, connected immediately, without partaks.

  49. 102

    by Juliet

    Excellent headphones!

  50. 102

    by Mellisha

    I advise the seller and the store fast delivery order not the first time satisfied

  51. 102

    by Natacha

    One earphone quickly discharged

  52. 102

    by Kendall

    I drive for Lyft and use the earbud only to hear the gps from my tablet. It definitely works great for that. Used it once to listen to music while waiting for a dr appointment and it sounded fine. When I made a call on it the person had a hard time hearing me but being I don?t use it for outbound calls typically I really don?t care about that. I definitely would recommend for car service drivers.

  53. 102

    by Addison

    This earbud is great. With Apple’s AirPods coming out I’m sure there are going to be a lot of Bluetooth buds coming out soon. The AirPods are more than I’d want to spend, so these ones are a great value while I wait for something higher end at a better price than an Apple product. Now you’re certainly not buying Apple quality here, but at this price they’re a great deal. I put the bud in at work and inconspicuously listen to music and podcasts. Quite happy with the purchase.

  54. 102

    by Hailey

    I’m amazed this thing works so well. I mainly use it to listen to audio books as I drive and run errands or do chores at home. I do not use it to talk on the phone but it does work when I need to switch to a call. There is more background noise than with my $100 Plantronics headset, but seriously, why would I compare for the price. I really like this earbud and it is easy to charge, pairs well, sounds good.

  55. 102

    by Xiaochuan chen

    The case has a nice feel to it

  56. 102

    by Zoe

    Pros: it is small and the sound is good, mic seems to work pretty well, charge time was about 45 min. I love the fact that I can charge it in my truck with the usb charger adapter that plugs straight in to the lighter. Very small and pretty comfy to wear. Cons: it makes your ear mute so it’s hard to hear out of the ear it’s in, makes the ear sweat but not hard to get used to. I will use this for driving g as it was why I bought it. Value over all is 4.0 stars

  57. 102

    by Sofia

    Works well sounds good, only last 3 hrs tho! and I lost the charger port the same day I bought it! It’s very discreet if you wear a hat or you hair down your boss won’t know your rocking in the warehouse! 1hr charge last 3 hrs. Sounds great

  58. 102

    by Larson

    These earbuds are awesome. They sound just as good as the big brand names if not better.

  59. 102

    by dan thoma

    I’ve had them for a week now, used them every day and haven’t had any dropouts the connection is rock solid.

  60. 102

    by Smart rat

    Bluetooth was great! I found that I could roam around my house without loosing my connection.
    For the price these budget earbuds sound great!

  61. 102

    by TYTI

    Wireless mini earbuds have amazing stereo sound, crystal clear and impressive bass.

  62. 102

    by ZXFG

    The sound quality of the headset is very good. It’s very comfortable to wear.

  63. 102

    by Jacob Clark

    I would definitely purchase again, esp as gifts at such a cheap rate.

  64. 102

    by TYIK

    The sound at any volume is clear, and awesome. They are well built.
    I absolutely really love this headset.

  65. 102

    by Don Odle

    I received the product and liked it very much. After unpacking, it is paired with the mobile phone. After pairing, it is auditioned, and the sound quality is very good; Strong endurance, we can ensure driving safety without repeated charging for long-distance driving; At the same time, it is comfortable to wear, and it does not hurt your ears after wearing it for a long time; The operation is also simple and will always be supported.

  66. 102

    by ChristCenteredGamer

    The earbuds are very comfortable and feel secure in my ear

  67. 102

    by John Schoch

    Overall simple and comfortable, value for money.

  68. 102

    by Kate

    The sound is enough to meet my needs

  69. 102

    by JP Howard

    I like the headset. It’s very light

  70. 102

    by Nadine Benigno

    I love the sound quality, it fits fairly well in my ear (I have small ears), and the battery life seems to be exceptional.

  71. 102

    by GHKYU

    If your looking for a great sounding pair of earbuds… I highly recommend these…you will not be disappointed.

  72. 102

    by Tim Steele

    I would recommend this product to my friends. IT’S REALLY COOL

  73. 102

    by riendeau

    I’ve been listening to it for a few days. Wow, it’s great. It feels good.The sound quality is also good, the Bluetooth connection is relatively stable, no broken connection is found when listening to music, the exterior material is smooth, the black one is tall and still, the charging cabin is small, the apple auto popover function.Veryfashionable and high-tech, battery life can also be, there is a charging box is also convenient for me to carry out, cost performance is too high, worth buying ha

  74. 102

    by GHJGY


  75. 102

    by Marquis sanabria

    Sound quality is nice, feels great on hand and ears, easy to pair and use!

  76. 102

    by Veronica Muniz

    I had bought this so that i could go for a walk and play music and just fell in love with them. First tried them out and could not even hear a screaming toddler in the background i am truly amazed by this. Its also very convenient to charge the headphones. And on a plus side to have that case for easy travel and that way you dont lose the headphones.

  77. 102

    by Immanuel Jabbaar

    So I order this headphone. First set I order was some issues. So talk to customer service. They helped me to solve that issue and send me another one. Good sound quality. Battery last for 2 plus hours. Only thing is it’s just headphone. Their is no mic thing. You just listen the song. Can’t able to attend the call and talk. Otherwise good.

  78. 102

    by TRTJTY

    The sound quality is great and I found them to be very balanced and not bass heavy. Phone calls were clear on both ends.

  79. 102

    by Nathan

    The sound quality is good for the price.

  80. 102

    by Ruf

    Comfortable to listen to music, easy to carry and can be recharged at any time, compact, looks high-end high-end atmosphere, long battery life, listening to songs and watching videos is also great, while listening to music while doing sanitation, both correct, overall very satisfied of. I would recommend my friends to buy it.

  81. 102

    by TiGIHYT

    The sound quality is just as superior as any comparable earbuds I have used before.

  82. 102

    by Erica nelson

    I ordered this product to hear music while doing sports. The supporting flange gave a good grip and ear plugs stayed intact. The sound quality is good for the price range and the era hooks are really soft! The bass effect is good and suits well to hear music. I used this headphone while watching online videos, to hear podcasts and radio, and to play online games. While playing online games i felt a lag in sound but however it suits perfect to watch online videos and hear podcasts and listen to music while doing sports. Overall, i give it a 5 star rating for its build quality and worth the price money.

  83. 102

    by Parker

    The headphones are sleek, my die-hard Apple friends have complimented me on how great they look.

  84. 102

    by Customer

    Endurance: more than 5 hours.There is basically no delay wearing feeling when playing games: the whole process of running and fitness will not fall off, and there is no uncomfortable feeling when wearing it for a long time.

  85. 102

    by TiUIY

    I love that they’re so compact- I didn’t even think about it when I got them, but they’ll be perfect for taking with me to the gym!

  86. 102

    by Neupane Hrishiv

    I highly recommend them.

  87. 102

    by tiffany

    Highly recommend.

  88. 102

    by RTGJ


  89. 102

    by Meka I

    These are an amazing set of earbuds for the price. I would highly recommend them

  90. 102

    by HKGHUK

    High quality sound and long lasting battery. Perfect for the price range!

  91. 102

    by Mickey

    This earbuds got great sound. The sound is crystal clear with good bass.

  92. 102

    by zsdfg

    These came well packaged, and are actually quite nice looking.

  93. 102

    by RTYRUJ

    I am very happy with the sound quality of these Bluetooth earbuds.

  94. 102

    by FTRJ

    Very comfortable to wear and pair up really quickly and automatically with any Bluetooth device.

  95. 102

    by SETH

    Headphones are really good. I really like to try it. The sound quality is very clear. The call quality is also very good.

  96. 102

    by i89

    In this price range you usually don’t find items this well made.

  97. 102

    by Anastasia

    These headphones are a great deal.

  98. 102

    by monkey_pop

    Headphones can’t wait to be brought on as soon as they arrive. This Bluetooth headset, which was specially bought for playing games, tested the difference between opening the game mode and not opening the game mode in the game. Indeed, when the game mode is opened, the delay will be shorter, and almost no delay can be felt. The sound quality is also very good, there is no noise, and Mai is also good. I asked my teammates, saying that Mai has no noise and his voice is very clear. Generally speaking, this earphone is very cost-effective at this price, and it has a good feeling. I hope I can give you som reference.

  99. 102

    by Christian Vilsaint

    This is my first set of wireless earbuds, which surprised me. When they arrived, I didn’t actually have any settings. I just took out the headphones. They turned on automatically and paired with each other.

  100. 102

    by Swift

    Highly recommend this airbuds,didnt expect much but it surprise me of how great and good it is plus its so comfortable and snug and so light tried using it

  101. 102

    by luis flores

    For the price I wasn’t looking for much but I needed a cheap pair of wireless headphones for
    alking, working out and traveling on flights. I was surprised at the sound quality and durability of
    these headphones, they served the purpose and then some, they also come with different size
    rubber ear pieces to fit your different size ears. I recommend these as a suitable replacement pair or
    as your primary pair of headphones.

  102. 102

    by Amanda Callendar

    This earbuds best feature is the lows! They are not the deepest I have had but they do a superb job.

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