New s650 Bluetooth headset wireless stealth sports mini stereo single ear 520 earplugs

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The small shape contains high-tech quality, so that you can hear the shocking sound of nature. Pinhole charging line. OPP bag shipment
Listen to music, answer the phone, voice and other functions.
1. Bluetooth version: V5.0 + EDR
2. Transmission power: class2
3. Radio frequency: 2.4-2.48ghz
4. Transmission distance: 10M
5. Charging time: 1 hour (charging voltage 3.7V)
6. Talk / music time: 2 hours
7. Applicable models are applicable to all mobile phones with Bluetooth function

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Black, White

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113 Reviews For This Product

  1. 113

    by Taylor Sutton

    came so early. thanks seller..

  2. 113

    by Jamie

    As soon as we try to connect, i will sign more.

  3. 113

    by Penelope

    I liked the headphones, the sound is normal

  4. 113

    by Eunice

    Excellent headphones. I hear the interlocutor and he hears me. It is audible clearly without unnecessary noise and interruption of communication. Seller and product recommend.

  5. 113

    by Alice

    They’re very good sound.

  6. 113

    by Merry

    the item is good easy to use, fast delivery

  7. 113

    by Antonia

    for $ 1.5 expected quality, noise in one earpiece, average sound quality , but for price its ok Fast shipping

  8. 113

    by Lilith

    Very nice units!! exactly as advertised!

  9. 113

    by Cora

    Quick and all good

  10. 113

    by Dale

    Product 100% recommended in my first impressions, time and instant playback, no delays

  11. 113

    by Natalie

    Perfect, feels good

  12. 113

    by Victor

    Came what was expected and well packed

  13. 113

    by Kate Knight

    Order received. Everything is fine, headphones work. Seller recommend!

  14. 113

    by Erich

    fast delivery sound good but one is not Good out two.

  15. 113

    by Camille

    The headphones are cool, the seller thanks. they sing loudly, the conversation is clear

  16. 113

    by Noah

    Very good shopping, good Sound quality, the order arrived in twelve days, very satisfied with the purchase.

  17. 113

    by GW

    good product, value for money.

  18. 113

    by Fay

    Excellent good sound very slow charging

  19. 113

    by Kelley

    Love it so far works great.

  20. 113

    by Dora Navarro

    Good product, highly recommended. Thank you seller! 🙂

  21. 113

    by Philipppa

    Headphones just super! Everyone is happy

  22. 113

    by Mirabelle

    Connect, work. The sound is not very good. For music is not suitable.

  23. 113

    by Maria

    Good voice

  24. 113

    by Hilda

    the pros quickly charge, the volume is also good, i liked

  25. 113

    by Skyhawk2001

    Good,for its price.

  26. 113

    by Hedda

    Well-considered convenient according to the price.

  27. 113

    by Barkley

    is working very fine and it’s last long .I recommend this seller

  28. 113

    by DBN

    It’s okay.

  29. 113

    by Jake

    great quality sound for the price very pleased with it and very good seller

  30. 113

    by Karina

    Headphones super, sound like.

  31. 113

    by Veromca

    Arrived earlier than expected, and I managed to test it, lasted a bit more than 3 and a half hours. I will buy one more as a back up

  32. 113

    by Zoe

    Headphones are comfortable, the sound is good, the volume is also pleasing

  33. 113

    by Nessa

    I recommend the product sounds very good sound

  34. 113

    by Penny

    Excellent headphones, sound quality, fast delivery

  35. 113

    by yury

    It came in a simple package, the goods are whole, everything works. The sound is not good and not bad, in the ears sits tightly inconvenience does not cause.

  36. 113

    by BobZ

    Beautiful Thank you very much.

  37. 113

    by Jbrandersen

    just got my item good quality very load and fast shipping .I recommend this seller

  38. 113

    by Rubens Zylberkan

    They work beautifully

  39. 113

    by Reeb64

    Super the product, fast delivery

  40. 113

    by Murray

    Product 100% recommended in my first impressions, time and instant playback, no delays

  41. 113

    by Ingrid

    good item. definitely will come back and buy from you.

  42. 113

    by Nora

    Super price performance product

  43. 113

    by Rosalind

    It ends quickly, the charge does not know how long, the usb is normal as in the phone.

  44. 113

    by Ekta3582

    Headphones just super;-)

  45. 113

    by K. McBrayer

    Good, the price is correct for this headphone ! Thanks!

  46. 113

    by Aurora

    Extremely cheap, but the sound quality is terrible. Sound quality is the same as price. But if you are looking for something cheap, probably you will like.

  47. 113

    by Xaviera

    Funny thing music and conversation perfectly

  48. 113

    by Jessica

    Very good phone

  49. 113

    by Alisa

    Very very nice thank you to the seller and fast delivery

  50. 113

    by Bella

    Super like, express delivery soon, quality is very good, later will come again to buy

  51. 113

    by Beulah

    It works very well. I recommend it to you.

  52. 113

    by Cathy

    the item is good easy to use

  53. 113

    by Ursula

    Normal headphones happy purchase

  54. 113

    by YellowCanary

    I don’t give you the 5 stars because it takes me to get to everything else i’m very satisfied thanks to the seller

  55. 113

    by Joanna

    Not yet experienced but are cute and as discretion. Sure it will work. Thank You!

  56. 113

    by Steven Chen

    Super! I recommend.

  57. 113

    by Veromca

    Good afternoon the goods correspond to the description, the seller communicates reluctantly

  58. 113

    by Jacqueline

    Delivery fast, order came in the mailbox, well packaged… everything fits the description ….

  59. 113

    by Elsie

    Product nice sound quality good thanks

  60. 113

    by Kristen pilkington

    Product as description.

  61. 113

    by Thomas G. Umstattd Jr.

    Fast shipping. good item

  62. 113

    by Fil

    Good sound and bass 🙂 thks

  63. 113

    by Tim Rauschenberger

    Good quality, good sound

  64. 113

    by Pearl

    Good, nice, i like it

  65. 113

    by Jill

    Product beautiful thanks good quality recommend

  66. 113

    by Darlene

    As description, board

  67. 113

    by Jeremy

    good product tanks seller

  68. 113

    by Oliver

    I order a second time. Delivery fast in 3 weeks. Came whole, packed in a puffy film. The sound is good, loud. How long will the time show. Included usb wire, charging box and earphone pair. Look cute.

  69. 113

    by DadOrDieTrying

    It pairs easily, and has very good sound for the price you have.

  70. 113

    by Martin

    Good description, works perfect. Good sound. Earplugs feel little big in your ears but remains called sitting.

  71. 113

    by Ryan S

    Excellent product quality/price 100% recommended

  72. 113

    by RayaSunshine

    Great protudo good durability and good sound recommend.

  73. 113

    by J W.

    It came very quickly. for such money headphones just fire

  74. 113

    by AustinGirlie

    Loved, arrived on time. Well packed. Within my expectations.

  75. 113

    by Lindsey

    They work very well thank you very much

  76. 113

    by Zadoria

    Nice product for you

  77. 113

    by Heather H

    In general, for their price excellent goods. The Sound of Music is normal.

  78. 113

    by Leila

    The volume is excellent. Not enough, but its function headphones close completely.

  79. 113

    by Madge

    The goods came pretty quickly, did not have to contact the seller

  80. 113

    by Belinda

    Perfect !!! I’m so happy, I’m so excited! Thank you, thank you!

  81. 113

    by Tabitha

    This is my first self order! I am very pleased with both the seller and the goods.

  82. 113

    by Jessica

    Headphones are good, work full charge, complete wire for charging.

  83. 113

    by Kt Silvestri

    Good headphones

  84. 113

    by Nina

    Headphones came fully discharged did not turn on, thought that non-workers, after charging, the sound of a good loud bass is present.

  85. 113

    by Sophia

    In short, the price is quality. For such a price the sound of norms. The battery on one holds 3-4 hours, the other more than 5 hours.

  86. 113

    by Paperie

    I recommend it

  87. 113

    by Shopper

    Very good value for money,

  88. 113

    by R. Gaskins

    Super Super Super

  89. 113

    by Gustave

    Good headphones for such a price, sound worthy, for such a price they are ideal.

  90. 113

    by Jennifer Goldberg

    The sound is normal. Charge 100%…

  91. 113

    by Hedda

    Works very well with Huawei but not with Samsung.

  92. 113

    by Nicola

    Quality is quite acceptable. I did not quite understand the indication of the charge, but i think there will be no problems with this.

  93. 113

    by Asit Srivastava

    seller shipped very quick. the product looks good as described.

  94. 113

    by John S

    Satisfied with my purchase. i like it.

  95. 113

    by Zoe

    Earphone for now operate. Good quality for this price

  96. 113

    by Jizhell

    Perfect work wonderfully., and a high level in volume!!., total satisfaction!., Thank you!

  97. 113

    by DKMese

    good sound, thks

  98. 113

    by Connie S.

    Headphones are cool. Thank You

  99. 113

    by Cody

    It took a little shipping but very good product, the volume is very good for the price.

  100. 113

    by Selena Collazo

    Everything came, everything is fine, the sound is quite good, connected immediately

  101. 113

    by Louie Tran

    Good quality good bass excellent

  102. 113

    by J. Wissman

    Very nice…!!!

  103. 113

    by Fitz

    The goods arrived very quickly . Everything works, everyone is happy

  104. 113

    by Odelia

    Thank you! high quality, inexpensive consistent with the description, I recommend the seller. thank you!

  105. 113

    by mrirving

    I arrive fast and in good condition

  106. 113

    by Bella

    Although the headphones themselves were great, they were not water proof so when I would wear them to the gym, they would stop working after a week or two due to them getting my sweat in them. I have been working with Jake, the customer service rep through BackBay and he was awesome. Every question I had, everything was provided within 24 hours. All and all it was an awesome experience although I wish the headphones were waterproof so they would have lasted longer.

  107. 113

    by NCRealtyExpert

    Very good article, i like it!

  108. 113

    by Jerome

    I recommend the for the price. I primarily use them for air travel, the noise cancelling is acceptable, they have poor base, and they make my ears hurt after a 3 hour flight. But battery life is good, and they are better than cheap wired ear pieces.

  109. 113

    by Beenle

    I really enjoyed these headphones and would purchase them again. Highlights include comfortable inner ear tips as well as excellent design when it comes to functionality with highly tactile buttons. Battery life is phenomenal.

  110. 113

    by Magical

    I love the sound quality with casual listening, but bass can distort a bit. When I get too active the neck band flops around and gets twisted… frustrating. My biggest complaint is the Bluetooth connection is terrible when my phone is in my cycling (back) jersey pocket.

  111. 113

    by Aurora

    For what I was seeking they fit the bill. I really don’t sense much difference with noise cancelling (used large buds as suggested) as I have ears that never work well with earbuds. None the less very good for calls, the earbuds stay in my ears unlike most any others (the curved piece actually works for me), and battery life is good.

  112. 113

    by Sweety

    Great sound quality, but horrible Bluetooth range, at least for cycling. Will constantly cut out when on rides, which I find distracting. These will just have to remain wireless earbuds for in home use.

  113. 113

    by Carrie

    The sound quality on these headphones is pretty good. The noise canceling ability is negligible. I could not detect any difference between the on and off states. But maybe my ears are not so sensitive. If I am out running and there is a wind blowing there is a whistling in the ears. The headphones are sturdy and do not fall out even during vigorous exercise. Battery life is average. I get about two days between charges

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New s650 Bluetooth headset wireless stealth sports mini stereo single ear 520 earplugs

$14.99$29.95 (-50%)

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