Magnetic Bluetooth headset 001 metal wireless ear to ear XT6 sports ear hanging stereo

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Product Description:
MTK stereo earphone solution
1. Support Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR protocol
2. Support A2DP v1.3 and AVRCP v1.5
3. Support HFP v1.6 and HSP v1.2
4. Support spp protocol
5. Integrated 48mips dual MAC DSP processor
6. Built in charging IC
7. Support noise reduction and echo cancellation
8. Support voice prompt,
9. Support UART and I2C interfaces
Chip function support
1. Bluetooth 5.0 stereo Bluetooth headset;
2. Volume adjustment;
3. Selection of upper and lower curves;
3. Voice prompt;
4. Call number broadcast;
5. Point to point connection;
6. IOS system power display;
7. Answer / reject incoming calls;
8. Replay of last number;

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Black, Red, White

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109 Reviews For This Product

  1. 109

    by Netagem

    The is an impressive product

  2. 109

    by Spence

    I bought a second one, so now I have 2 because I liked it so much.

  3. 109

    by Betsytex

    Very short and to the point.

  4. 109

    by Acacia & Chris J.

    very simple setup and easy use

  5. 109

    by HOUY

    Excellent audio quality, both for send and receive. People think I’m on a good quality landline when we’re talking, and I never have any problems hearing my end of the conversation.

  6. 109

    by DFFGC

    Excellent unit. smaller and much lighter than you think.

  7. 109

    by Jeffrey

    works well, good sound

  8. 109

    by MJG

    Clear voice and excellent speaker.

  9. 109

    by Jerry Minger

    This earpiece is great! it’s very clear when talking and listening. It connects to your devise as soon as you turn it on. I’d love to have another one but it’s a bit pricey. I’ll settle for one for now but would defiantly buy again if I happen to lose mine or something.

  10. 109

    by frank frotman


  11. 109

    by Ron stewart

    Excellent headset. The best one yet, fits perfect.

  12. 109

    by HJHY

    Great Bluetooth headset, works as expected

  13. 109

    by HUIL

    Great device!

  14. 109

    by HJTG

    I changed out the ear piece because it was too rigid – otherwise, love the Bluetooth.

  15. 109

    by Mako

    This Bluetooth headset is so light and comfortable to ware i sometimes forget that i have it on. You can connect two devices to it, sound quality is outstanding, Noise cancellation is good but could be better. this one is my second pair when I mistakenly washed it due being left in a pants pocket. Check your pockets prior to doing the laundry.

  16. 109

    by Austin

    This is better than my current Samsung in almost every way, and is by far the best

  17. 109

    by Customer

    Excellent product. The sound is far superior to other devices I’ve had before.

  18. 109

    by Super

    Its very handy.

  19. 109

    by VFGJG

    My favorite Bluetooth device!

  20. 109

    by Mom of RN

    It is so lightweight, that you forget that you are wearing it. Six hours of steady voice time is a hit

  21. 109

    by John J Kidwell

    I bought this and have had a good experience with it. It maintains a charge for a very long time.

  22. 109

    by Margaret S. Johns

    Definitely the most light and discreet headset I’ve owned

  23. 109

    by Ubaid W.

    Very reliable, easy to set up and performs flawless.
    Excelent device

  24. 109

    by BJ

    Noise cancellation works pretty well. I’ve been using it heavily for several days and I’m super happy with it.

  25. 109

    by mathewv

    Decent battery life of 5-6 hours

  26. 109

    by Monica

    I love this headset!

  27. 109

    by Jacobs

    I have tiny ears so I can’t use ones that hook around the back which makes this one prefect for me! I’m on the phone frequently but need my hands to continue my daily activities so Bluetooth is essential. Also I’ve accidentally washed it twice and dried it once… still works like a champ! Sooo amazing haha.

  28. 109

    by Daddy-0

    This one is the best out there. I have tried quite a few high end models, and this one kills them all, so get it – you will not be disappointed.

  29. 109

    by W. G. Hudacek

    Great bluetooth great sound.

  30. 109

    by MikeM

    Great for hands free operation…

  31. 109

    by George

    Extremely easy to fit snugly in the ear – I can shake my head without it moving a bit.

  32. 109

    by Nathan

    Love it. Sound is good. Very happy with my purchase

  33. 109

    by Rita

    Great price for this headset. My husband has a bad habit of losing them, so it’s nice to have this as a back up and it’s a pretty good product!

  34. 109

    by L. Forte

    Extremely satisfied with product.

  35. 109

    by GHTY


  36. 109

    by Book Lover

    Great blue tooth headset. Love it!

  37. 109

    by Customer

    Audio was clear and voice clarity was received well on other end.

  38. 109

    by Lee Koch


  39. 109

    by Robert Schwiegerath

    I use the loop which is very comfortable

  40. 109

    by Gene McKay

    Great sound quaility, Mic is noise cancelling. Works great.

  41. 109

    by Ralph E Wilson

    This is the best bluetooth I have ever owned.

  42. 109

    by Mohammed

    This is the best bluetooth I’ve ever used

  43. 109

    by vhjmk

    Great bluetooth. I’ve tried and used many, but none compare or even come close to comparing. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a bluetooth!

  44. 109

    by tyry

    I absolutely LOVE this bluetooth!!!

  45. 109

    by tyurtuy

    This is the most amazing bluetooth headset I have used. The headset is light and battery life is long at around 6 hours. It cancels noises extremely well and I have finally found a headset that can be used in windy situations.

  46. 109

    by dyrty

    Esta súper bueno

  47. 109

    by fgturt


  48. 109

    by fgty

    Love this device!!!!

  49. 109

    by GHJB

    Toggles easily between two devices. Great sound/talk. Wear it all day comfort.

  50. 109

    by OIU

    Works great…

  51. 109

    by M,;KL

    I highly recommend this headset.

  52. 109

    by RYH

    Best tool for work I’ve purchased.

  53. 109

    by fgrty

    Great product. I like it so much, I bought another.

  54. 109

    by jiupo

    Great sound quality, functionality, battery life and it is stealthy! I used the black ear pieces and it’s very discreet

  55. 109

    by tygh

    Comfortable and works well with Google Now. It replaced my broken Bose bluetooth headset.

  56. 109

    by SDFR

    This headset works great with my Phone. Very clear and no static issues.

  57. 109

    by hujiyu

    I’ve owned many Bluetooth ear pieces. This has been very good. I’d change the charging port cover to make it easier to open

  58. 109

    by HYU

    Best Bluetooth headset that I have ever owned including the Plantronics Legend.

  59. 109

    by ghytgb

    Used for calls or listening to media. Good sound quality, inconspicuous, and works well

  60. 109

    by YUJL

    Great sound and battery life

  61. 109

    by GYT

    Good, clear reception. Works great. Highly recommend.

  62. 109

    by Flyer

    Best sounding headset I’ve owned.

  63. 109

    by Frequent

    Great headset, works and fits great!

  64. 109

    by Malcolm B. Clerkley

    works great

  65. 109

    by Customer

    Best Headset ever

  66. 109

    by JMP

    great battery life

  67. 109

    by Ong

    Compact great range clarity is good

  68. 109

    by JP

    After replacement , the new item was very very good product.
    i suggested for everyone because it is very smart .

  69. 109

    by Mark

    It/s OK

  70. 109

    by JR

    Nice one

  71. 109



  72. 109

    by JK

    Great sound quality talk time excellent!!!!

  73. 109

    by Customer

    Nice product

  74. 109

    by lobban

    Awesome. I used many but this is the best one ever I used.

  75. 109

    by Fisherman


  76. 109

    by A Ocean

    Met all expectations 👍😬👌

  77. 109

    by Eitan Keren

    Amazing my dad loves it!

  78. 109

    by daryl a odle

    Great item.

  79. 109

    by LaVina

    excellent works perfectly!

  80. 109

    by Usman Qureshi

    Over priced but still good product. I would say it is worth about $10.

  81. 109

    by Yenni Armas

    It’s everything I wanted on this type of device and more.

  82. 109

    by Mateo

    Word dry good

  83. 109

    by Jimmy

    works flawlessly

  84. 109

    by Reese

    It works great.

  85. 109

    by Yvette Walsh

    This one is light and hardly noticeable in your ear, even after hours, sounds great, people say it sounds great to them, even in airports, looks great

  86. 109

    by Chris J.

    I dont’ write many reviews, however, I will for this item.

    I don’t understand 4 stars. This is the best Bluetooth headset I have ever had. I have had this for 2 years and it is still going strong. Battery life is still good and calls are still crystal clear.

  87. 109

    by DYGHAR

    This is an EXTREMELY well-made device.

  88. 109

    by Austin

    The multi-function button works very well

  89. 109

    by Dave M.

    I like this headset a lot, and plan to use it for answering calls handsfree when I’m driving.

  90. 109

    by fgjvfg

    Great sound and comfortable, long-wearing.

  91. 109

    by BRAD

    Very good voice quality. Superb talk time length.

  92. 109

    by Hensley


  93. 109

    by Jovani Valdez

    It has performed very wel

  94. 109

    by Trevor Witt

    Super comfortable and secure in ear. I forget it’s in sometimes

  95. 109

    by Igor

    It pairs super-fast each time it is powered-on, including when I turn it on when a call is incoming – which is really nice.

  96. 109

    by Customer

    this has been a very reliable, high-quality, great soundin Headset. You will most likely not be disappointed.

  97. 109

    by yut

    Comfort is GREAT, Battery life is above average

  98. 109

    by hjkj

    Love this Bluetooth. For the past 4 years I have been using this Bluetooth and will never get a different one until this item is no longer. Every time I loose it, I replace it. I have never had this Bluetooth go bad or fail. It’s a great product.

  99. 109

    by Woodchuck

    The sound on this piece is almost where it needs to be. The volume control is a bit confusing at first but manageable afterwards.

  100. 109

    by yuity

    My favorite ear piece to date

  101. 109

    by hyuiy

    I was worried about how it would fit in my ear, but I honestly don’t even feel it inside!

  102. 109

    by jesse

    Very clear to hear & no complaints on the other end either with car noise etc.

  103. 109

    by Christopher J.

    I have no issues with this Bluetooth. It has great battery life, comfortable ear piece, charges quick. Not great for music but I expected that. Works so good I bought one more for an extra backup.

  104. 109

    by ytty

    This device works as described, has been great on both ends for listening and talking. However, the ear gel for the ear is uncomfortable for me, and the one from the Jabra extreme works fine, so I use this ear piece instead with the ear clip to keep it secure to my ear.

  105. 109

    by p[p

    Great clarity, battery life and lightness!

  106. 109

    by MichaelK

    Product came sooner than expected, with plenty of cushion to protect the product. It is a fantastic Bluetooth and ordered another one for my husband. I highly recommend this product and seller.

  107. 109

    by Tim

    These are nice,Clear tone and easily adaptable.My problem for me is keeping up with whereabouts.So purchased a small coin purse for it when not in use.Like the Orange Colored ear piece.Easier to spot it when taken off.Will add,it is comfortable wearing.

  108. 109

    by ka

    Battery life is excellent.

  109. 109

    by Tim Barbee

    so good

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Magnetic Bluetooth headset 001 metal wireless ear to ear XT6 sports ear hanging stereo

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