S6 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone HandsFree Headset HIFI Sports Stereo Earpieces Earbuds Headphone With Mic For iPhone

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  • Brand Name:Knotolus
  • Plug Type:Wireless
  • Function:For Mobile Phone,for Video Game,HiFi Headphone,For iPod,Sport,Common Headphone
  • Wireless Type:Bluetooth
  • Model Number:S6
  • Style:Neckband
  • Active Noise-Cancellation:Yes
  • Support Memory Card:No
  • Sensitivity:96±2dB
  • Is wireless:Yes
  • Support APP:No
  • With Microphone:Yes
  • Resistance:32Ω
  • Connectors:USB
  • Line Length:0.6m
  • Volume Control:Yes
  • Communication:Wired
  • Frequency Response Range:20-20000Hz
  • Support Apt-x:Yes
  • Waterproof:Yes
  • Vocalism Principle:Dynamic
  • Control Button:Yes
  • function:battery status
  • Whether Dan Shuanger:Bilateral stereo
  • Suitable for gift giving occasions:Opening ceremony










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101 Reviews For This Product

  1. 101

    by Tammy H

    They stay in my ear perfectly, the sound quality is amazing, they are easy to use, and they are stylish. Customer service five stars also.

  2. 101

    by GLDNK9US

    These are one of the best set of bluetooth wireless earbuds I’ve ever used. Over the past few years the sound quality and battery life of this earbuds have steadily improved and this set is very superb.

  3. 101

    by Nick

    I’m very happy with this purchase for the price and highly recommend

  4. 101

    by chris

    So compact & lightweight, I barely notice it’s on me

  5. 101

    by Elizabeth Perrigin

    I love these headphones! I bought them for myself because I am a runner and I wanted something good sound quality, wireless headphones! They were working great for a few months, great sound quality, they stay in place while I’m running, easy to use, they were awesome !

  6. 101

    by Kerry K

    Amazing price-to-performance ratio

  7. 101

    by Heydr rendleman

    Battery life, for the short time I’ve had them, has been good. I have not had these long so can’t say anything on longevity.

  8. 101

    by Customer

    ♥️💖💖👍✔️💡 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED💡✔️👍💖♥️💕

  9. 101

    by B-Diddy

    Functioned flawlessly

  10. 101

    by Derk

    The ear hooks work great and are very comfortable.

  11. 101

    by AmateurNailEnthusiast

    I use these on the treadmill and mountain biking . Very comfortable and don’t slide despite sweat and a bumpy ride :0).

  12. 101

    by Maria

    🔧🧰🛠️🗝️✅ Design: very cool looking design & build quality
    🔧🧰🛠️🗝️✅ Sound Quality: the sound is amazingly clean & crisp, good bass

  13. 101

    by TobycW

    Sound quality is the most important feature of these ear buds. Sound is very well balanced.

  14. 101

    by Modern Fossil

    So far, these are a highly recommended set of buds and I am very pleased with my purchase.

  15. 101

    by devynatorsmom

    At first, I was a little disappointed at the packaging, it looks cheap. But after unboxing, I was immediately impressed on how premium the earbuds are.The sound quality is outstanding. It is well balanced and feels very full. The bass is good and loud without overpowering the mids and highs. I took this for a spin in a cross fit class yesterday, and I was able to work out in full intensity without worrying of these falling off my ears.

  16. 101

    by Elizabeth

    I love these headphones. Fit great – don’t fall out when running and do not irritate my ear wearing them all day on zoom calls.

  17. 101

    by Heydr

    They fit AMAZINGLY. I barely feel them in my ear. As I wear glasses, I really can’t have the “over the ear” head phones. These stay in place and are great.

  18. 101

    by Dan H.

    The sound quality is good. I think cause of the seal, you can hear a rustling every time the cables is jostled (or your head moves). Kind of bothersome when no music is playing.

  19. 101

    by Jerd Derk

    I love these, and highly recommend

  20. 101

    by Cedona

    You can’t go wrong with this high quality set of audio earbuds at such an affordable price

  21. 101

    by Big Boy

    Sound is really good. Nice crisp tones, no garbling, very clear sound.

  22. 101



  23. 101

    by Customer

    Definitely even better than I expected. I would buy these again for friends or family.

  24. 101

    by Customer

    I have had a few pairs before these ones and they have died rather quickly! These earphones are the best I have had so far!

  25. 101

    by Customer

    These earbuds have a very crisp sound. I listened to both spoken word, as well as music.

  26. 101

    by sandy

    Sound quality is surprisingly good in my opinion

  27. 101

    by Brooke’s Review

    The microphone worked well on the few calls I made to test the microphone.

  28. 101

    by Customer


  29. 101

    by Customer

    Love these headphones!

  30. 101

    by GHKTYUH

    I hardly ever write reviews, but these headphones are more than worth it!!

  31. 101

    by Trfthrt

    The wire is comfortable on my neck. I forget that it’s on the back of my neck. I’m used to keeping just the right bud in my ear when I’m working. Usually that means the wire gets pulled to the left after some time, where as these stay put (lighter buds? Or grippy wire? Can’t tell, but I like it).
    Magnets work nice when not listening to anything and just having them around your neck.

  32. 101

    by DFSFRE

    Excellent bluetooth headphones and mic.

  33. 101

    by urunclebob

    Pairing was easy to my phone.

  34. 101

    by XDFHB

    The ear comfort was better than I expected.

  35. 101

    by Customer

    Highs are relatively crisp and clear, and the bass sounded strong enough for my tastes.

  36. 101

    by TGHYJTY

    The bass is punchy and clean, the treble is crisp and the middles are smooth! These are a steal for the quality you get!

  37. 101

    by VK

    I love this set! Their products work really well, sounds great and the battery life is exceptional.

  38. 101

    by solara8

    The ear fit is perfect for me out of the box.

  39. 101

    by FDGHRT


  40. 101

    by Adam

    What I like most about these is they are light weight, and fit very well. I have small ear canals and found that using the smallest silicone ear buds with along with medium size ear holder portion fit both my left and right ears well for comfort and sound.

  41. 101

    by John Domby

    The sound was very clear and crisp.

  42. 101

    by Alphastorm

    I’m very pleased with this purchase!

  43. 101

    by GYTHJ

    I am pretty picky when it comes to headphones I am so glad that I did because these are AMAZING!

  44. 101

    by Ian

    Over great headset for the price. super comfy, magnetic clasp, long run time, and water resistant.

  45. 101

    by R4LDZ ✅

    The quality of these is very good.

  46. 101

    by Sniffs

    They come packaged very nicely. They seem nicer than what I expected.

  47. 101

    by Customer

    Very comfortable for 5+ hours.

  48. 101

    by hfhfga

    These earphones are totally awesome!

  49. 101

    by John

    Perfect for jogging, biking, mundane chores, etc

  50. 101

    by Customer

    Have had these for a week, can’t comment on the longevity but the cable and buds themselves seem very high quality.

  51. 101

    by TDRFHRT

    Outstanding.!. Volume can get very loud. Thumping Bass, Clear voice, Crystal treble.

  52. 101

    by Chris B.

    I bought it for My dad and he LOVING these. He’s told me over and over how much he likes them. So of course, I’m very pleased with the purchase.

  53. 101

    by Jovyflow3

    BUY THEM!!! You will be HAPPY that you did!!!!!

  54. 101

    by ShopKname

    These earbuds are so comfortable!

  55. 101

    by CGDot

    They’re very good

  56. 101

    by Richard Green

    Overall they’re solid earbuds if you are looking for this style, I might not recommend them for general use as they’re a bit clunky, but for running and sport they work well.

  57. 101

    by Saurav

    Noise cancelling is super sweet, I can hardly hear my wife shout at me sitting next to me. 🙂

  58. 101

    by S. B. Boyd

    This ear buds work for me just fine. it fits perfectly. good seal to cancel out the noise.

  59. 101

    by Caleb Lucio

    I used these for phone calls and the call is always audible to the person I am speaking to. Battery life is also awesome. You cant beat this set, and if you ever loose or break them it WONT BREAK THE BANK!! LOVE THESE!

  60. 101

    by FGJTYUM

    What factors I have considered are that these are the best ones we ever had is 1. Audio output, 2. Connectivity, 3. Audio Quality, 4. Ease of use, 5. Call Quality, 6. Battery, 7. Features.All good!

  61. 101

    by Jerry Faulkner

    I would recommend these as a great value that offers excellent performance in wireless earbuds.

  62. 101

    by Wingbert

    For a week I looked at hundreds of wireless earbuds. So many brands & models. At 1st, I thought these were too inexpensive to sound any good. But Well, after 3 days use, I can honestly say these set far exceeded my expectations. The specs & sound are very good though.

  63. 101

    by Joe Joe Gadget

    Got these for my wife who didn’t want me to spend much on bluetooth earbuds for her after she lost her last hundred-plus dollar workout buds. These were rated high in value by a popular runner’s tabloid, so I thought I’d give them a shot. And man… were they right. These sound better than bluetooth buds I’ve heard for much, much more money. I really am amazed and am going to get myself a pair.

  64. 101

    by Jennifer

    These earbuds were packaged well and included a small pouch to store them in. After disinfecting them, I plugged them in to charge overnight, and the following morning, they connected easily to my S9+. Their signal remained strong throughout my home. I stepped off the longest distance I could move away from my phone without signal degradation, and it was close to 30′ with a wall between, so more than enough for me.

  65. 101

    by AdamWorkingHard

    Best bluetooth headphones ive purchased in years.

  66. 101

    by Melissa L. Simon

    The sound quality is great.

  67. 101

    by Jenn Butterfield

    I give this an A+ for it’s sound quality and the sleekness of it’s design.

  68. 101

    by C. Grice

    Buy them, and you won’t be sorry.

  69. 101

    by Caleb

    I have baught many headphones in my day and for the price and quality you get for these it is a no brainer to make the small investment and get these. I bought the premium set and they were still very affordable. The bass is very nice to be honest and the magnets are strong, I do not leave my house without these.

  70. 101

    by Jerry

    Sound quality is superb.

  71. 101

    by Dan

    Battery life is amazing on these earphones and they last me at least 14-15 hours.
    Receiving calls is pretty good, I used them on a windy day outside and I was still audible to my caller, that is pretty good.

  72. 101

    by Faulkner


  73. 101

    by Domby

    I suggest

  74. 101

    by dhfftyh

    Great headphones.

  75. 101

    by fgjt

    Amazing. Surprised at the richness of the sound these offer. Far far better than the two mentioned in the first line. Love listening to my music again.

  76. 101

    by Customer

    Highly recommend, never heard of this brand before I’m sure they’ll do great

  77. 101

    by trdry

    The build quality is excellent

  78. 101

    by Tifgv

    What got to me is the sound quality and noise cancellation they both are amazing!

  79. 101

    by GHKKK,

    While wearing them they are very comfortable and doesn’t fall out of my ears whatsoever no matter how many times I have shaked my head side by side from testing.

  80. 101

    by TGHYJTGYa

    If you’re looking for some great earbuds at a great price do yourself a favor and buy these!!

  81. 101

    by Customer


  82. 101

    by tey5u6gh

    They have awesome sound And they hold a charge for a long time and they don’t fall out of your ears! Those are all win win win for me!

  83. 101

    by Tihrt

    I highly recommend these earbuds for anything… Exercising, running around, or just listening to music while you’re cleaning your house! They are awesome! They would make a sweet gift for someone

  84. 101

    by DXGEG

    5 Stars

  85. 101

    by Customer

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  86. 101

    by GJTYN

    Just to make sure, I don’t get my expensive true wireless earbuds to fall off while biking, I bought this around neck wireless Bluetooth earphones.
    They are very impressive and have beaten all of the earbuds our family ever had in terms of sound output.

  87. 101

    by DRYHRH

    This is quite the same for most of the earbuds I have used and these are no different. Was easy to connect to my phone, once turned on, they automatically paired. Once paired, they connected automatically to my phone whenever I turned them on.

  88. 101

    by ZFSF

    I love these headphones!

  89. 101

    by Jenn

    Really nice. I like them a lot!

  90. 101

    by Customer

    Great headphones for music, working out, yard work. Don’t expect a lot though. They are what you paid for, but overall I’m fairly content with them.

  91. 101

    by rendleman

    They are GREAT sound. I honestly am surprised how good the sound on these are.

  92. 101

    by Customer

    The earbuds fit snugly, and the sound quality is incredible.

  93. 101

    by Matthew

    They stick out a little further than my previous ear buds, bud they are super light and comfortable.

  94. 101

    by J. Lyons

    Overall, I’m satisfied with this earbuds. The sound quality is great just like my other headphones. The build quality is premium and looks high end. Highly recommended.

  95. 101

    by MZF

    sound is good.

  96. 101

    by werwte

    If you are looking for high quality at a reasonable price these are the headphones for you.

  97. 101

    by Gadget

    I’m really impressed with these headphones, especially when I consider the price. With the only downside being the microphone quality. I would highly recommend these to someone else.

  98. 101

    by Jerd

    Love it!

  99. 101

    by Luke Ca


  100. 101

    by uhi

    I was very impressed by these earbuds and would recommend them. Give them a try. They have an excellent warranty.

  101. 101

    by gftyutyu

    This is the first pair of earbuds that I have purchased. I have tried the ones that have come with phones, but have never been very impressed. I usually use over-the-ear headphones. I really bought these because the others felt and looked awkward when hiking or walking. I was ready to be unimpressed by the sound. Wow!

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