Popular V9 business wireless Bluetooth headset 5.0 ear hook stereo sports voice control vehicle Bluetooth CSR

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1.270 ° rotary earpiece
2. Bluetooth version: 5.0
3. Call or music: 23-26hr
4. Charging voltage: DC5V
5. Charging time: 2h
6. Battery capacity: 230mah
7. Material: ABS
8. Connection distance: > 10-13m

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Black, Gold, Pink, Skin color, White

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100 Reviews For This Product

  1. 100

    by Lesley

    It’s a nice and nifty Bluetooth.

  2. 100

    by Meredith

    It took just 10days to deliver. Everything is good as described. Just one thing, no indication of left/right on the earphone (no indication on the description, too.)

  3. 100

    by Kama

    Thanks to the seller. Promptly, the quality is factory, good. I recommend

  4. 100

    by Athena

    The headphone comes well pacakaged and looks like good quality. The sound level is very great

  5. 100

    by Molly

    It came in a week. Super fast! Thank you!

  6. 100

    by Jasmi

    Fast shipping. Everything works. My recommendations. Sound …. Well, not at music lover, but what are you waiting for for this money. Listen to the news, watch the movie. Answer the call. It’s for you.

  7. 100

    by Eartha

    The product corresponds to the description. Seller recommend. Delivery is fast.

  8. 100

    by Lily

    Headphones are intact! In general, super, i recommend!

  9. 100

    by Nichol

    Thank you very much for the speed, quality and communication. Super Quality, will still be ordered. I advise the seller. Thank

  10. 100

    by Genesis

    Works normally, in the ears keeps, the sound goes

  11. 100

    by Benjam

    The headphones came in three weeks, the parcel was tracked, the goods fully match the description, the quality is excellent, the sound is also excellent for watching movies perfectly, many thanks to the seller for the excellent goods and fast delivery, i recommend the product and the seller to shopping!

  12. 100

    by Fanny

    Awww so nice fast delivery 15 day thank you very much seller remains that tested

  13. 100

    by Alice

    Came quickly, the seller respect. satisfied!!

  14. 100

    by Lydia

    The sound is pretty good, and it is convenient to wear them while you are workin out or doing housework.

  15. 100

    by Merry

    headphones connected by bluetooth with mobile phone. They arrive super fast. Very cheap.

  16. 100

    by Camille

    Great product and excellent delivery 18 days

  17. 100

    by May

    fast shipping, products as described! Great experience! Will definitely order from this company again!!

  18. 100

    by Wendy

    The sound is great, quality built, good battery no problems in the first week, great Valeu for money.

  19. 100

    by Z. YU

    I trained in the hall, on the treadmill at a high pace, beat on the neck. When exercising on the simulators, when you lie up face fall off the neck.

  20. 100

    by Polly

    The order came pretty quickly. Good quality headphones. Sound is excellent, charging is kept

  21. 100

    by Kyli

    Perfect, product exactly like the advertised, fast shipping and perfect operation, pair to 1 in 2 min and the sound quality very good and isolate from outside noise, with three different size replacement, come on, i recommend them without hesitation

  22. 100

    by Breenda

    Great sound quality. Worth the price.

  23. 100

    by Audrey

    The sound is good! very well packed, connected in a second. Cool headphones. I advise??

  24. 100

    by Nelson

    Headphones work sound good. The box was whole. Well packed.

  25. 100

    by Oliv

    Delivery fast look good play in the game take

  26. 100

    by Elaine

    I liked it, work well, meters for 10 catches from the phone, the normal quality of plastic rubber bands, charging boxes, i advise, with the seller did not communicate

  27. 100

    by Mia

    Very good headphones, sound quality is better than expected, the microphone is also pleasantly pleased, the only thing in my small female ear is too big, but you can get used to it)

  28. 100

    by Taylor

    The sound is good! very well packed, connected in a second. Cool headphones. I advise??

  29. 100

    by Olivia

    Product fully complies with the description! fast delivery and quality of the goods pleased ….

  30. 100

    by Sally

    Like toy, light. charge holds an hour. recharging in the box was enough for a couple of times. three-way sound. their money is definitely worth it. took the child, he is happy. if he loses, it’s not a pity, it will be possible to order, for himself would not take.

  31. 100

    by Sophie

    good quality, I have another QCY Bluetooth headset which is really good as well, I like their products, recommended!!

  32. 100

    by Riley

    Good service.very good-looking, highly recommend the shop

  33. 100

    by Gloria

    pretty fast delivery, perfect size, I am very happy, thank you very much !!

  34. 100

    by Page

    I would definitely recommend these earbuds as a great Christmas gift for love ones.

  35. 100

    by YellowCanary

    Well done came relatively fast.

  36. 100

    by Valentina

    Good product and easy timing. Shipping very fast

  37. 100

    by Morg

    Everyone is happy, not ordering for the first time!

  38. 100

    by kim lanton

    Product corresponding to the description

  39. 100

    by Donna

    i find it good quality and perfect fit, i still don’t know what its loading duration is. They’re comfortable.

  40. 100

    by Bella

    this is my first independent order! I am very happy and seller and item. color all those that requested to put! Delivery 11 days, super !!!! Thank seller!

  41. 100

    by Lynn

    The headphones came, everything is fine, it sounds good, the microphone also works fine, the white ones are clear, yet they did not run, but they sit perfectly in their ears, do not fall out.

  42. 100

    by Dominic

    Amazing. They left me fascinated.

  43. 100

    by Cornelia

    Well done! very cute. it’s great. thank you. great seller

  44. 100

    by baileejs

    Delivery the promises, fast delivery recommend.

  45. 100

    by Mag

    Good product, well sealed and it takes a bit just to prove it

  46. 100

    by Madis

    Good packaging, as a first impression… loud and good sound, all functions work well.

  47. 100

    by Sandra

    Sound nicely, directly plug in the moment it be removed from its base.

  48. 100

    by Queena

    As I’ve come to expect, the earphone impress right from the get-go. They are nicely packaged,

  49. 100

    by Sofia

    A fantastic price for what you offer.

  50. 100

    by Victor

    Very nice product, my wife is very happy. Thank you so much!

  51. 100

    by Una

    good price, fast service, highly recommended

  52. 100

    by Tyl

    The headphones are excellent, the sound is good, the magnets hold well, when connecting the headphones to the phone there were no problems.

  53. 100

    by Deirdre

    very good quality in this price.

  54. 100

    by Edith

    They?re ok fir the price. Easy to use. Sound is a little tinny but if you push them right in your ears the bass is better.

  55. 100

    by Ril

    Clear headphones. I love this seller and wish him good luck in business. The product corresponds to the description.

  56. 100

    by Brook

    Nice design, comfortable to wear. Very decent sound quality for that size and price. Super fast delivery – 1week.

  57. 100

    by Pandora

    All, as in the picture, very high quality goods! Thank you to the seller for the gift!

  58. 100

    by Jord

    I’m very very Happy abt tis product….very good quality output sounds….I never expected tis from QCY Bluetooth headphones….thank u so much…

  59. 100

    by Heather Boothney

    Earphone works, everything is ok. Thank you seller

  60. 100

    by jesse johnson

    I’ve purchased a handful of these. This is an amazing earphone.

  61. 100

    by Tenny

    The sounds is nice and clear when I’m listening to audiobooks or when I’m on a call with someone.

  62. 100

    by Colby

    I’m pleased with the sounds quality of this earbud. Phone calls are clear and callers say that my voice is clear to them too.

  63. 100

    by Reader

    Works great.

  64. 100

    by CFDJ

    This little thing has seriously come in handy! I typically use it the most to listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

  65. 100

    by Tifghfhy

    It works perfectly for what I wanted it for.

  66. 100

    by Ariyah

    Pros: Small and discreet, great price, good sound, adequate battery life, easy to charge, and no fuse operations.

    Cons: Lost easily, and slight sound delay when watching video.

    Overall this has been a great buy.

  67. 100

    by Holleeone

    I highly recommend this product to all. You can’t go wrong.

  68. 100

    by Mazduhz

    I listen to music all day when at work and have for years. I’ve tried few different Bluetooth devices over the years and never really found one I liked enough to switch . I wear glasses so anything requiring a piece that needs the ear hook to stay in place is not an option. Then I found this.

    -The range is as good or better than my Era.
    -The sound quality when listening to music is just as good.
    -The sound quality is just as good on my end as the Era when on a phone call.
    -There doesn’t seem to be any issues with the sound quality to the person on the other end of the line.
    -I love the charging system. No cord and it attaches quickly and easily to the charger.
    -Just like my Era, it stays securely in my ear without having to use an ear hook.

    I won’t know about battery life until I go to work Monday to truly test it while listening to music while I’m at work. I bought 2 of these just so I can listen to music on-stop and still be able to use a another while one is charging.

    Won’t know about durability for a month or so.

    Hopefully these things last. If so, they are a fantastic deal.

  69. 100

    by Dominic

    This bluetooth is great and I LOVE the voice used to let you know when the device is connected, power on, off and battery life info. Be sure to read the instructions! You have to press & hold the button until the voice says “ready to pair”. Don’t release the button after it says “power on”. The instructions were clear & complete. It was super easy to pair, sound is clear for music, movies, videos & calls. No issues at all! Bluetooth stays in place & I LOVE how small it is!

  70. 100

    by J. Boyle


  71. 100

    by ProudPapaJD

    For the price you can’t go wrong. I’m sure I’ll be buying it again.

  72. 100

    by Customer

    They work really well, good battery life, very small and comfortable, they are plenty loud.

  73. 100

    by Laura Freed


  74. 100


    I am very pleased with this earpiece and even more with the service. I am glad that there are people who know how to run business properly.

  75. 100

    by Christina

    The calls come in clear and the person on the other end can hear me clearly as well.

  76. 100

    by laura alonzo

    Remember this is a single earpiece with a teensy battery designed to last several hours – the sound quality is not terrific. I wouldn’t recommend it for music, but it’s perfect for podcasts/audiobooks.

  77. 100

    by Charles

    These ear buds are my favorite.

  78. 100

    by Jeanie


  79. 100

    by Meli Melissa

    I love this earbud. I use it to listen to audiobooks, and it works perfectly.

  80. 100

    by Alex Castellanos

    This amazing little ear bud is impressive!!

  81. 100

    by Pd barrow

    The sound quality is excellent for what it is.

  82. 100


    Highly recommend!

  83. 100

    by Valentine

    The company has spectacular customer service. My device stopped holding a charge and they sent me another one with in days, for free, no questions asked, and this replacement hasn’t given me a single problem yet!

  84. 100

    by GYIUI

    I bought two of these! One in beige and one in black. It does not work as a bluetooth piece to take calls on, but it is great to listen to music, pdocasts, etc. It pairs easily and pretty solid sound quality.

  85. 100

    by TFDHY

    I LOVE this earbud!

  86. 100

    by DTYHRT

    The sound quality is stellar, and can even put out some thumpin’ bass, which is most impressive. The battery life estimate is conservative, I could make it through an 11 hour day with half an hour of charging at lunch every time.

  87. 100

    by gjhfty

    So upon opening I was a little surprised and confused. I had to go back and realize that it does in fact say one earpiece. Totally okay because if you (like me) are using it for work you really only need one.
    I had charged it the night before, went into work at 3pm, put it in and turned it on. Ohhh what a sultry voice. Ha ha ha she makes me laugh every time.
    I could not believe the quality of sound for the price. They definitely have that going for them. Fits comfortably and looks like a hearing aid if it should happen to peak out from under my beanie. I love the one touch pause on the piece. The button sticks out enough that it is easy to press when a customer has a question. I am not left fumbling with things I am not supposed to have at work.
    7pm she needed a new charge.
    So the battery didn’t last as long as they say but I still think it is worth the cost.

  88. 100

    by ech Palindrome

    This is the best bluetooth earpiece out there. It holds a charge for a surprisingly long time.

  89. 100

    by johnson

    Easy to pair. Wish the prices wouldn’t keep going up though. Just ordered another (I think I’m on my 6th one) in rose gold. Hope I don’t lose it again but pretty sure I will!

  90. 100

    by skeptic

    Got this after trying another similar one. After using both for my intended purpose (bike riding), I can easily say this one is far better and works wonderfully. It’s loud enough even when not turned up all the way, stays in my ear comfortably, and the battery lasts between 5-6 hours. Only has a single button for play/pause/answer/hangup but that’s really all I use anyway since my phone is always on right in front of me. I bought a second one to have as a backup and to have extra chargers.

  91. 100

    by David

    I’ve bought 3 of these in ear Bluetooth ear buds and this one is the best of the 3 by far. It’s the most comfortable in my ear

  92. 100

    by guin

    Oh and so comfy in ear when using or not.

  93. 100

    by Book Lover

    The fit with the small eartip is comfortable, but it sometimes comes loose. It has fallen out a couple times, luckily in a place where it wasn’t lost. I tried a different size eartip but it isn’t as comfortable. It’s a trade off, I guess.

  94. 100

    by cfgh

    This bluetooth is great and I LOVE the voice used to let you know when the device is connected, power on, off and battery life info.

  95. 100

    by Deon

    This more than met my expectations. Very good!

  96. 100

    by Parie B.

    Best earpiece I have purchase and the price is worth every penny

  97. 100

    by T

    The small one fits me perfectly.

  98. 100

    by Barbara

    For me they stay in well, are comfortable (barely noticeable), and keep their connection. That’s pretty much all I care about, and they do it all well.

  99. 100

    by Dumb Danny

    Works as described.

  100. 100

    by TRFTYRT


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