USB Cable Charger For Android USB Mobile Phone Cables 1M Car Fast Charger Cord Nylon USB

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  • Features:Reversible
  • Length:100cm
  • Compatibility:For android
  • Phone Model1:For android
  • Feature1:For iPhone & Micro USB & Type-C Cable; USB Cord, USB Wire cable
  • Feature2:USB Cable, Mobile Phone Cables, Cable For iPhone, USB C cables

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47 Reviews For This Product

  1. 47

    by Alvarez

    Works perfectly with android auto and galaxy note 9. Fast and sturdy charger cord.

  2. 47

    by Hayes

    These work well with my new note ten plus. Charges quick and the length is good too. You can never have too many chargers. I always lose them at work.

  3. 47

    by Peterson

    This is a solid pack of cables for your house. 3.3 feet standard cables are nice for things like a wireless charger if the surge tower is on your counter, but in tons of uses these days they aren’t as useful. The nice thing is the 6.6 and 10 feet cables. The 6 feet ones are great for a desk, since you can plug your phone in or any other electronic and still use it.

  4. 47

    by Powell

    Great and quick charging power! they are flexible and unbreakable due to being nylon braided , this is a convenient pack with different lengths based on my needs, like by the sofa, I need a longer one, and by the bed a shorter one!

  5. 47

    by Howard

    Very nice cables, the price cannot be beat. The braid is nice and tight and the ends are very ridged.

  6. 47

    by Murray

    Well so far so good. I haven’t had these long but I will update later. What I can say is they charge very quickly even with my standard wall plug. I did order a set of 3A wall plugs a d will be using them so I’m expecting great things

  7. 47

    by Knight

    Arrived in 2 days as expected with Prime. Nice bundle that doesn’t come with the all but useless 1ft cable. I like the extra few inches over normal 3/6ft cables. It doesn’t seem like that much, but it’s noticeable!

  8. 47

    by Payne

    love the fact that it’s a five pack and great price. Works just as fast with a Samsung square. Works slower with any other square you may have but still works great. There is a variety of sizes really like the longer cords so you can sit on a couch or bed and reaches to you.

  9. 47

    by Carter

    I was needing a longer cord for my phone at work because the plugs are far away from where I sit. These cables are perfect! They still allow my Note 9 to fast charge and now I don’t have to leave my phone propped against the wall while I charge it.

  10. 47

    by Mason

    I was really pleased to get five cables. I bought this USB cable for my phone because my phone cable always broken at side.They are very cheap price and really good quality. There are three different sizes that I can use them everywhere. They are anti twisting and anti craking as well. the wires are long enough which makes my phone reachable to some extent when it is charging.

  11. 47

    by Palmer

    Great charger. The 10 foot one is probably my favorite because I can literally be charging my phone across the room and use it at the same time. As far as charging speed it takes around 3 hours to fully charge my phone with a dead battery. Not as fast as other chargers but a great variety pack! They are also braided and very thick so I’m not afraid that they’ll easily get damaged. Great charges overall and amazing price.

  12. 47

    by Kennedy

    Good value is several charging cables wound with fabric. They are flexible, sturdy, fit perfectly in ports and charge quickly. I would buy again,:but may not need to in the life of my Samsung S-8 phone.

  13. 47

    by Harper

    I have been buying charging cables like crazy since my son takes my phone and plays with it while charging. They do bend after a while but they last a heck of a lot longer then the others.. They are also super sturdy

  14. 47

    by Phillips

    I checked all the cables and they all seem to be working. My phone says it will take a few minutes longer to charge using the longer cords instead of the shorter cords. It is a little hard to get them into my Galaxy phone as they fit tighter that any of my previous cords, but I have been able to get them in and out with a bit of effort.

  15. 47

    by Dixon

    This product provides fast charging for my phone and it is helping me out when I only have a little amount of time and my phone runs out of battery.

  16. 47

    by Graham

    I wants a set of cable of different lengths so I always have one with me or at home. These cables being different lengths allow you to charge your devices or connect your devices comfortably and easily. Very well made, so excellent value.

  17. 47

    by Fisher

    One of the connections were hard to fit but managed to fit..fits Samsung A20

  18. 47

    by Nelson

    I have bought several products similar to this they always work out fine I can say that they do charge quickly. I’ve not had them long enough to speak to durability. The other ones I have bought I have always held up very well.

  19. 47

    by Young

    Love the variety of lenghts for this nice looking, durable cable.

  20. 47

    by Hamilton

    I like how secure plugging into the charging port feels. There is no wiggling around and fits snug. The material on the cord is flexible yet durable. I use them to fast-charge my Galaxy Note 10 Plus and works as advertised. Variety of lengths is useful for different rooms.

  21. 47

    by Franklin

    You can never have too many chargers. If you’re anything like me and misplace them often then you would definitely need to invest in this. I love the packs of them because then you can disperse them to places you normally go. For instance, I have one at work, in my car, in my room and an extra in my purse in case I go out somewhere. Great to have!!

  22. 47

    by Carroll

    I just received these. Without having them very long they seem to be working nicely.

  23. 47

    by Gordon

    Item came quickly and showed up as expected. Seem durable, but haven’t had them long enough to decide long term durability.

  24. 47

    by Henry

    My phone doesn’t seem to hold a charge as good as it used to, so I like having multiple cables so I can charge it whenever I am sitting down somewhere. these cables all seemed to work perfectly fine, and the multi-pack is a great price. the fabric wrap prevents disease from getting tangled up, which is important when I have other people’s plugged in nearby such as in my cars.

  25. 47

    by Harvey

    I love the cable material. It?s soft but also durable. I don?t love the plastic one so very glad I purchased this product !

  26. 47

    by Howell

    Since Samsung had to make us change from the Mini and Micro USB cables that we ALREADY had, it was nice to buy a pack of variable lengths of USB cables with USB-C plugs.

  27. 47

    by Elliott

    Item was just like advertised and came as quickly as promised. Very pleased with the result.

  28. 47

    by Dunn

    With the multitude of usb c devices around, I needed yet more usb c cables, and these do the trick. They seem nice and sturdy, and the fact that they come in various lengths is great! I can put a short one in my backpack for carrying around, and use the longer ones where length is needed. Will definitely get again if I need more.

  29. 47

    by Gibson

    They are much more heavy duty than the cheap cables and they work great.

  30. 47

    by Foster

    I bought these on March 10th. So almost a month ago. About two weeks ago the one I was using stopped fast charging. Grabbed another one. Same issue. On my third one. Boom slow charging again.

  31. 47

    by Parker

    Product works and looks exactly as advertised. High quality tight connections and a kink free cable. When I need more cables in the future I will certainly purchase again

  32. 47

    by Campbell

    Just recently received it and been using it. The items seem durable and charge well.

  33. 47

    by Perry

    I bought these cables to attach my phone to my car’s USB port so I can use Android Auto. None of the 5 cables that came with the pack seem able to do the job. Every time I have tried to use one of these cables, I get a message that ‘Android Auto is not available’. The problem is definitely with these cables because other cables I try work just fine.

  34. 47

    by Mitchell

    It’s a buy buy buy. Long enough to place them on my nightstand so I can charge while using it in bed. Placed them strategically around the house. It’s even nice in the car because it gets moved around.

  35. 47

    by Lawrence

    My son likes these for his phone they seem more durable than the original charger and he likes having the extras just in case. The cat chewed the original cord and hasn’t with these.

  36. 47

    by Marshall

    I received the charging cables a couple of days ago. They seem to be good quality and they do charge fast. The plugs do fit a lot tighter then my other charger, which is a good thing. So far so good! You will get longer use from your chargers if you don’t unplug by pulling it from the wire, but pull from the plug itself. I’ve noticed on my last charger that the connection between the two were coming loose. Just an observation ?

  37. 47

    by Porter

    I bought these cables two weeks ago and I really liked them when I received them. Unfortunately, one of them was damaged a few days ago. I first contacted the manufacturer and asked The solution, they quickly responded to me and apologized with me.

  38. 47

    by Harrison

    Very durable and love that it charges fast. I love the variety that this package has for cord length.

  39. 47

    by Spencer

    I bought this because my original wire was broken and it was suitable for various purposes. I put 3.3 feet at my desk at work, assigned 6.6 ft to my car at night, and then assigned 10 ft to my bed. All 5 cables can be quickly charged. I was hesitant at first because I was worried that I would not support fast charging. But I still bought it, it does charge quickly. So please rest assured that they won?t let you down

  40. 47

    by Reed

    charging cords work — but does not charge my google pixel 4 with fast charge — even with using a fast charge wall box. I added a star however because after i wrote this, the company contacted me and offered to help me with a refund. I will be keeping the cords because they do work and a decent price — they just don’t fast charge my phone. I was told its because I have a pixel 4. They do work to charge normally though.

  41. 47

    by Freeman

    This product first of all is the real deal quality. Strong, solid, reliable, and the best low price you can find only here at Amazon. Save time and money this is how you want to go.. I really love this product.

  42. 47

    by Murphy

    I like that these were actually all fast charging cords. I had previously order identical cords from a different place and only 2 out of the set of 5 were actually fast charging cords. So that was a plus on this order. Bu unfortunately. They are not as durable as I would have predicted considering how well hey seem and feel to be made. 1 of them has already stopped charging my phone. And i have no idea why.

  43. 47

    by Bennett

    It has 5 pack charging wire, they are two 3.3 feet, two 6.6 feet and one 10 feet. I like this stuff because I can put these charging lines everywhere in my home. I like this feel.

  44. 47

    by Adams

    Cable worked as expected. Its got all the sizes that I need. I especially like the 10ft cable.

  45. 47

    by Lawrence

    For the price, it’s well worth it. They’re long enough to make it to the couch, the threading is sturdy and bendable, and coming in a 5 pack allowed me to replace all of my old wirings.

  46. 47

    by Austin

    Nice to have several different lengths. Quality is good. Happy with my purchase.

  47. 47

    by Grant

    Amazing, cheap and thought it was sketchy, but they deliver. In stores I could buy one for the same price, so it was extremely cool to find this before I made the mistake. Buy this, seriously. I now went from protecting my chargers with my life so I don’t run out, to just giving one away to my friend.

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