USB European standard qc 30 charging head Aluminum alloy qc3 0 mobile phone adapter

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Model CA-29A (QC3.0 fast charge)

Input: DC100-240V

Output: DC3.5-6.5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A

Material: precision electrical components, fire circuit board, imported fireproof plastic

● Private model fashion design, unique

● Adopt constant current output scheme, safe and efficient

● Built-in IC, automatic identification, short circuit protection, high temperature protection, over current protection

● Compatible with most smartphones and tablets on the market

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47 Reviews For This Product

  1. 47

    by Betty

    Very satisfied. I received 2 of these chargers. They each have 2 USB ports and one of the 2 USB ports on one of the 2 charges didn’t charge. I notified the seller and they sent me 2 more of the chargers right away. They didn’t make me return the chargers which was great because, lets face it, when you get a defective item the last thing you want to do is go to the post office and spend your time retuning the item. These guys had me 2 new chargers within a couple days of my making the inquiry. They were very pleasant and eager to correct the situation. These chargers are fantastic and most useful on my European travels. Having 2 USB ports in each makes charging multiple items a breeze. Thanks!

  2. 47

    by Conner

    These chargers are great if you’re a world traveler! They work very well and get the job done. The only reason 8 gave them 4 stars is because the green ring lights up and it’s bright. If you’re sensitive to light when you’re trying to sleep these are not for you, however, if you want something like a green night light, then this will suit you perfectly.

  3. 47

    by Hurst

    These were perfect for my trip to Europe. I used them in Spain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. They both worked just fine, and the green light at night didn’t bother me at all. I think it depends on how sensitive you are to light when trying to go to sleep. I can’t tolerate much light, but these weren’t very bright, and the green hue helped with dimming the brightness.

  4. 47

    by Sawyer

    Excellent travel usb charger, used it in France, Finland and Russia (and also while on the plane). Worked fine. The downside is, they work only with one type of socket, so if you plan to travel both in US and in EU, you’ll need an adapter.

  5. 47

    by Beth

    I’ve used it on my past 2 trips to Europe – works well although the green LED is very bright – i end up covering it up in the hotel room at night otherwise its distracting. Heats up a bit when charging my Anker battery pack – probably pushing limit on power draw. Pleased with purchase and would recommend.

  6. 47

    by Wade

    Great chargers, but be aware the green ring of LED’s around the edge is very bright. It can make it hard to sleep in the same room as one of these. It also lights up regardless of whether you are charging, so you sometimes have to unplug it to sleep, if you want darkness.

  7. 47

    by Jarvis

    I purchased these for a trip. They worked as expected and feel like good quality. The only thing that could make or break your decision is that they glow quite brightly. I didn’t mind because it was almost like a night light, which was good while staying in unfamiliar places, but if you are sensitive to light while trying to sleep, this may bother you. Also, they’re a great value.

  8. 47

    by Denise

    I just needed to charge phone & watch every day, so was perfect for travel to Italy, Belgium, & France. I separately purchased a bulky block converter at 5x the price as a backup in case this inexpensive product didn’t work. The bulky block converter broke trying to plug in, whereas this sweet smaller version worked great for 2 weeks straight. Ended up loaning the second in the pack to my sister traveling with me & worked great for her too. Save space packing & just bring what you need – this was perfect!

  9. 47

    by Alva

    Worked well for the job. The green light helps to check if the outlet has power which was especially useful at airports (since some outlets don’t work).

  10. 47

    by Julia

    I used these to travel in Iceland and Germany, and they worked great. The green light is VERY bright though, so charging at night might be an inconvenience if the hotel room is small. They also only charge one device at a time, which was fine with me as I charged my iPad during the day when I was out touring, my GoPro during the evening, and spare battery pack and iPhone overnight, but if you have more devices than that, you may want to pick up a couple more of these.

  11. 47

    by Duffy

    I liked it, but it got really hot and the other reviews about how bright the light is were right. Issue is, two of the places we were staying at in Europe had plugs at eye level so when we would go to bed it was too bright.

  12. 47

    by Dunlap

    My phone and tablet are the only electronics I travel with so I was able to toss my old adaptor that was almost the size and weight of a brick. The only drawback (for me) was the led light was fairly bright so I moved everything to the bathroom when sleeping. Worked great as a nightlight for that middle of the night bathroom run but was too bright to keep next to the bed.

  13. 47

    by Alice

    Just as described. Supports 2 USB connectors, with one high power (2.1 Amp) and one standard (1.0 Amp). I could charge both a tablet and phone at the same time with no issues. Fits European outlets well – not too tight or loose. The green LED is bright. It was too bright to have in a (head height) outlet near my bed, but fine in a lower outlet near the bed. As travel adapters, the light helps prevent me from forgetting them in a hotel or meeting room. The adapters seem reasonable sturdy (for plastic power adapters) and don’t have loose connectors or seems likely to fall apart.

  14. 47

    by Cotton

    Way easier than traveling with a gigantic power converter- with the two pack we can charge both our phones and iPads – which is most of what we need for power.

  15. 47

    by Alma

    I used one of these on a three week trip in Europe, to charge my Apple Watch and my iPhone 7 with Apple battery case every night.

    It usually worked fine and charged at the same speed as what I’m used to, but one night it didn’t charge anything, and I noticed the green light (which is usually always on if it’s plugged in) was blinking. When I switched it to another outlet I didn’t have any more trouble, so maybe it was just a bad outlet.

  16. 47

    by Kelly

    I used both of these during my last trip to France and it worked PERFECTLY. I was so happy. the soft green glow let me know the outlets worked (which in some hotels can be crappy) and my devices were charged without issue. I am very happy with these chargers and recommend them to anyone who is traveling and needs a reliable wall charger.

  17. 47

    by Owen

    I had to purchase and use these when I went to Germany for three weeks; they charged my phone and camera very well overnight. I left them at the hotel I was staying at for the next guest that might need them, but if I ever return to Germany, I will repurchase these sockets.

  18. 47

    by Bonnie

    Used these while traveling recently to Greece, where the electrical systems can be a bit unreliable, depending on where you are staying. We had no problems whatsoever using these devices to charge our electronic gear (phones, tablets, iPads). They were simple and intuitive to use… just plug and play. They doubled as a night light, so if you plan to charge while you sleep and like pitch black, plan to shield the light with something. Highly recommend.

  19. 47

    by Theresa

    I bought these two chargers (for a great price, I might add) to take on a Parisian vacation. I absolutely love the small, sleek design that fit into any pocket of every bag I put them in. When plugged in and charging, the green light gives a comforting glow that was not intrusive in the nighttime. The double USB slots are lovely as well as I was able to use one to charge both my phone and camera, and my travel buddy was able to use the other for her electronics.

  20. 47

    by Rice

    I guess I wasn’t paying attention when I ordered, I didn’t realize 2 in a package, bonus!! I travel to Europe 3-4 times a year and don’t like carrying my full size adapter plug/usb unit, these will work perfect for dual iPhone and iPad charging!! In a small form, great for carry on too!

  21. 47

    by Durham

    This was a last minute replacement for a much more expensive converter, and it worked great. For the price, can’t beat it. I even got two so my husband didn’t need to use mine all the time. Very nice.

  22. 47

    by Warner

    Used this is in norway, india, and england. so when i charge my iphone using this adapter, i cant use my iphone while its charging. this thing causes the iphone to start selecting options on the screen on its own. i’ve tried different charging cables and the same result every time. ill try to text someone and its constantly selecting characters on the screen without me pressing them. does this in other apps too. never have this problem when im charging with other adapters or back home in america. so yeah the product does charge your device but i couldnt use my device and charge it simultaneously.

  23. 47

    by Petty

    We took these on vacation to Italy and France and they work great. They charged an iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. Cannot charge an iPhone and iPad at the same time, but not really an issue. My wife and I each used one of these at night and found the green lights to be too bright for sleeping at night and ended up throwing a wash cloth or clothing over them at night to hide the light. Unless you want a night light next to your bed you might want to look at other options.

  24. 47

    by Abel

    This is exactly what I needed for travel. Two USB power ports

    The one negative of this product is that the green LED strip is very bright and a bit distracting when used in a small hotel room.

  25. 47

    by Glen

    Perfect when you travel internationally. The new outlets ( for the past 6 years) are deep. These wall chargers are perfect fit. It also gives you option to use each outlet for charging 2 devices.

  26. 47

    by Fox

    Great for charging phones, etc., at hotels in Europe that have not added American outlets. I dropped one on a hard floor and it didn’t chip or quit working.

  27. 47

    by Welch

    I used one of these through 16 days in Eastern Europe. IT worked very well. In addition, the green light is bright enough to use as a nite light. This has become a standard item in my European must take bag.

  28. 47

    by Bill

    I used these on a trip to France, Belgium, and Netherlands, and they worked very well. Very pleased with the purchase.

  29. 47

    by French

    Was perfect. Our European host had a left behind US charger, so we swapped when we left Italy.

  30. 47

    by Miranda

    There are two volt choices; you have to be careful and know which one to use or you will fry your iPhone. It can get really hot and start acting screwy. Mine survived but lesson learned! Wish it had instructions as to what voltage to use for what device.

  31. 47

    by Stone

    These are very handy! A man gifted one to me while I was sitting in an airport lounge because he had two and after seeing them I immediately bought more. I travel through Europe several months out of the year and these are so tiny and I’m able to plug in 4 devices to them. The light can be a little bright and I’d prefer not to have them but it’s a small sacrifice

  32. 47

    by Frances

    Fits into round wall outlets, so you don’t have to buy a second adaptor. Because some reviewers complained these burned out easily, I purchased several. No problem over a week or more of constant use. Small enough to toss one in my purse, another in my carry-on, and more in my checked luggage, so I had a plug available whenever I needed it. The double USB was great — let me charge my phone and Kindle and/or noise-cancelling headphones simultaneously.

  33. 47

    by Benjamin

    On a recent trip overseas, this converter provided the ability to recharge our electronic devices and also provided for a night light in our bedrooms. It also provided the ability to charge two devices at the same time, a real plus when we had three cell phones and a watch that often needed to be charged at the same time.

  34. 47

    by Gillespie

    Just went to Spain for a couple weeks so I needed a converter. This one worked great for my trip. But the green light I found to be very obnoxious at night! Don’t most people charge their phone over night? This is just poor design. Maybe light doesn’t irritate other people at night? It certainly does me! I would find myself unplugging it in the middle of the night since the bright green light was bugging me. But it did work properly and charge my phone just fine.

  35. 47

    by Elvis

    Took these with me for two weeks to Europe–they worked perfectly! Love that they indicate which USB is for which voltage, so it makes it nice and easy to determine what slot to plug your item into for quick charging.

  36. 47

    by Sandra

    I bought these as I was going to travel to Portugal and Armenia and knew I needed an adapter to charge my cell phone as well as my husbands and my amazon fire tablet. With an eight hour layover from Portugal to Armenia I was happy to also use the adapter in Poland. The green light worked well as a night light which was a plus for the apartment we’re renting. As for the durability i didn’t give 5 stars only because it’s been just a little under a month I’m using them. But for this length of time so far they’re holding up and doing their job!

  37. 47

    by Tanner

    These plugs were great…just be aware that they glow pretty brightly when they are plugged in so don’t put them near your head when you sleep! Overall, a great thing to have on our trip.

  38. 47

    by Odom

    My two white ones worked perfectly in Europe (Czechia, Germany, Italy) to charge my Pixel phone (USA). No issues. I am about to bring them to Thailand so fingers crossed.
    The light on them IS pretty bright, so I would suggest taping over it if that will bother you as you sleep. On the other hand, it can serve as a useful nightlight in an unfamiliar room!

  39. 47

    by Wilkins

    I had brought both the plugs with me and it turns out that they both worked very well. I was using it to charge the smartphone and attached it to a usb speaker so it was running all the time. No issues with it. The light at night wasn’t really bothersome so it was fine. I’m sure I will be using them again!

  40. 47

    by Easter

    These worked perfectly on our trip to Israel. My wife and I both have iPhones and apple watches so these kept the pair charged using only one outlet. I liked the illuminated ring on them too as it gives you a frame of reference waking up in a dark hotel room.

  41. 47

    by Helen

    Know that the top port will charge an iPad, but the bottom one won’t — and both ports will work for charging a phone. I didn’t try using it for anything other than charging an iPad/iPhone, so I don’t know how well it works for something like a Kindle. The adapter will light up a bright green when it’s working — and it’s quite bright, like a night light. When I used it, it got very hot after being plugged in and charging over night, so be careful. It works for me in Iceland as well as in France and did what it was supposed to do: allow me to plug in a USB cord to my devices. I didn’t like that light was so bright at night, and I didn’t like that the adapter got so hot, but it functioned and did charge my devices. A two-pack was quite inexpensive, so for the price, I suppose they were fine.

  42. 47

    by Richardson

    Imagine the horror of traveling with a teen girl and having her phone die!! No social media! No netflix! No essential communication with her friends! Well no need to worry with this handy wall charger! Plugs right into the European outlet and voila charged phone!

  43. 47

    by Jensen

    We bought a two-pack of these for a three-week trip to Italy. They performed perfectly for charging two iPhones, a Fitbit, and a Kindle. They also provided a nice green night light. Well worth the price.

  44. 47

    by Abraham

    Am using this as I travel in Europe. Works fine, but that green band is a light. It lights up when it’s plugged in. I’m using it to charge my phone next to my bed and I’m having to wrap it in a sock. It’s VERY bright!

  45. 47

    by Wise

    I bought this for a trip to Europe. Worked just like the ones I have in the US. No issues or complaints. Some outlets in Europe are sunken, so the long design worked great for me. Would recommend.

  46. 47

    by Edwin

    These were perfect for my family trip to Europe! We went to Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and czech republic and they worked everywhere and lasted the entire time with a family of 7 and charging all out phones

  47. 47

    by Rogers

    These worked great on our trip to Spain to charge all out devices. The green LED light is rather bright at night when you’re trying to sleep. We covered them with a sock, which probably is not a safe thing to do. If the LED was not so bright I would have given this five stars.

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