V9 Wireless Voice Control Music Sports Bluetooth Handsfree Earphone Bluetooth Headphones Noise Cancelling Headset

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  • Line Length:None
  • Plug Type:Wireless
  • With Microphone:Yes
  • Resistance:18Ω
  • Wireless Type:Bluetooth
  • Function:For Mobile Phone,Sport
  • Connectors:USB
  • Support Apt-x:No
  • Sensitivity:123dB
  • Waterproof:No
  • Communication:Wireless
  • Active Noise-Cancellation:Yes
  • Support Memory Card:No
  • Volume Control:Yes
  • Model Number:V9
  • Frequency Response Range:20-20000Hz
  • Is wireless:Yes
  • Vocalism Principle:Dynamic
  • Support APP:No
  • Style:Ear Hook
  • Control Button:Yes

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50 Reviews For This Product

  1. 50

    by Gillespie

    I just love this! I normally cant wear earpieces because they hurt my ears. So I figured I would try this one out and see if I could tolerate it. It is perfect. It does not hurt my ear and fits perfectly. The call button is easy to get to as are the volume buttons when wearing. Used it all day long and it didn’t need to be charged so great battery life. Comes with a little case and different size rubber ear attachments for the little piece goes in your ear. I love it a lot!

  2. 50

    by Harris

    – The bluetooth range is excellent. I was able to leave my phone downstairs at my desk and head to my bedroom upstairs that was about 30-35 feet away. It did start to lose some connection but I thought it was pretty good with some blockage of the stairs a

  3. 50

    by Petty

    The headset is comfortable to wear, and after a few minutes you don’t really think about it. The battery charged quickly, although it took a few minutes to see where the cord connected and I wanted to make sure I did not force the cable or cover for where the cable connects.

  4. 50

    by Tanner

    First, I drive part time and bought it for that reason. My job driving I am on the phone with dispatch and customers often. I drive only a few hours per week, so this unit does not get much use. However, I have only had to charge it once in the three weeks I have had it, and it charges fast, which is a plus. Second, it is comfortable and I find I forget I am wearing it. Third, Clear conversations, I can understand people I talk to with the highway background noise. The callers can understand me as well. Bottom line, I am happy with this unit.

  5. 50

    by Hatfield

    This is a nice headset. I’ve had several others and chose this one as I liked that the ear piece fits into your ear. I use my headsets in different environments where there can be some external noise and it can be hard to hear so having the ear piece in the ear versus on the ear helps block out external noise. I’ve had other headsets including a Plantronics that I liked but I wanted something that fit more into the ear and went with this model instead.

  6. 50

    by Conner

    I love this bluetooth earpiece. It works wonderful and it’s very comfortable. I wear it almost all day, everyday. I listen to my music and my audio books, and also answer the phone and make calls. It is very convenient and it looks classy. It doesn’t stick out and get in the way, either. Like I said, I love it. I have tried at least 15 pair of earbud and earphones and have returned all of them except for this one. I will be keeping it and ordering another as well. Great for the price!

  7. 50

    by Dunlap

    I received my order quickly and was very happy with my new Bluetooth. It works so good! They include a scratcher in my box which I won another Bluetooth. I was thinking they would ask me to just pay shipping. They did not. I received my prize in about a week. I?m not sure if I?ll give it away or keep it for later. I am so happy with the customer service department.

  8. 50

    by Gates

    I bought this yesterday and couldn’t be happier. It paired quickly and painlessly with my iPhone X, and reconnects effortlessly. It is able to pair with two different devices so that it can easily switch between phone and iPad, work phone and personal. The sound quality, both incoming and outgoing, is excellent. Maximum volume is nice and loud for talking in noisy places. It streams all of the sounds that my phone makes, everything from music to typing noises. The ear bud is very comfortable for me. The battery charges quickly and lasts a long time. The battery life displays on my iPhone screen beside the Bluetooth icon, so that I can easily see when I’m about to need a charge….pretty cool! For my needs I don’t see a reason to pay more for a Bluetooth headset. This one met my expectations.

  9. 50

    by Owen

    This is a tiny and cool headset. Even it is small but it also includes many functions. It has a very high sound quality and clear Mic. After I use, the best part is such a small headset has noise cancellation. I always use it on the subway and riding the bike. I used to have Q30 but that is dangerous when I ride the bike because two ears have been plugged up. But this one is much better. I can listen to the music and at the same time I still can hear the road conditions.

  10. 50

    by Hurley

    For the price of this headset, the packaging is quite nice and professional. Upon opening it, I was met with several pieces of paper from the company, and a pamphlet explaining how to use the headset. The next thing was the carrying case it came with: it was slim, professional, and felt sturdy. When I opened it up and put it in my ear for the first time, I thought it wasn?t super comfortable, but upon readjusting it and figuring out how the loop works, it became more comfortable. After connecting it, which was easy, I found that the sound quality is really nice. It sounds good for voices, music, and even watching videos. The quality of the mic is relatively good for the price, but it?s not exceptional. Still plenty good enough for phone calls. This same seller has several other headsets as well which are just as good (or better), but I can attest to the excellent sound quality on this one.

  11. 50

    by Adams

    I love this headset. It compact … doesn’t have the ‘microphone bar’ sticking out across your face. The battery life is awesome and the sound is crystal clear. I also love being able to connect to two devices at the same time. I have a work iPhone and a personal iPhone. I can connect to both phones and switch from one phone to the other without having to use a different headset. And I really love the connection to Siri. I just tap the ‘mute’ button in standby mode and then tell Siri who I want to call. This is really helpful when driving. I would definitely recommend this product!

  12. 50

    by Hurst

    This Bluetooth headset is very comfortable, lightweight and the sound quality is excellent. I liked that the piece fits into your ear perfectly and you can set it up very easily. The item quality is great and looks to be very durable. It is very easy to program with your phone. I love the sound quality and it very clear noise canceling. The battery life is excellent, I almost used it for an entire day without the need to recharge. This is one of the most comfortable and easy to use Bluetooth headset headsets that I have owned. I love the headset, excellent product !!

  13. 50

    by Paul

    Works great while over the road driving. I’m a little hard of hearing but this Bluetooth works absolutely great for me cancels wind and road noise very well, my wife has no trouble hearing when I call. Just really happy with it would recommend it to any over the road driver, as well as regular ones.

  14. 50

    by Herman

    I purchased this product for my father. He used it for a whole day and this is his review. He is 60 years old and has owned many bluetooth devices before. He is not tech savy and someone usually sets devices up for him.

  15. 50

    by Best

    I LOVE this Bluetooth! I was a little concerned at first when i saw how it sits on your ear but it is really comfortable. The ear price doesn?t fit down in your ear but just kind of covers the canal altogether which i really like. plus the whole unit is one piece, which means i don?t have to worry about losing or breaking an ear piece. the battery life seems good. i?ve only charged it once and it?s lasted 2 days so dat. and it shows you the battery life of the bluetooth in you?re phone which is awesome! definitely would recommend this bluetooth!!

  16. 50

    by Mathis

    I have gotten a few of these bluetooth headsets lately because of our state going hands free with phones. I drive truck for a living so my noise levels are fairly loud most of the time. The good: This headset has great volume for hearing people over the rumble of my truck. It fits really nicely around the ear and with the right earpiece fits so nice that you hardly notice it is there. I love the slim design that fits behind the ear. The bad: I think because of the way it fits behind the ear that the microphone is a little farther away and has a hard time picking up my voice in a louder situation. People on the other end of my calls have noticed background noise quite a bit and have mentioned it during our calls. For that alone, I wouldn’t get this particular headset if you are in a loud situation. It would work fantastic for a quieter area headset. One of my other headsets is the Icomtofit and it is great in louder situations. I will more than likely keep this one in my car to use and keep the other in my work truck.

  17. 50

    by Fischer

    I really like the large easy to find power button on the earpiece. Sound quality of the speaker is very good and it has plenty of volume.

  18. 50

    by Jensen

    I purchased the product because I have to use 2 phones during the day, one for work and my personal phone and it connects to both with no problems. I have been using it now for about 3 weeks and love the sound quality, they even sent a scratch ticket to win a prize and low and behold i won another bluetooth that I gave to my wive and she loves it. This product sits on your ear with out any discomfort and gives you many different options for the ear bud so you can find the one that is best suited for you. I will continue to use this seller due to the fast shipping and customer service that they provide.

  19. 50

    by Ellis

    I got this product with the intent of it basically living on my ear. As a result, it needed to be comfortable, sound good, have no bluetooth static, and have a long battery life. The headset looked large in pictures, and indeed was a bit on the heftier side. However, in my opinion, the trade off was worth it. The larger size meant that there was a much larger battery in it than a traditional headset. In addition, the large earhook meant that the weight did not affect comfort as much as one would think.

  20. 50

    by Wilson

    Quality product. I bought this after I lost my other headset. These headsets are compact, and the quality of the sound and battery life is loads better than cheaper headsets that I have tried. Highly recommended if you need a free ear while you are listening to audio content as well, as I listen to a lot of audiobooks and this allows me to keep one ear on the periphery.

  21. 50

    by Giles

    I love this Bluetooth headset. This one is easy to connect to any gadget especially smart phones. The quality of the voice and sound is great. When it comes to battery, this one has a pretty good battery longevity. I charged it once and use it for days without any problem. This headset is easy to put on the ears and it stays there. It doesn?t fall while I am using it. Overall, this is a great product… a good buy.

  22. 50

    by Sawyer

    One of the stylishly designed bluetooth hands free device which helps me to drive safe in first place. design is so perfect which exactly fits in my ear and the don?t have any noise issues encountered so far. initial setup was so smooth and further connectivity is hassle free. i had to take long calls and experience which i had with past 2 hrs of continuous meet is that is extremely smooth and not even once i had the discomfort of having something external device. Most importantly, this has never slipped my ear not even once. Overall a nice headset which solves the need to a great extent. Great headset overall !!!

  23. 50

    by Jarvis

    The specific functions are key to this products greatness. They are what I exactly needed and easy enough to remember after learning it for a few minutes. The sounds are amazing on both ends. I tested both extensively. The noise cancelling is not perfect but pretty close to it. It’s definitely the best one I’ve had in awhile.

  24. 50

    by Richardson

    I was pleasantly suprised by the quality and ease in using this bluetooth! I love that it comes with a sleek, attractive case (I frequently lose earphones and bluetooth devices). Pairing was easier than any other device I’ve ever used. The instructions were simple and clear to follow. The buttons are easy to navigate while wearing the device. The sound quality is impeccable. I can hear my calls crystal clear and the reception distance is GREAT. The device is comfortable and lightweight, and doesn’t irritate my ears like some other devices I have owned. It came with different earpiece sizes to accomodate individual preferences and sizing. Overall I am super impressed with this product!!!

  25. 50

    by Charles

    On one occasion, I attended a 3 hour conference call and found that it still had half of battery remaining and I commenced to listen to an audiobook for the rest of my work day and the commute home without coming close to draining the battery. The only negative I have found so far is the comfort adjustment to the earpiece – it hurts at first especially with the length of time I wear it. However, after a few days, my ear became accustomed to it and had no problems with discomfort since.

  26. 50

    by Thornton

    Item is made of durable plastic and should not easily break. Easy to program to phone. The rubber bits fit nice and snug into ear and there is no ear pain after it is in the ear for a period of time due to the overhang on the ear. ( Great design ) Sound Quality was clear and they were able to hear me clearly as well. Battery life lasted the whole day of use and would last for longer if needed.

  27. 50

    by Warner

    I was looking for a Bluetooth headset which can be worn for longer periods of time since I have to be on longer calls related to my work, the battery life of the Bluetooth headset was a primary concern for me. But this headset satisfies all my needs. It arrives on-time and matches all the description provided by the seller. The design is very stylish, and it fits very comfortably on my ear. The audio quality and sound levels are good. Pairing and connectivity are very smooth and easy to do. The battery life is also good.

  28. 50

    by Houston

    My wife purchased me my first Bluetooth headset back in Father?s Day. I really liked it. The ONLY drawback was the microphone stick. After a couple weeks I began not caring so much for the mic piece and found this one. I love it!! It?s super lightweight and I often forget I?m wearing it. Plus, now, not having a mic wand, it?s not as noticeable as the other one.

  29. 50

    by Odom

    I am very impressed with this little gadget. What I really like about this device is how easy to use it is. It fits comfortably in my ear but is fairly unobtrusive. It has 6 hours of talk time, but only takes 1 hour to charge back up and I like the fact that the indicator light goes off when it’s completely charged so that you can know the charging status.

  30. 50

    by Stone

    I highly recommend this ear headset it is all in one and compatible to all your devices this is the best I had yet please buy and try it?s worth the money very attractive for any occasion I love mines and I know you will love yours as well my hat hat goes off to customer support especially to Christina she responded to my request in a timely matter she was very prompt in taking care of needs she has great customer support skills please give her a 10 and a promotion she deserves it I will always do business with fimitech and refer others to this company you all rock thanks , MWooten

  31. 50

    by Kent

    I originally bought this form myself. I found that it didn’t fit be ear too well. Everything else seemed to work well. Pause/Play and volume buttons worked. If you’re using this headset with YouTube on iPad, i think there is a bug in the YouTube software preventing YouTube from playing after a pause. I was able to pause/play using the MFB with all the other apps, just not YouTube. This is not the first headset I’ve had that had that issue. Otherwise, Netflix, Apple Music, on the iPad all seem to work just fine.

  32. 50

    by Rogers

    The earpiece is comfortable, even for my big ears. I’ve accidentally increased the distance between the phone and my earpiece when walking through my house, and the quality of the call broke up only slightly.

  33. 50

    by Miranda

    Bought this and s couple of others for my husband, daughter and I to see what style we each liked. This one works great for me due to wearing a hearing aid in one ear. So with this, I’m able to wear my aid in one ear and this in the other ear. Wish I would have thought of this earlier and I’ve never been able to keep up with everyone else using Bluetooth wireless ear devices. Love it! The sound is on point!

  34. 50

    by English

    Fits my needs perfectly. Comfortable fit . Very Nice sound quality. I do some very long bicycle rides and wore an ear bud in one ear, got tired of the wires hanging and the ear bud getting loose. Got this and couldn’t be happier. Stays in place, long battery operation, ability to adjust volume easily. The selection of ear pieces is helpful.

  35. 50

    by Franklin

    This ear piece and the case are very nicely made. It feels and performs Iike real quality product. Set up and coupling were a breeze. Once you?ve coupled it to a device the earpiece will automatically connect to it when you turn it on. Worked with my TV, iPad, and MP3 player. Battery life is very good and seems to be as advertised. Range is excellent, much better than others I have owned. Sound quality is good, although I?d like the bass response to be a bit stronger. Other reviewers claim the bass response is very good. It could be my old devices or my very old ears are the cause of this problem.

  36. 50

    by Bentley

    I bought this device about a month ago, I was thinking in something that can easily connect with my iPhone on the run and that have a clear sound with background noise reduced to minimum since one of the reasons of having this device is for doing calls while driving and try to use my time more effective by having my errands done as I commute from work to my home. The clarity and noise reduction on both sides is great everywhere I have been with this earpiece. And it does everything I need in one headset. I use it for VoIP and web meetings on my PC; when I am driving I play music on my stereo via Bluetooth while using the headset. The battery life is excellent and charges very fast. I couldn’t be happier.

  37. 50

    by Steele

    I had a headset like this years ago when they first came out and I remember playing the ?can you hear me now?? game every time I used it to make a call. The sound quality was terrible. This Bluetooth headset is EXCELLENT quality. I had a bit of trouble initially getting it adjusted to my ear, but that might be because my ears are shaped weird and I was wearing huge earrings at the time. The second time I went to put it in I did a much better job and found it was pretty easy to wrap it around my ear starting with the actual in-ear part. The headset pairs very easily and is very simple to use for calls, music, etc. It will take me a little while to learn the controls well enough to just reach up without thinking about it, but they make sense to me, so that helps.

  38. 50

    by Phelps

    – It’s comfortable and sit flush in your ear. I haven?t tried jumping around with this but it seems like it will stay in your ear. Just make sure you try all the ear pieces (small, medium, large). – Noise blocking is good but not great. Don?t expect acti

  39. 50

    by Faulkner

    I received this unit yesterday and after about 7 hours of use, I’m very impressed. It immediately connected to both my iPhone and to my TV Bluetooth transmitter. I was able to test it by listening to music from my iPhone and for incoming calls. All went well without a hitch. I was able to listen to my Smart TV using a Bluetooth transmitter and never missed a word. My wife is not a fan of Bluetooth headsets because of the boom that normally runs alongside the cheek but wants this one because it hides behind the ear and the controls are easy to find. Comfort? – I had it on my ear the entire time and never felt it. The headset stayed in my ear very well even though I have glasses on.

  40. 50

    by Glenn

    This headset is a good value and fits well. The weight was good and it sat on my ear comfortably. The incoming sound is as good as my Plantronics. However, since this does not have a boom mic, people had a bit of a problem hearing me. I have a big head and that may be the reason it doesn’t pick up my voice well. It fit very well in my ear with one of the enclosed buds.

  41. 50

    by Wilkins

    I just bough this headset for personal use and started using at my work, a vet?s office, I?m a veterinary technician and need to multi task. I can easily use my hands and with one click answer the phone and have perfect sound quality while talking to clients. It is not bulky on my ear or cover my face at all like other brands I had looked at previously. Set up and use is very easy.

  42. 50

    by Cotton

    First off, the case is stiff and well-designed which makes the item classier. Secondly, the headset itself. The quality of sound is unbelievable for such a price. Lots of features like call, reject call, call Siri,… works as good as a real airpod with less than $50 a piece. Great deal, isn?t it? They also include lifetime warranty, so I won?t have to worry about defective product.

  43. 50

    by Duffy

    Bought this for my husband as I wanted to take the one he had (as I have small ears! – his first set had an ear buds which sat firmly in his ear) – this new bluetooth is great for an average size male – sits comfortably on my husbands ear and he’s able to get on with his office work/driving and receive calls with ease. He’s really happy with it and would recommend if you want clear sound when making and receiving calls.

  44. 50

    by Wade

    One of my concerns before buying this bluetooth earpiece was the placement of the mic and if the piece going behind my ear was going to feel uncomfortable. I can say both turned out to be a non-issue with this headset. People I’m talking to say they can hear me perfectly. The earpiece is extremely comfortable, to the point sometimes I forget it’s in my ear. Inside the box is a huge selection of different rubber earpieces so you’re guaranteed to find one that fits you best. The battery lasts quite a long while. The buttons for controlling power, volume and mute are easily accessible. So far this is one of the best headsets I’ve ever used. It charges with a standard micro usb – cable included. Sound quality is great.

  45. 50

    by Kelly

    They were easy to pair with Bluetooth on his phone. They fit comfortably over his ear. When your phone rings they say the number that is calling. It takes just one touch to answer and disconnect. There is a volume control also. Very convenient. They also come in a nice hard case to protect them. I would highly recommend these. I will be getting these for my daughter.

  46. 50


    Received for 10 days previously planned date. Charged. Connected quickly to the phone. The sound is good.

  47. 50

    by xgrep

    Headphones Super!!! I work perfectly!!! The instruction is very small font. Seller and I recommend the product!!

  48. 50

    by Fiona Lindberg

    Good headphones) came with just the cable and the headphones themselves, there is nothing else. It came in 24 days. Long understood how to turn them on and connect. When you wear them they do not glow (I have so). With intense cod do not fall out. Came with cable lightning, for this huge Plus) I advise, buy?

  49. 50

    by jhk

    I paid extra for the delivery, the goods came in 2 weeks. I’m delighted! Sound quality is excellent, sound insulation too. I like everything.

  50. 50

    by BlueGypsy

    For the Price Super Earphone super fast Delivery

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