Wired headset Headphones with a single hole gaming headset game player headset

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  • Style:Headphone
  • Communication:Wired
  • Connectors:3.5mm
  • Wireless Type:None
  • Vocalism Principle:Dynamic
  • Control Button:Yes
  • Volume Control:Yes
  • Active Noise-Cancellation:Yes
  • Function:Sport
  • Plug Type:Line Type
  • Sensitivity:108dB
  • Resistance:32Ω
  • Waterproof:No
  • Model Number:a566n
  • Support Apt-x:No
  • Support Memory Card:No
  • Support APP:No
  • Is wireless:No
  • With Microphone:Yes
  • Frequency Response Range:20-20000
  • Line Length:2
  • type:Headset
  • Earphone type:headset
  • Output audio headset:Portable audio and video
  • Horn diameter:40
  • Earplugs earmuffs / material:Cortex
  • uses:Game audio headphones

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46 Reviews For This Product

  1. 46

    by Fachnan

    The look and design of this set didn’t wow me at the start. Looked pretty generic actually and I figured it was junk. Actually, the sound quality and mic impressed more than I thought. So, that takes precedence over looks anyway. I accidentally tossed the directions that came with it. After figuring out the buttons and pairing to my iphone 6- I was off and ready. I use them for home use, talk to text, taking hands free calls, it sounds clear on both sides. Comfortable to wear for my average sized adult head. The only critique I have is the foam mouthpiece cover has fallen off a few times, but I can easily remedy.

  2. 46

    by Falecia

    As a Bluetooth wireless headset to use for Skype for Business calls or other computer connected audio solutions, this headset works great. easily pairs for Windows 10, just turn on the headset pairing function and the computer Bluetooth discover is you are done. Bluetooth ranger from the computer is very good. Listening and speaking quality is good and clear.

  3. 46

    by Faie

    I order these because of the reviews. They work great the sound is so clear and they are comfortable.I wish the instructions was larger to read but they work great

  4. 46

    by Oafa

    This headset gives me what I needed: clarity of sound. However, to describe it as ‘over’ the hear is not accurate–it’s more ‘on’ ear and would, I think, be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Fit also can be a problems. But for the prices it provide clarity which is most important to me.

  5. 46

    by Oakden

    Initially had some difficulty figuring out how to pair with my phone. Sound quality is great. They are comfortable. These are also great if you need to complete other tasks while on the phone.

  6. 46

    by Obharnait

    Really blocks out sound. That was crucial for my needs and I?m glad it works well for that. Bluetooth connection is great as well. Sound is crisp and clear. Great choice for the price, I?d expect to pay twice as much as I did for this one. Haven?t tested the battery capacity yet but I?ve used it for three or four hours and it?s still going strong.

  7. 46

    by Farria

    Bought his device for my husband to use during his conference calls and outbound/inbound calls for work. He states that it is the best headset he has ever used. It connects to your cellphone without a hassle. Able to take and drop calls via headset. Sound quality from its mic is very clear. He is overall happy with this purchase!!

  8. 46

    by Ocelfa

    These are high-quality headphones for the price. The sound quality is good. The battery life also lasts most of my work day so I charge overnight and get most of the day out of them. The only negative is the ear padding seems small and feels a bit awkward on your my ears. I love having no cords it’s so much easier to get up and walk around.

  9. 46

    by Fabiola

    Headphone is good, it works with smartphone. Tried with computer but somehow it did not work. Material is cheap quality compared to the price. Seller is nice and issue the refund as soon as return the product.

  10. 46

    by Odwolf

    Compared to large and bulky headphones the I have purchased in the past, these headphones are very light and actually fit snug on ears. Sound is crisp without distortion. No problems with bluetooth connectivity at all. Mic is the pefect size and picks up sound very well. Works perfectly with voice to text services such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Easy to store headphones when not using. Good quality, low price!

  11. 46

    by Farah

    I like this one because it having a headset for both of my ears, I had the one before just only for one ear and the sound quality was not good. With this device, the overall sound quality is better than. The most thing I like is the volume control, it is very simple and works well. The design is good, it is flexible for the microphone to bend. I highly recommend this headset.

  12. 46

    by Obreanna

    For the price it is a decent little headset. Use it for Zoom conference calls and everyone says it sounds good. It is a pretty comfortable fit, but after about 2hours, the ears need a break. Sounds is good and voice comes through fine. Thumbs up.

  13. 46

    by Oakes

    I like these a lot. I’m a truck driver and my old truck is pretty noisy. It would be nice if they were a little louder.

  14. 46

    by Caitlin

    I usually do a phone calls and am required to work on multiple tasks while I am on call. Situation always requires me to have best sound quality to hear and same on speaking through mic. This device meets these critiques that I need. Also it s very common to feel discomfort when I put headphones but covers are really nice material which is stress free for me. Packaging is really nice protection on device and it charges really quickly through USB.

  15. 46

    by Faron

    I’m looking for an inexpensive headset, mainly for home use. I ordered it after reading some comments, mainly because it was not too expensive. I’m surprised that these headphones sound so good! Bluetooth settings are standard as usual. Let your phone find it, connect to it, and you’re ready. The battery life is very good. It took me nearly a week to recharge it! It’s very light, unlike my Sony noise reduction headphones. Keep in mind that these are not active noise cancellation, but a lot of work has been done to shield the noise soft earpad. It’s very valuable. I want to buy another one for my son.

  16. 46

    by Odam

    I bought these for my grandparents because they are older and getting around is not as simple as it used to be. If their phone happens to be away from them they don’t have to go into the other room to get it instead just answer the phone on the headset and instantly be connected. It is easy to learn and to pair so it shouldn’t be no problem getting set up. The sound quality is good and the headphones are comfortable. I recommend to go getcha a set!

  17. 46

    by Faryn

    These are really comfortable and easy to connect and use. I have had no issues with background noise. They are small enough to wear that they do not push off my head if I lean back on something (a chair, couch or bed). They are pretty compact when folded down.

  18. 46

    by Oboth

    I was specifically concerned about the microphone being too sensitive or not sensitive enough, but the voice quality is pretty good. Battery life is good and charges quickly. I also like audio from headphones, it can get pretty loud and noise cancellation works pretty good.

  19. 46

    by Farris

    This headset is extremely lightweight. I typically don’t use one with an extended mic like this, but it seemed to improve sound quality for the listener on the other end of the line. The unit was able to be tested immediately out of the box, and charging is simple via a USB-C port that is easily interchangeable between other devices you most likely already have a charger for. Overall, I’d rate these at a solid 4 stars.

  20. 46

    by Farrell

    I use this during my conference calls multiple times and this headset has been helpful to free my hands while talking. I have 2 kids at home so being able to walk around and use my hands without the headset falling off has been delightful. The noise cancellation is effective due to the immense amount of background noise I have these really make the call clear without having to blast my eardrums out.

  21. 46

    by LOdette

    Great headphones. I’m on the phone for hours a day making sales call. This has been so much easier. Bluetooth to my Android. Music sounds clear and so do the calls. No one asked me on the phone if I was in a tunnel.

  22. 46

    by Odetta

    I bought these for work…to replace a $200 headset. They are BETTER than my old headset. They were very easy to sync with my cell phone too. The value can?t be beat!

  23. 46

    by Falk

    I used it at work for music and These are really comfortable and easy to connect and use. I have had no issues with background noise. Instructions provided with the product are easy to follow and connect to my mobile device. I like size and weight of these unlike the big branded earphones which are heavy.

  24. 46

    by Fallon

    Both the earphones and mic work with my laptop, but for some reason only the earphones work when connected to my phone. Might be some sort of user error though, so still gave it 4 stars total. Would have been 5 stars, but there’s also occasional choppiness in the audio that is too frequent for me to write it off.

  25. 46

    by Odran

    The sound quality is very nice. Better than the sound even is the noise cancelling feature. I have traffic noise in my office area and these allow me to drown it out and enjoy and focus on the work or fun of my computer. They are comfy also.

  26. 46

    by Odelyn

    This headset was a lifesaver at my job! It?s reakly easy to use and has always had a great connection. I was worried my clients wouldn?t be able to hear me on something like this but this product has been amazing! I highly recommend this especially for anyone who finds themselves on the phone a lot.

  27. 46

    by Fatimah

    I bought these headphones for work calls. They exceeded my expectations. The sound quality is very clear and the recipient can hear me great. The convenience of having no wires attached to the phone was my selling point. I like that I can be on my call and not be attached to my phone. The ear piece is comfortable on the ear. The controls on the headphones are easy to access while on the call. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend to anyone looking to purchase them.

  28. 46

    by Odell

    This product is easy to use and the sound quality is very good. I got these headphones to use for position of, and I’m glad I made the purchase. They are a good size: not too big or too small! The mic works well and is not big or bulky. Definitely recommend this product.

  29. 46

    by Faune

    As someone with limited mobility, I usually need to be hands free when making calls. This headset gives you the opportunity to move around freely, while doing daily tasks. I’ve gone through several headsets, over the past few years, which have all either broken or shorted out with usage. I’ve been using these for almost 2 weeks now, and so far they’re proving to be the most ideal headset I’ve owned, compared to those with a built-in mic. I haven’t had to adjust them on my head in order to be heard making phone calls, which has always been an issue & the sound comes in clear.

  30. 46

    by Obadiah

    Good pair of Bluetooth headphones. I would recommend them for people with smaller ears, as the ear cups are a bit on the smaller size, and don?t completely cover my ears, though they are not supposed to. I got them connected to my iPhone easily with no problems, and the sound is pretty good! My husband said he could hear me just fine during a phone call using these, and I had no trouble hearing him. They fold up very nicely for storage and travel!

  31. 46

    by Fairie

    Sturdy enough not to make me worry about breakage. Beautifully boxed and so easy to set up. The sound is very good. and the price is totally competitive for the quality. the microphone gives me the flexibility to talk easily while working out or doing chores

  32. 46

    by Cadence

    First of all, the actual workings of the headset are great. I’ve been told the voice quality is good, and the audio coming through is really good as well. I use them most of the day my sales role. Battery life is really good and they charge quickly. My only gripe is the comfort of the ear muffs. They are kinda small and at least on my ears (medium large man ears), they get uncomfortable after a while. They’ve loosened up a bit because when they were first new, they felt like a vice no matter what adjustment I made. Also the material used for the ear pieces looks kinda cheap. In summary, solid 9 out of 10 on functionality, maybe like a 5 out of 10 for comfort. Still a very good choice given the options available to this type of headset.

  33. 46

    by Odhra

    These connected well and were fantastic to listen to music and such. I could not get them to work with my autodialer that I use for work (I could hear them, they couldn’t hear me, all settings correct and they work with my phone fine). Since I bought these for work, I returned since they are useless to me. Update: Customer service followed up with me and actually gave me an additional refund for providing additional information about the issues I encountered. I would definitely do business with this seller again

  34. 46

    by Fabian

    Sound quality not as good for music as other bluetooth headphones I have owned, but good for phone call quality. Laptop connectivity not solid sometimes. Overall ‘good’ but not great.

  35. 46

    by Caitlyn

    Amazing! I am a road warrior so always speak with my friends and customers when driving . Just received this yesterday and all my friends say they can hear me very very clear without background noise like before! Easy to set up with one click button and voice quality is very good! I have an old one which is almost the same quality but cost $124. Don?t know how long it can keep working but enjoy this so far. Will keep updating for sure.

  36. 46

    by Fanny

    Very very nice head set for the money. Seamlessly switch between music and answering work calls. You can look work busy while listening to music. Music sounds good and on a call I can be heard very well. The title is a little misleading. It?s not a noise canceling headphone but it is a noise canceling microphone which make you sound good

  37. 46

    by Faith

    these are excellent wireless bluetooth headphones that produce a rich, full sound. These are adjustable in size and perfect for guys and gals alike!As for the build quality, it’s okay.Very good product and I was extremely pleased with my purchase. These headphones exceeded my expectations and have proven to be a great value and are getting a lot of use in my household. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend or anyone looking for a great bluetooth over the ear headphone that is lightweight, very comfortable, and good for the whole family.

  38. 46

    by Obie

    I wanted a basic bluetooth headphone for when I wanted to take my laptop somewhere to write or get some work done. My requirements were that it needed to be easily portable (so my preferred gaming headphones wouldn’t work) and able to be tossed into a backpack or purse, it had to charge quickly, it had to be comfortable to wear, and it had to have decent sound. I was less worried about a working microphone, but these came with one.

  39. 46

    by Odelia

    These headphones are convenient since they are wireless. The quality sound that the is clear. The headphones fit perfectly and they are also adjustable.Feel comfortable

  40. 46

    by Ocran

    This product worked well until just after the return date passed! The speakers still work but the microphone cuts out and is full of static. Edit: when the seller saw my review they offered a new one, because they felt that I had received a defective model. I told them I had purchased another headset and would rather get a refund which they happily did. I would buy from this seller again.

  41. 46

    by Falkner

    In summary when the headset works it works pretty darn good. 1-5 evaluation scale: Sound Quality: 4 Bluetooth Distance: 4 Construction: 5 Comfort: 4 Easy to use: 5 Button placement: 5 Microphone: 4

  42. 46

    by Odanodan

    Great sound on this headset. Was looking for something that I didn?t have to put in my ear all day. The problem with these is they applied so much pressure to my ears that I wound up having very sore ears after an hour or so. Can?t use them for my fill workday…but they work ok for short periods.

  43. 46

    by Faustina

    They are light and comfortable. The person receiving your call will get your voice clearly and without background noise. The battery life is quite long and it charges very quickly. I recommend that you get a set of small foam windscreens and a set of rubber o-rings to make a secure wind screen (see my photo). I have put the headset through a lot of rough and tumble situations. They hold up good, but the foam headset cover can come loose. I am going to glue mine permanently with some epoxy or gorilla glue.

  44. 46

    by Fainche

    Thank you for your help. This headset works much better than the first one I ordered.

  45. 46

    by Fantine

    Wanted to get a replacement and backup headset for the Jabra one that has been falling apart. This one has done the trick well. I use it with Skype for Business primarily for calls. Headset is a little type for my large head but overall is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Sound quality is decent as well as the range – typically I only go 10-20 feet from my laptop when I need to walk around.

  46. 46

    by Farley

    Great noise canceling headphones- Very good when you in the office and other people are speaking in the background Also I like how you can move around the mic And Bluetooth is great Love this item!

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