Wireless Bluetooth Headset Stereo Handfree Sports Bluetooth Earphone With Charging Box For iphone Android

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Line Length:None

Is wireless:Yes



Volume Control:Yes

Control Button:Yes

Support APP:No


Function:For Mobile Phone,HiFi Headphone,Common Headphone,Sport,For iPod

Wireless Type:Bluetooth


Support Apt-x:No

Support Memory Card:No

Plug Type:Wireless

Active Noise-Cancellation:No

Style:Ear Hook

With Microphone:Yes

Vocalism Principle:Dynamic


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51 Reviews For This Product

  1. 51

    by Kat the gypsy

    I am deaf in one ear, and have been looking for a single earpiece that will play both left and right channels.Now I can listen to music and my audio books without missing a channel. Great sound, and the charge lasts hours. Had it 21 days now, and no problems. Working like new.

  2. 51

    by Brie

    Bought this earbud it works great! Plays music and you can take phone calls. Would recommend if you prefer hands free!

  3. 51

    by Douglas

    Very happy with this little toy. Easy to operate and decent quality sound.

  4. 51

    by Heyitsme

    LOVE this little ear bud. I use for phone calls and for listening to stuff at night to help me get to sleep. Sound quality isn?t the best, but I?m not recording an album here. Sometimes it?s hard to hear people on the line or they ask what that racket is when I?m on the freeway, but if you don?t drive an old pickup truck, you may not find this is an issue. Sound quality is fine for these purposes. Battery life is great. Easy to use.

  5. 51

    by alan

    highly recommended and a great price.

  6. 51

    by quay

    the device is very affordable

  7. 51

    by Matthew

    This earbud does exactly what it is bought for.Sound quality is very good and clear specifically for talking to phone or listening to radio or video program. Pairing with any device is fast, bluetooth distance distance is very satisfactory and charging time is also as described especially with the charging box extra capacity. Looking to all those facts with the very nice price it has and a very kind helpful after buying service from its dealer , make from this item the best and smartest and the most right choice you can make for buying a Bluetooth earbud for mobile or video and radio.

  8. 51

    by Kris

    I was surprised to find out there was only one ear plug included in this order, but if i had read into I would have know… my fault. The sounds was great! You really don’t need another one and it’s nice to have a free ear to hear especially while I’m at my desk at work.

  9. 51

    by Shy

    Great value for the money.

  10. 51

    by Chastain

    Very nice little piece, light and super comfortable. Sometimes I even forgot I was wearing it. The battery lasts about 4 hours for continuing listen to the audio book. The volume is same as my old Bluetooth when I was listening to the music or audio books, when I was on phone with someone, the volume seems little lower, but still clear enough to hear them. I?m planning to get the second one for backup.

  11. 51

    by Jane C.

    Easy to use, connected to my phone straight away.

  12. 51

    by Sophie

    Love this product. Read reviews about how it falls out and you can?t find it. It turns out I was wearing it all wrong when it would fall out. Since looking at the picture and instructions that came with it it hasn?t fallen out of my ear once. I used the smaller ear piece they provide with it and it fit so much better. Before I did this though it did fall out once in the bath water! I was really upset I broke it but it doesn?t seem to be affected at all!! So I give this a 5star. I would and will buy again!

  13. 51

    by Lora Sage


  14. 51

    by Teresa

    Sound quality out of mine was surprisingly good. I didn’t think much would come out of such a small driver (speaker) but it has a nice amount of bass at the right times and doesnt do that fake bass sound where it sounds like your speaker is blown. This was honest to goodness just nice clear sound.

  15. 51

    by Knifehole

    This bluetoothphone piece is light weighted and fits comfortablely in my ear.

  16. 51

    by IYAOYAS1

    does not fall out of *my* ear

  17. 51

    by Michael P. Nebehay

    I am really impressed by how tiny this device is! It fits right into the ear, and is very easy to operate.

  18. 51

    by Daniel

    Battery life is pretty long considering the size of it. So far the longest I have it on is about 6 hours. Sound quality is acceptable, too.

  19. 51

    by Sanchez

    I’ve been spending a lot of money on wireless sets and thought what a waste since I only used one of them – since they were a pair they couldn’t be used independent of each other.. Also they didn’t fit right and would fall out if I yawned. I decided to to take a chance on this one since it was inexpensive. I love it. It recharges quickly and lasts a long time. It is super comfortable and stays in. Sometimes I forget it is even in my ear. I had bought another single bud at the same time that cost a little more and it had a cooler magnetic charger but it doesn’t fit as well as this one or last as long. To me, that was more important. I love it so much I bought another one!

  20. 51

    by Momotic

    I think the sound is fine. I think if you want it louder and more bass, this is not for you and you’re insane to want to blast your one ear. A big reason people may have trouble hearing through devices like this is by wearing the wrong ear cup. There’s a couple other ear cups that comes with you can try on to fit your ears. Mine worked fine with the default ones on there. I tried out the other cups and it muffled the sound. I will say changing the ear cups was a pain, but they will eventually fit in. It’s silicon and designed to be tight on the device so they don’t fall out your ears. Also note: THESE DON’T FALL OUT OF YOUR EARS! Not my ears, obviously, can’t speak for others..

  21. 51

    by John

    Pairing the device is super easy. Just hold the multi-function button for 3 seconds or so and it turns on. Your phone should find it no problem and you’re done pairing. It’s recommended to stay within 10 meters of your phone for optimal connection without objects in between. It cuts out and gets a bit of static if it’s too far from your phone or whatever device you connect it to.

  22. 51

    by Smelser

    easy to pair

  23. 51

    by TCustomer

    I knew what i was getting into when buying this so if you’re in the same boat as me and using it just for music in one ear, I recommend this product.

  24. 51

    by McKim

    I love this earbud!

  25. 51

    by BDSR

    I love this bluetooth, it’s small enough to fit in my ear comfortably and not be noticed. I use this at work to make calls and listen to music through the piece. I usually need to charge it for about 1-1/2 hrs and I can use it continuously up to maybe 6-7 hours. However I’m usually cutting it on/off thoroughout the day. Very easy to set up and use. The connection is always good and I really haven’t had any problems with it. This could be a little louder at time but it’s not really an issue for me.

  26. 51

    by Monique

    The earbud paired easily, and the on/off button is large and easy to access, so that was nice. Sound quality was also a bit better than the two other earbuds I had gotten from Amazon in the same price point over the course of a year or so. Seller was also helpful. So I’d recommend this.

  27. 51

    by Laura

    Works great. I even keep it in my pocket and it gets ‘all beat up’, but still working well after a couple-months use. Connects well with my iphone, ipad, and android devices. Even though the microphone is far away, it picks up my voice well. I talk while driving on the freeway and I have far fewer complaints than when I would use high quality wired headsets to talk. Doesn’t seem to pick up the road noise (unless if I drive too fast). Great device! If it broke today, I would buy another one. Oh yeah, battery seems to last forever- very nice.

  28. 51


    I got this wireless earbud earlier this week. It works awesome! No wires and very light and comfortable in the ear. Doesn’t slip out at the gym when I run. Adjustable ear cup allows you to customize it to your liking. Sound and mic quality are fantastic and the price is amazing. I have recommended this to many co-workers and they are buying it as well.

  29. 51

    by Ditchkofsky

    This size was perfect to fit my ear when you turn on headphone there is voice to telling you battery level and steps. Sound clear and to listen music was good . I called my husband, ask him how?s this sound clear . He said is good. Because to connected my phone and easy use . So I decided to keep this Bluetooth Headphone . I like the little bag could Carry charge and my headphone ,it is keep safe not easy lost .

  30. 51

    by Customer

    I just received mine and so far so good .. it was real simple to pair and the volume is good for me … I read on other comments after a few weeks that it will stop charging , but I have been with Amazon for a while and they take good care of their customer … I love it so far , volume is good and I will order again if need me and also I will share with friends to purchase it .

  31. 51

    by C

    I ordered some fake apple wireless ear buds and they had a delay, which was very annoying when watching videos. I read reviews of many different wireless ear buds and this one notably had no reviews mentioning any delay in audio, so I ordered this. Sure enough, no latency in audio whatsoever. Great for watching videos. Also a bonus is that it can connect with multiple devices by bluetooth at the same time (e.g. smart watch and smart phone).

  32. 51

    by Soukup

    I use this to listen to podcasts in bed before going to sleep – phone is on night stand instead of in bed next to me, plus no corded earbuds under me! I find I use this a lot when watching tv on my phone in the den, plus able to hear conversation in room. I have no trouble at all with volume, it?s plenty loud and clear. 6 hrs of podcast/music time is about right. I continue to be pleased with purchase and would buy another without hesitation.

  33. 51

    by Lin

    Day one with the product and it was really easy to install through bluetooth. I replaced the ear bud with the correct size and left it charging for 2 hours. I didn’t think it was going to work like it did. I went on a 3 mile run to test it out and it did GREAT! I forgot I had it in my ear, all I knew was that music was coming from somewhere. Amazing product really surprised me!

  34. 51

    by Emily K.

    This earpiece is so small. It is incredible. Very discreet when wearing. Audio is crystal clear and volume is good. Many have complained about the low volume, I use it in an offfice surrounding so volume is no problem for me. Paired with my desktop right away upon initial setup. Good range walked two offices away and my music was still playing. Battery is excellent to for such a small device. Was able to get roughly 6 hours of play time before it told me ‘battery low’. Then charging took about 1.5 hours. You can get two of them if you need them to last for 8 hour work days. Overall, very satisfied with this purchase!

  35. 51

    by Rodgers

    I like the one-ear approach of this earbud. I can use it during work or anytime when I need to keep my hearing open for the environment, even walking on the street – I want to be able to keep alert of any warning sounds around me. Though th earbud is only one sided, it is clear and it allows me to listen to music and can still hear if someone wants to talk to me.

  36. 51

    by Lyles

    Some people complain the volume level is not load enough…. this is only designed to be a one ear device. If you want a device that has long battery life good distance from reciver and quality sound this will get the job done. I am in the IT&S field this ear piece goes all day while talking and playing music for 10 hours and still has life when I get home. Also to note the device does show on the phone the current battery life and the device also tells you how much life it has based on high med low.

  37. 51

    by RL903

    This is perfect, for the price. The sound and battery are good. I get about 5hrs of audiobooks on one charge. It stays in my ear perfectly. The only con is it falls apart really easily. But, for that price, I can’t expect more. I bought a new one. Worth every penny.

  38. 51

    by Customer

    Cool little device. Been using it for a few days with no problems yet.

  39. 51

    by Mullinax

    This little Bluetooth device is so discreet and lightweight that I can listen to music and audible books on my phone while walking, exercising, running errands, doing chores, inside and outside, at work and at home, and anytime I want to be in my zone even amidst the busyness around me. It fits comfortably with my ear and does not fall out with my movement. The quality of sound is good. Great product with a reasonable price!

  40. 51

    by mcmullen New York

    I accidentally ran it through the washing machine 3 times and it still works. It is small so I try to put it in its bag so I don’t lose it

  41. 51

    by E. Collins

    I really like this headphone for the size. In addition to the small size, the carry bag and short charging cord make it ideal for travel. In order to determine whether other attributes match up, I ran some tests. Here are the results. I mainly use Bluetooth headsets for audio books and stream-line talk shows.

  42. 51

    by Danielle

    It is great for the price.

  43. 51

    by Sudirdja

    love it

  44. 51

    by Francisco

    I work in a loud environment and use big earmuffs to block out the sound. This earbud fits right under the earmuffs so that I can listen to my podcasts while still using my other ear to listen out for danger and communicate with others. I’ve been using it for over a month now and it’s been a fine experience. It seems great for listening to audiobooks and podcasts. The battery life usually lasts around 4hours for me which is fine because I charge it every night. I’d definitely recommend this product for someone that needs one ear free while also listening to entertainment. I’ve taken one call on it too which was good.

  45. 51

    by Brianna

    I like how comfortable it is in my ear; much better than ones that have a piece that goes around the ear flap. I also like the battery life. I like the sound quality that is rich and full.

  46. 51

    by Gloria

    THE earphone is wonderful, can buy without fear. THE only downside was the delay by Post Office.

  47. 51

    by Heather Boothney

    Trust me it know which are fake? Product 100% original, well packed! Highly recommend!

  48. 51

    by FishJerald

    Well protected package. He arrived in just over a month. The equipment has not been used yet. The plastic bag is just for the size of the loading box, the charging cable no longer fits in it. The seller is recommended.

  49. 51

    by Ghost

    The order arrived at my house in 16 days from purchase. Chinese version, works very well on downloaded music and calls. It comes in a Bubble Bag in very good condition. Satisfied with my purchase and recommended seller.

  50. 51

    by jnk

    I just loved! Was afraid I have difficulties to adapt with headphones in Ear. But was right. Finish product amazing sound like and this case? Ahhhh so cute!

  51. 51

    by madhukar

    GREAT product, great quality (material & speaker/driver) and connected immediately to any device I tried it with. Highly recommend. Many other neat uses for these as well. Great product guys

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Wireless Bluetooth Headset Stereo Handfree Sports Bluetooth Earphone With Charging Box For iphone Android

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