M165 bluetooth headset wireless sports mini stereo ear-mounted bluetooth headset

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Product Description:
MTK stereo earphone solution
1. Support Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR protocol
2. Support A2DP v1.3 and AVRCP v1.5
3. Support HFP v1.6 and HSP v1.2
4. Support spp protocol
5. Integrated 48mips dual MAC DSP processor
6. Built in charging IC
7. Support noise reduction and echo cancellation
8. Support voice prompt,
9. Support UART and I2C interfaces
10.6mm * 6mm qfn40 package for business Bluetooth headset
Chip function support
1. Bluetooth 4.0 stereo Bluetooth headset;
2. Volume adjustment;
3. Selection of upper and lower curves;
3. Voice prompt;
4. Call number broadcast;
5. Point to point connection;
6. IOS system power display;
7. Answer / reject incoming calls;
8. Replay of last number;

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104 Reviews For This Product

  1. 104

    by hjkghyk

    I would recommend this headset and even purchase it again.

  2. 104

    by Kristi

    These are awesome.

  3. 104

    by Kathy

    Very good, very quick, well packaged, complete and works perfect, functions perfectly,

  4. 104

    by Jesus

    Yeah, shorter than normal. Get used to ears to volume. Sound quality i really like

  5. 104

    by Fitch

    Super! The order came without problems! Beautiful!

  6. 104

    by Alex

    Very satisfied with the headphones, in the ears sit well. Use on mi8 and mi5s. There are no delays in the sound when watching the video, neither there nor there, despite the different versions of bluetooth.

  7. 104

    by Juliet

    Pretty good sound, formidable price quality ratio. Comfortable.

  8. 104

    by Jasmine

    All OK.

  9. 104

    by Jill

    You can hear the music of the norms on the iphone and bazarat them clearly. Thanks to the dealer.

  10. 104

    by Joy

    I really liked the sound and quality of performance. The only thing in my ears is better to sit on the turn. Right earpiece in left ear and left earpiece in right ear. This is certainly individual for everyone.

  11. 104

    by Mellisha

    Wow. You need these! I was confident they would work well based on the reviews but they are SO much better than I expected !! Great sound. High quality. Very satisfied.

  12. 104

    by BruceR

    Great! Is not so good to talk, because the mic is far from mouth. But to listen music, is excellent

  13. 104

    by Jaden

    Headphones bomb. Charge keeps hours 4-5.

  14. 104

    by Addie

    the seller should better pack! And so satisfied

  15. 104

    by Ian

    Good headphones. The sound is quite high quality, even straight good. You can louder and deeper bass, but it’s not critical.

  16. 104

    by Hale

    It seems not bad headphones, everything works, they are charged. No claims.

  17. 104

    by Julie

    Size of buds is smaller than I thought. Volume and base is good enough for the price.

  18. 104

    by Sheryl George

    Headphones are very cool! I use about a month.

  19. 104

    by Justin Thornton

    I needed something for work that I can wear all day and is comfortable.
    Let me tell you this Bluetooth is perfect for that, its comfortable and has great noise cancellation, and I have used it passed three days without charging it once! Great buy and price range

  20. 104

    by Eric

    Excellent headphones. On the sound of fire!

  21. 104

    by Leila

    delivery took very long time but seller’s service was nice and quick. product quality is good.

  22. 104

    by Brady

    excellent headphones! Workmanship at height! Cool sound, good autonomy, convenient magnetic base for charging with built-in battery. No problem cling to any bluetooth source, whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone!

  23. 104

    by Katherine

    Good bass and connects fast. Fitting good also.

  24. 104

    by Karen

    Received in very short time.. As of now sound quality and pairing is good.. Value for money.. Recommended product for this price range.

  25. 104

    by Monica

    Sound Quality is fine if you look at the size of these earpieces. They stay in addition surprisingly good sit during exercise. Highly recommended, sure this money.

  26. 104

    by Julian

    Very beautiful.

  27. 104

    by Kyle

    Work great

  28. 104

    by Hayden

    Sound good sits in the ear normally

  29. 104

    by Israel

    Everything is good, checked, works through bluetooth, you can talk when calling, the sound is good.

  30. 104

    by Kimberly

    I like everything. Headphones are excellent. Whether pleasant in 16 days. I was waiting for them. The first bluetooth headphones. And i like them. Comfortable.

  31. 104

    by Dominic

    All the rules. Even both headphones work) the volume of the sound is really very weak, so that you understand the volume twice quieter play than the simplest headphones.

  32. 104

    by Tristan

    The headphones are super, the sound is good, even at incomplete volume, the surrounding world is not audible.

  33. 104

    by Linda

    I like everything. Headphones are excellent. Whether pleasant in 16 days. I was waiting for them. The first bluetooth headphones. And i like them. Comfortable. Compact.

  34. 104

    by Carson

    Arrived in great condition, looks very good

  35. 104

    by Jerome A. Warner jr.

    It was really easy to pair with my phone and did it really quickly.

  36. 104

    by Isabelle

    Very good hearphones, nice sound, arrived very quickly and perfectly packed. A very good product sold by a very serious seller. Totally satisfied by this deal.

  37. 104

    by Leanne

    Very good quality and all completely for this price!

  38. 104

    by Kara

    i came quick, looks good, we’ll use it for a couple of days and get back to you.

  39. 104

    by Ayden

    Headphones are good, thank you

  40. 104

    by Jet Wong

    Good sound, but sometimes a headphone signal is lost.

  41. 104

    by Josiah

    Everything is fine!! cool sound! The lungs do not interfere, very comfortable

  42. 104

    by Jessica

    Looks good and performs good when you listen to the music. While calling, sound quality is not so good.

  43. 104

    by Lary

    Excellent product arrived before the seller date. Highly recommended

  44. 104

    by Kerr

    It’s okay. Delivery as promised. I advise!

  45. 104

    by Bryan

    These earbuds are great I use them every day. And they go definitely 5 hours with it. Good sound quality delicious fast connected and they sit nicely.

  46. 104

    by Lindsay

    The headphones are great. Bluetooth works properly and they can play for a few hours. The only bad point is microphone quality.

  47. 104

    by Colton

    Cool. The sound is super. Connected in a second. Delivery two weeks. thanks seller

  48. 104

    by Naphisa

    Arrived well packed. Recommend the seller.

  49. 104

    by Kerrie

    Best quality, professional seller

  50. 104

    by Blake

    Just stunning…be it the sound quality, the bass. it’s truly a true wireless headphone. gives you an awesum feel…jus connect n sit back your music.

  51. 104

    by Cooper

    Excellent quality, fast delivery Seller maladets

  52. 104

    by Caden

    Really very good product!!! Your money is worth it! Very quickly sent, thanks to the seller! I recommend! The sound is good. I will test completely-i will add a review.

  53. 104

    by Laura

    The parcel came within two weeks.

  54. 104

    by Asmae lazaar

    Earphone at personal but delivery long and went

  55. 104

    by Shanon Kessler

    I want stereo airdots, but it has bass and boost only

  56. 104

    by Zoe Grant


  57. 104

    by Mrs. Samah Gouda

    The battery is good and very easy to charge.

  58. 104

    by Kayla Fields

    Call quality is good.

  59. 104

    by The Master Debator

    Nice single earpiece.

  60. 104

    by James Miller

    Would definitely recommend.

  61. 104

    by Sylgui

    Quality like medium, right left is not different, weak sound, but the price is not big because of this 4 stars, and so the norms sit

  62. 104

    by Teresa Holt

    The product is comfortable to wear.

  63. 104

    by Peter Bowers

    The headset is very comfortable

  64. 104

    by W. G. Hudacek

    The noise cancelation is why I got the headset. I am very pleased so far.

  65. 104

    by hjlllu

    Overall, I would probably call this a 4 stars now

  66. 104

    by Priscilla Campas

    Can’t recommend highly enough.

  67. 104

    by Maral Ersan

    It’s pretty comfy and was easy to adjust to my ear.

  68. 104

    by Sammy23

    Comfortable and lightweight.

  69. 104

    by Barbara Sipe

    This fits nice on my ear. I wear glasses and most headpieces I cant stand. This is slim enough to work for me. That alone is a huge plus.

  70. 104

    by Matthew Colello

    Sound is clear

  71. 104

    by Tim Barbee

    Awesome bluetooth earpiece!

  72. 104


    I have purchased several Bluetooth headsets and this one is by far the best!

  73. 104

    by J. Apgar

    Good mic quality

  74. 104

    by Chelby

    The sound is crystal clear and easy too use buttons !

  75. 104

    by R. Stacy

    I bought lots of Bluetooth headsets, Always had problems hearing or people hearing me back so i gave up on finding one that is reasonable price and actually works.. until I saw this one wearing it a neighbore of mine and asked her of her honest opinion and she told me it is great and works perfectly so thought to give it a try and it really does work no complaints here.. i give it 5 stars

  76. 104

    by Mary D Vsnce

    Audio is clear, and people on the other line have commented on the crispness of the sound quality (noise cancellation seems to work pretty well for me).

  77. 104


    I like the design and it pairs quickly with no hassle.

  78. 104

    by hjkyhu

    This headset is very light weight and crystal clear on both ends of the call.

  79. 104

    by Stephen Martocchio

    Easily fit to any ear size

  80. 104

    by Cynthia Rachel

    The headset is very light and most of the time I forget I am wearing it. My only complaint is that after wearing it for a few hours my ear starts to hurt and I have to take a break.

  81. 104

    by Nila R

    This Bluetooth has some seriously awesome sound, very clear and little to no call-drops. The volume level is great too. When talking on the phone, the voice is clear and the music is lossless and crisp as well.

  82. 104

    by Clint porter

    It was worth the amount I paid for it.

  83. 104

    by fun


  84. 104

    by Alexandra Vaughn

    Easy to use right out of the box. I would definitely recommend. Don’t be afraid of the low price as the product is excellent!

  85. 104

    by hjkyu

    I found that the earpiece has some seriously awesome sound – very clear and with little to no drops/cut-outs. It’s got a great volume level, too. I have slight hearing loss and still found the voices on the phone to be easy to understand and the music to be lossless and crisp.

  86. 104

    by fgft

    I both this one as a gift for a friend and he said that they work perfectly good sound and that they’re easy to charge and that they were a really good.

  87. 104

    by NGH

    Over all the product worked well for me.

  88. 104

    by Customer

    I liked this Bluetooth headset when I first saw it.

  89. 104

    by hljl

    Connectivity is awesome

  90. 104

    by Jake Friedman

    My husband is a truck driver and we have tried so many headsets and different products, we found this one and it actually works now when I call him I can hear him clearly now. He loves it

  91. 104

    by Tjj

    We have been very pleased both with the product and with the customer service and highly recommend both the product and the company, based on our positive experience so far.

  92. 104

    by Customer

    What a great device!

  93. 104

    by SWF

    5 stars!

  94. 104

    by hjkyuu

    This headset is amazing.

  95. 104

    by rtyrj

    They’re lightweight

  96. 104

    by rtuu

    The sound quality is good.

  97. 104

    by jtyhj

    The battery life on this is great and I’ve yet to actually run of power before charging.

  98. 104

    by Rowena

    Connectivity has been great. No connectivity issues.

  99. 104

    by Michelle Machado

    The product was shipped quickly and received in good condition.

  100. 104

    by Customer

    The sound quality as well above my expectation

  101. 104

    by Robert J. Sheipe

    I’ve had this product for over a week and it’s been a welcome surprise.

  102. 104

    by Garret Ambrosio


  103. 104

    by A Little Bit of Everything

    This product really lived up to its description

  104. 104

    by dfhfrh

    I would recommend and purchase again

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