Wireless Headphone Bluetooth Earphones Sport Headset Hands free in-ear Earphone with Earhook Headphones for iPhone Xiaomi

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Wireless Headphone Bluetooth Earphones Sport Headset Hands free in-ear Earphone with Earhook Headphones for iPhone Xiaomi


  • Ergonomic in-ear design with ear hook, unique and cool

  • Volume control, volume down/up, next/previous song

  • Built-in rechargeable battery, come with a charging cable

  • Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled cell phone/Tablet/PC/Laptop

  • Support systems: Windows/IOS/Android

  • Hands free while driving/walking/sportin


  • Bluetooth version: V4.1

  • Frequency: 2.4-2.48 GHz

  • Operation distance: up to 10M

  • Charging time: about 2 hours

  • Efficient working time: about 5-6 hours

  • Standby time: up to 180 hours

  • Material: Plastic+ Silicone

  • Compatible for: Universal for Samsung, For iPhone, For LG, For Sony, For Motorola, For Blackberry, For Nokia, Tablet, etc.

  • Wireless Range: Up to 33 feet/10 meters range


  • Long press the power button about 3-5 seconds till you see the indicator light flashes blue and red alternately

  • Set your phone into Bluetooth mode, and search the device named

  • Click to pair with the Bluetooth headset

  • Short press button “+”/”-” to volume up/down and Long press button “+”/”-” to choose next/previous song

Package Content:

  • 1X  Bluetooth Headset( without retail package.)

  • 1X Micro USB Charging Cable

  • 1X Manual

Additional information

Weight N/A

Black, Blue, Green, Red

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97 Reviews For This Product

  1. 97

    by Breezy561

    Very light use, one hour at the gym 3 or 4 days a week.

  2. 97

    by HAWKEYE

    They are extremely comfortable. I can hardly tell they are there while running or being at the gym. Here’s to hoping I don’t have to come back and change the 5 star due to failure in the coming weeks.

  3. 97

    by Fred

    The sound and comfort of these earbuds are worth twice the price. It connected to every unit I tried it on without a hitch. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be a repeat customer. They have won me over by going above and beyond normal customer service. Five ????????? ?? ????

  4. 97

    by ebuyer

    SOUND QUALITY: Considering the price and application, I give it a 5. These are earbuds, folks – I bought them because they’re small, don’t get in the way of what I’m doing.

  5. 97

    by Julian Owens

    When I talk on my phone using this headphone, there is no disruption or interference of any type. I can hear clearly from the caller and caller can hear me with no issues. The voice is so crystal clear. Now, although I don’t listen to my music from my phone using these headphone that much but really the sound bass and treble both are great.

  6. 97

    by JetN

    If you have been looking for a good pair of headphones but don?t want to get screwed on price go for these. You won?t regret the purchase!

  7. 97

    by Mingypants

    The value greatly outweighs the cost as they have proven to be reliable, and most importantly the BATTERY LIFE is on par with higher quality expensive products. I’d say they last around 5-6 hours on a full charge. Using them for phone calls works great, the sound quality is absolutely fine, and people can hear what I’m saying.

  8. 97

    by Dr. Larry

    they work great with no problems

  9. 97

    by GhostWhiz

    The ear pieces are super comfortable. It’s not often a product really makes me change my mind so radically about a particular technology, but this headset REALLY does. Well worth it!

  10. 97


    * They are Louder – They are ALOT light which makes them stay in your ear X10 better. when I had the powerbeats I found myself alwayz pushing them in my ear due to them slightly slipping out upon running and hard head movement. (which also negates the noise cancelling)

  11. 97

    by Foothill Woman

    These headphones are relatively comfortable and have a good volume range.

  12. 97

    by M Ross

    Great headphones for the price. I wear them everyday for at least 2 hours per day including at the gym. They are comfortable and stay in my ear just fine. The volume is loud

  13. 97

    by JA

    Just trust me, buy it.

  14. 97

    by Customer

    The over-the-ear loops are also very soft, almost unnoticeable, and they do not interfere with my glasses.

  15. 97

    by Christopher

    Good seller, product came as described ! Very NICE !!

  16. 97

    by S. Allard

    These are perfectly decent, and an incredible value. I still desire a pair of nice, premium, impeccably designed earbuds to wear all day, but these are perfect for the meantime, and I’d probably keep a pair of these around as a backup even if I decide to try another pair of the expensive kind.

  17. 97

    by Sabina

    I purchased these ear buds because I wanted something that was inexpensive that I could use while working at my desk. I did not have high criteria since these would be used mainly while I am at my desk at work. Turns out these headphones are so much more awesome then I expected. I really like the string that attaches them, because I am able to remove them and leave them hanging around my neck while I walk about the office, and other people speak to me.

  18. 97

    by Matthew Bledsoe

    Amazing noise isolation. I tested it while listening to loud music. I took them out to see if they leak any noise, and they didn’t. Great noise cancelling. It’s not the best, but it’s up there. It’s great for how much it’s worth. Awesome sound quality. The sound is clear, even when the volume is high.

  19. 97

    by CraftyReader

    Needed a portable set of bluetooth earbuds for work, and saw these. Figured for the price, they would be just ok. I was pleasantly surprised at how fantastic they are – they paired perfectly with my cell phone, tablet and laptop. Sound is really good and the carry case makes it easy to just pop into my laptop case or purse. Battery lasts quite a while and easy enough to charge up. I’m not always a big fan of earbuds because they never seem to fit right, but these things fit like they were made for me. They don’t fall out while walking, or even head shaking. I’ve used them with my cell phone to make calls and the microphone and speakers are crystal clear. This is a great value for the price, and you won’t be disappointed in the quality of the earbuds.

  20. 97

    by Wayne Kessler

    I’ve only had these this Bluetooth headphones for a few weeks but so far they are performing well. On the plus side- pairing works well, battery life is decent, about 8 hours. Sound, comfort and build is good, the strap is thicker than most, the thickness of a rubber band, the product seems well made, and has a nice case.

  21. 97

    by Kaci Ferrell

    They sound great

  22. 97

    by JA

    These earbuds are some of the best I?ve owned, and factoring in the price makes them a legendary buy. If you?re on the edge, buy them. Just trust me, you won?t regret it.

  23. 97

    by NY Watch

    I work outside, year round. I work with lawn equipment, various power equipment, and in environments where ear protection is recommended. For some reason my phone has to be in absolute direct line of sight for these to work all the time. I have a cheaper pair from another manufacturer that will work anywhere up to about 20 feet away. My work shirts have a pocket on the left side of my chest and quite frequently the sound will cut in and out. I love the way these feel, the noise cancellation from work is amazing. And when it’s working, the sound is superb.

  24. 97

    by ricardo ramirez

    Finally got to use headphones after having them about 2 months. Good low bass. Fit is good.

  25. 97

    by R. Harrington

    The bass is so kickin’ on these headphones. I am a bass head, so this is great for me. I can see why some say it’s unbalanced, but I don’t mind because I love bass so much. Love these headphones, so much bass for so little headphones. Best I’ve ever had.

  26. 97

    by HapCabbage

    Great product, came quickly, very carefully packed. infinitely pleased! Thank you seller

  27. 97

    by Jasper Poppele

    Good quality, fast delivery. Thank the seller for products

  28. 97

    by Savage

    I purchased these to replace a similar set, manufactured by another company, that developed a short and quit working out of the left ear. I’ve had these now for about 3 months and they are still going strong, despite almost daily sessions at the gym and being transported wadded up in my pocket. The sound is pretty good, pairing was easy, and I’ve not had any issues or failures. Lasts for several hours over several sessions and holds it’s charge well. I’ve gone several days use without charging and never had it die out on me. I like these headphones, although the flat cable tends to twist up and never seems to lay down naturally when I stick the wire behind my neck. All in all, a good purchase for a good price.

  29. 97

    by Kathleen S

    I use these when I work out. They stay in place, the sound seems very good to me although I have no other sports headphones to compare them to. I like the hooks over the ears and they are very unobtrusive.

  30. 97

    by M. F. Smith

    The headphones work well, and the sound is fine (I’m mostly listening to podcasts so music fanatics might not find the quality up to their standards). The pairing is simple and has a good range and rarely needs re-pairing, making it easy to turn it on and off and each day and have it ‘just work.’ As a wireless phone headset, it works great. I have big ears, so this fits well on me

  31. 97

    by Cynthia

    Does not work underwater, I bought these to use for when I swim laps at the pool, but as soon as water TOUCHES them they go silent but these still great!

  32. 97

    by tbyg

    These headphones work ok, they have decent noise cancelling

  33. 97

    by Don Edmundson

    I am writing this review over a month and they are still performing perfectly. The battery is still able to take a full charge (and it lasts a long time). I listen mostly to audio books with them and even when I listen to music, I am not what one would call and audiophile, so I won’t claim to know or care about all of the audio richness etc. – but they sound good to me.

  34. 97

    by Benancio

    I’ve only used these twice, once around the house and once for a workout. I can’t comment on the battery life yet, but overall I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are and how they stay put in my ears. They stay put really well even while jogging

  35. 97

    by Mark One

    48 hours since receiving these headphones and I have been really happy with the fit alone. I go on long walks and hikes and listen to primarily podcasts and audiobooks. The fit on these are SPECTACULAR. Just with the default ear plugs, these stay in my ear. Pairing was easy

  36. 97

    by Randall

    For the price, these are well worth it. Whether you are jogging in the rain or relaxing laying down enjoying a movie.

  37. 97

    by Mike

    item is fully consistent with the description. looks cool

  38. 97

    by T. Aldridge

    One of the best pair of headphones I ever purchased, and I have purchased a lot. The price is extremely convenient and the sound you get is amazing. The best feature of these headphones for me is the fit.

  39. 97

    by Ryan R.

    I’ve started running recently and was looking for a reliable pair of sweat proof bluetooth headphones. These are the highest rated in a lower price range with the most reviews

  40. 97

    by Fabian Moreno

    Very nice! Very well done item. It looks just like on the pictures.

  41. 97

    by Elzey

    They sound pretty good .

  42. 97

    by Josh Markey

    The ear hooks work great and hold the headphones firmly in place even when I pick up the pace or run elevation. I don’t have to constantly adjust them during my run and don’t worry that they’ll fall out.

  43. 97

    by Will

    The sound quality is great and they stay in my ears very well, even when I’m eating or laying down.

  44. 97

    by Al_Kydah

    My son wanted a Headphone for his games and I gave him this headphone. He said the sound quality is great, clean and rich sound. I think the build quality is acceptable for this price of headphone and my son said they are adjustable enough to find perfect comfort position for hours of gaming.

  45. 97

    by Kelly S.

    They sound amazing, paired with my phone super easily and are very comfortable to wear!! The case that is included is great and well made, fitting easily into gym bags and purses. They also look pretty darn cool!!

  46. 97

    by Colby Pepper

    It’s only the first day using them, and I will update if I have any problems or issues, but as of now, I am SO SATISFIED with them!

  47. 97

    by SCRich

    Great so far no issues in durability or battery life. Have owned it for a month now. Everything seems perfect so far. I wear my headset all day long for work, no complaints of audio quality on my cell phone.

  48. 97

    by Justin A.

    I would suggest these to anyone looking for an inexpensive headphone, they work wonderfully.

  49. 97

    by would like to comment

    Great headphones for the price. Sound great and fit great. Blue LED light lets you know when they are charged. Holding down the on button let?s you know when the headphones are connected or turning off. The headphones also give you an automated warning when the battery is low. I would definitely purchase these again.

  50. 97

    by James D.

    If you are on a budget and don’t care about name brand and want some really good Bluetooth headphones these are for you!!! Would Purchase again if needed.

  51. 97

    by Allen S

    Great headphones for those who have small ears/ear canals!

  52. 97

    by Jessica Black

    No complaints, good deal for price!

  53. 97

    by Wandrwoman

    Super headphones! Tortured with conventional wires, decided to buy this miracle. , the track was cured. Turned on easily: put both headphones in the charging box, then pulled out and turned on bluetooth on the iphone, immediately earned. The sound is good! Thank you seller! 10 stars!!!

  54. 97

    by XandieGold

    Works fine. Sound average. The charge lasts for an hour and a half.

  55. 97

    by Elizabet

    It came for 2 weeks, very quickly. good branded packaging. i recommend the seller!

  56. 97

    by PJHBerry

    Headsets checked, work, the product corresponds to the description. Purchase is very satisfied! I recommend the producer!

  57. 97

    by Lindsey T.

    Sound well, connect both, box-charger. Instructions are attached.

  58. 97

    by Chris

    I liked it, work well, meters for 10 catches from the phone, the normal quality of plastic rubber bands, charging boxes, i advise, with the seller did not communicate

  59. 97

    by Janie Sons

    Very happy with these auriculars. The sound is really good, they’re comfortable. They come in a case to store them and in turn reload them, in addition with a battery apart from the headset’s own to recharge without the necessities of plugging them into the electrical grid. They pair very easily, i tried it with my mobile and with a blutooth dongle on windows 10 on am, bos cases very easy. Once configured you only need to get them out of the case and automatically you already have the sound there. Very happy with these.

  60. 97

    by Adee

    Good headset. Enough charge for a long time. Neat, durable. Communication resistant up to 10 m accurately. Sound quality is average.

  61. 97

    by Lin

    So I filed for a return against the Chinese vendor (which, to their credit, they made pretty easy, didn’t even have to ship it back and got a quick refund) then ordered the same unit as sold by Amazon. It arrived quickly with all that you’d expect: 3 ear tips in small, medium and large; after charging and turning it on, I received easy to follow, guided setup instructions directly through the headset; there were useful printed instructions included as well; and before I expected it, I was connected and in operation. Really pretty easy.

  62. 97

    by CharO

    As always. Awesome. The seller is very sociable and attentive. I will order from him more. Thank you very much!!!

  63. 97

    by Emily

    Come on time. Correspond to the description. Very easy to use. The sound for this money is not bad.

  64. 97

    by SH&LL

    Good headset. Enough charge for a long time. Neat, durable.

  65. 97

    by micki j.

    Amazing. They left me fascinated.

  66. 97

    by SaritaGT

    Overall very happy with these earbuds. No connection issues, they charge fast as does the case for them. I can’t comment on how long the earbuds last as I only use them in short bursts and then put them back, but the sound quality is alright and they are comfortable to wear. Warm recommendation.

  67. 97

    by Aryals

    Its great just like in picture. Its hear perfect and it looks great

  68. 97

    by Tampa mom

    The seller is excellent, the goods came very quickly, packed everything was good The product fully corresponds to the description, for its price headphones are excellent I recommend

  69. 97

    by Mila

    so, I have long been in search of a very usable budget (sub $50) bluetooth headset, that is comfortable, and has good incoming and outgoing quality. I have used the jabra wave, plantronics M50, and multiple cheaper options not worth mentioning. I had come to a truce with the plantronics M50 as the best I would get in the budget range, and was using it regularly, when I lost it; decided to upgrade to this model.

  70. 97

    by DJD of Mesa

    Come quickly. The default sound: the middle and the top are excellent, the bottoms are good, but the equalizer bottoms are straightened and everything is all fine. Wife is happy! I recommend!

  71. 97

    by G.D.

    Works perfectly came the whole. Prodovtsa recommend

  72. 97

    by Joey G

    I bought this for my Fianc?e and he loves it. The only problem I have is that the device picks up all a lot of background sounds and conversations. I don?t know if this can be adjusted. I can hear him clearly but the background noise tends to be distracting sometimes.

  73. 97

    by Puppyhead5150

    Everything works properly, packed well.

  74. 97

    by Nancy Townsend

    For the price is very good quality i recommend

  75. 97

    by Deb

    Great quality for the price Design is good and sound quality is impressive for such a low price only problem is that the stem is a bit thicker than normal. seller was good and shipping was extremely fast definitely recommend

  76. 97

    by CharO

    Very good sound. It syncs very well. It took 11 days

  77. 97

    by Megan Fanelli

    Perfect all around EXCEPT the little round speaker that goes in ear. I changed it to the smallest silicone cover and it?s still uncomfortable. Otherwise I love this piece!

  78. 97

    by Lenna Cheang

    arrived in perfect condition, everything working… not that loud, but easy to use and extremely comfortable…

  79. 97

    by Mary

    Came in for two months. Works great. I recommend.

  80. 97

    by Josh

    Not much to say on this thing, it pairs pretty fast with my iPhone 8+, stays charged well i think, but I also don’t do much phone talking, just use it for while in the car. My main issue with it is that in some – maybe 1/3 of the calls, on the lowest volume it is way to loud for my ear. I think I’m a little more sensitive to loud noises close up

  81. 97

    by CatGirl06

    Fast delivery. Trusted Seller. Item working condition.

  82. 97


    Came very quickly himself surprised. The sound clearly works

  83. 97

    by Cherish O.

    These are the best headphones for this price. Very high quality, the sound for this price is just class. Many thanks to the seller and for his discounts, Delivery is fast, in general i advise!

  84. 97

    by Alyssa Zingaro

    Very good thanks the goods came to the city of petropovsk for 17 days

  85. 97

    by Olivia Windstar

    I really liked the headphones put 5 stars!

  86. 97

    by BIANCA

    Cool but I’m not sure how long it will work

  87. 97

    by Tim Maurer

    The earphone is even very nothing, for the price corresponds. i did not regret that i bought it.

  88. 97

    by Teresa M. McGonagle

    the item was actually like pic it came in nice package and also shipped faster then expected sounds really good

  89. 97

    by julia wallace

    I am very very satisfied with the product thank you

  90. 97

    by HouTexas

    Simple to use

  91. 97

    by Lemur

    Exact product description, well heard, battery life is not known, since it hasn’t been used much.

  92. 97

    by S. Foster

    Product delivered was as per description. Very fast delivery. Awesome product, fits nicely in the ears. Excellent sound quality. Would recommend this product.

  93. 97

    by Katie Lynch

    Headphones just space! Sound super! Thank the seller for the quality goods! China does not cease to please!

  94. 97

    by Megan Brian

    Full set, headphones work. Worthy goods for such a price.

  95. 97

    by Jessica R

    Externally it does not look bad. In the ear is not convenient. Communication g. vno, constantly stuttering. I can’t hear them on it. I don’t advise.

  96. 97

    by miamommy

    I love the design for the moment i’m charging them and they will test after the sound and the sync with the mobile.

  97. 97

    by Discovery

    headphones connected by bluetooth with mobile phone. They arrive super fast. Very cheap.

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Wireless Headphone Bluetooth Earphones Sport Headset Hands free in-ear Earphone with Earhook Headphones for iPhone Xiaomi

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