Neck hanging Bluetooth headset wireless G03 ultra long standby game E-sports in ear subwoofer

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Basic parameters
1. Model: G03
2. Bluetooth version: v5.0
3. Material: ABS + pcabs + electroplating + food silicone ear cap
4. Effective straight-line distance: more than 10m
5. Horn: copper ring 8mm
6. Battery: headset 55mah, charging compartment 300am
7. Playback time: 4-5h
8. Standby time: 108h
9. Full charge time: about 1 hour

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Black, Blue

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103 Reviews For This Product

  1. 103

    by E4534

    Very good.Definitely buy this again.

  2. 103

    by Reader

    I LOVE ❤️ IT!!!!! Sound Volume (biggest pet peeve of mine, can’t hear someone), is excellent, sound quality is excellent, battery life is excellent.

  3. 103

    by June

    Great product! Earphones fit nice in the ear, very comfortable, sound is good, clear, I could walk around the house, connection fine.

  4. 103

    by Susanna

    Everything is fine. The sound is good. Delivery is fast. Thank you to the seller.

  5. 103

    by Vicky

    The headphones are excellent, the sound is good, the magnets hold well, when connecting the headphones to the phone there were no problems.

  6. 103

    by Tracy

    Headphones are good, came quickly, did not even expect

  7. 103

    by Poppy

    Beautiful top!!! Very high quality. Love the little token that comes with it. It is very worth to buy this item.

  8. 103

    by Anna

    It came in a week. Super fast! Thank you!

  9. 103

    by Belinda

    Headphones are very good, play clearly, delivery is 18 days

  10. 103

    by Monica

    It came for 2 weeks, very quickly. good branded packaging. i recommend the seller!

  11. 103

    by Madeline

    The product is beautiful and good quality. Youtube has little or no sound shifting. But the sound is clean and satisfactory cargo came to me in 18 days. I recommend.

  12. 103

    by Meredith

    Adorable! fast delivery, good quality

  13. 103

    by Penny

    Just perfect, nice full sound, case and headset feel solid!

  14. 103

    by Sabrina

    These earbuds can hold there own against the competition. The sound is incredible, great deep rich bass, perfect mids and highs. Money well spent. Very very satisfied with my purchase.

  15. 103

    by Tina

    Fast shipping and delivery. Light, good quality and good sound. Good price. Thank You.

  16. 103

    by Mag

    Works well, no problem with connection, suprisingly good sound considering the price. Fast shipping. Absolutely recommended seller. Thanks

  17. 103

    by Novia

    I didn’t expect this shipment to be so quick; very pleasant surprise! Tks again!

  18. 103

    by Marcia

    Delivered the order for 2 weeks. Track tracked. Packed headphones well, nothing damaged. Headphones were in original brand

  19. 103

    by Sherry

    The product corresponds to the description. Everything works. Quickly connected. It’s simple. I advise you to buy.

  20. 103

    by Megan

    For their price worthy!!!

  21. 103

    by Melissa

    It works properly, pairs quickly and is reasonably well heard. Battery life not tested.

  22. 103

    by Lindsay

    Quality headphones. Very comfortable. By durability, time will show. Arrived in rostov-on-don for 2 weeks. Seller respect.

  23. 103

    by Hulda

    Think more sound nicer. Thank you very much

  24. 103

    by Sally

    Very good sound. It syncs very well. It took 11 days

  25. 103

    by Victoria

    A fantastic price for what you offer.

  26. 103

    by Maud

    Fast shipping Seller sociable Quality is excellent During the call, talk comfortably Sound quality average Bass and music quality is solved by equalizer settings

  27. 103

    by Morgan

    Excellent headphones. Good enough sound and volume. In the ears stick well. Comes in a box. Spare pads 2 sets

  28. 103

    by Wright

    Very nice product, my wife is very happy. Thank you so much!

  29. 103

    by TheKMZ1

    While everything works, small problems with sound, when the communication is lost and the volume rises sharply again

  30. 103

    by Kay

    The goods came quickly, well packed, still checked how it works

  31. 103

    by Cecilia

    Very fast shipping. From the moment of order 12 days!. Everything works.

  32. 103

    by Nina

    Received in the mail, everything is fine, the box is not even Wrinkled. Everything works, was charged to 100% seller recommend. I will order now for my wife. The sound is good, i’m very pleased.

  33. 103

    by April

    5 stars!

  34. 103

    by Wilson

    Everything is just super, compact, sound good, bluetooth keeps the connection perfectly, the functionality of the buttons covers all the needs. I’m very pleased! Many thanks to the seller!

  35. 103

    by Simona

    Come quickly everything works! Very satisfied!

  36. 103

    by Joshua W

    The goods went from a month. Quality is normal, only when folded, one element is tight. Sound quality is good. Comfortable. I recommend

  37. 103

    by Caroline

    Excellent headphones, loud, everything works. The seller sent the goods quickly,, well, thank god came. The goods are satisfied, the seller sociable to the questions answered. I recommend both the product and the seller.

  38. 103

    by Lesley

    seller is communicative, fast delivery… I recommend as far as my experience

  39. 103

    by Beryl

    They touched me on freebies, and the truth is, i didn’t expect them to be that good. I just opened them and used them and they’re great, the music is heard with very good quality, and they’re worth it. I love them, i ‘ve tried calls too and it’s going great too. The only negative thing is that it seems to only last 4 hours of music, not bad but i wish it would last longer in terms of the battery. Otherwise great, i’ll tell you.

  40. 103

    by Phyllis

    I ordered two pairs. Went to the states in 2 weeks. Easily connected to the iphone, the sound is good.

  41. 103

    by Oscar Marmo

    Package was well parceled. Everything is working perfect and am enjoying it

  42. 103

    by Samantha

    The product is beautiful and good quality. Youtube has little or no sound shifting. But the sound is clean and satisfactory cargo came to me in 18 days. I recommend.

  43. 103

    by cathy

    A great product Super box even great thanks for everything came a little late but it was worth it

  44. 103

    by Lena

    Very nice product, my wife is very happy. Thank you so much!

  45. 103

    by Ruby

    Everything works) delivery three weeks) i recommend!

  46. 103

    by Vita

    Ah been one of my best shopping sounds of the best. Comparing quality and price is very good item

  47. 103

    by IcAnDoDaT

    Comfortable, good sound. Specially not tested, but in any case the battery keeps well.

  48. 103

    by Naomi

    Gorgeous headphones. The sound is very good. I use one day for a while, but I am very pleased. The seller sent very quickly. Packed well. Thank you very much.

  49. 103

    by Rosalind

    Thank you very much! Headphones liked!

  50. 103

    by Murray

    Excellent, tried it out immediately. It was easy to use, good sound quality.

  51. 103

    by Georgia

    Thank you for the excellent goods. The seller put in the set a leather case. For design the highest score. For sound average score, for convenience in the auricle the highest ball. 5 stars uniquely 🙂

  52. 103

    by viktoriya

    A great product Super box even great thanks for everything came a little late but it was worth it

  53. 103

    by Leila

    Size of buds is smaller than I thought. Volume and base is good enough for the price.

  54. 103

    by Ophelia

    Excellent product, very good workmanship, very fast delivery, good seller. I recommend.

  55. 103

    by Candance

    It’s okay. Shipping 18 days. But on the way the parcel did not crumble. But everything works.

  56. 103

    by Shirley

    Excellent headphones! I order a second time, the first took as a gift, i wanted myself the same!

  57. 103

    by Emily

    Headphones came pretty quickly, came immediately charged, the sound is quite good, the seller many thanks

  58. 103

    by IcAnDoDaT

    In general, the appearance and efficiency of me completely suits. A good thing, a good battery, though the distance from the phone is small, but the connection to the phone is instant.

  59. 103

    by HRNZ001

    Item was good. Sound quality was good. It also arrived in Ghana very fast and everything works perfect. I recommend

  60. 103

    by Customer

    I got this Bluetooth based on others’ reviews (thank you!), and value. I have been using them with my laptop on conference calls and with my iPhone, talking and listening to music. I live on a fairly busy street and hear all kinds of traffic noise (sirens, loud motorcycles, loud car exhausts, racing on the street, etc.). At times when I’m on the phone and very loud traffic noise was occurring and no one mentioned they could hear it; someone thought it was music in the background.
    I have not tested the battery endurance, but when I have used them, its been a few hours at a time, charges quickly.
    I would recommend this Bluetooth devise for the quality and value.

  61. 103

    by writergal

    The headset is light and comfortable.

  62. 103

    by Customer

    Very clear — have no trouble hearing conversations

  63. 103

    by Qureshi

    I would recommend this bluetooth to a friend.

  64. 103

    by Customer

    I found that the earpiece has some seriously awesome sound – very clear and with little to no drops/cut-outs. It’s got a great volume level, too. I have slight hearing loss and still found the voices on the phone to be easy to understand and the music to be lossless and crisp.

  65. 103

    by TiGYTF

    I would have no hesitation in recommending this very sleek and comfy to wear earpiece.

  66. 103

    by aj4mq

    This one is perfect for that. The best I’ve had to date.

  67. 103

    by WERT

    This is the best Bluetooth head set I ever owned.

  68. 103

    by KLH

    Good sound quality in both directions and reliable connection.

  69. 103

    by Ginger

    This unit is amazing. The call/sound clarity for the other person and yourself are fantastic. The battery is amazing. Even the bluetooth distance exceeds ANY OTHER earbud headset unit I have.

  70. 103

    by Valerie

    The shipping was fast and came packaged very well.

  71. 103

    by Siobhan R

    While it falls short of perfection, this is a very good headset for its price point and I’d definitely recommend it.

  72. 103

    by VB

    I’ve had people tell me that they can hear me better when I am using the Bluetooth. The sound is clearer, and more crisp for both of us.

  73. 103

    by Val

    This is the most comfortable headset I’ve ever used. It’s easy to forget that it’s in your ear. The headset is supported by the ear hook and earbud. It’s incredibly comfortable and doesn’t fall out of my ear like other headsets have.

  74. 103

    by DrJohnsonCom

    Sound has a little hiss but is good, not been in a really noisy environment yet to fully test noise cancellation, battery still at 100% after 4 hours with moderate use.

  75. 103

    by Caregiver

    Sound quality is clear, battery life is good, really can’t think of anything negative.

  76. 103

    by BONNEY

    I love it so much I ordered another one for my daughter.

  77. 103

    by Linker

    Great battery life. On calls a few hours a day and doesn’t seem to take long to recharge at night.

  78. 103

    by Berta

    This little bluetooth headset was a great purchase.

  79. 103

    by Richard Queen

    It is loud! Easily the loudest bluetooth headset I have ever owned.

  80. 103

    by SDWC

    This is an excellent blue tooth headset.

  81. 103

    by Brian T. Whitaker

    Very comfortable feel

  82. 103

    by q59230

    The battery life is excellent! I usually can’t run it down in a single day of normal use (just making calls, and using my phone hands-free).

  83. 103

    by Pamela R. Lamb

    This must be the best earpiece that I have ever used.

  84. 103

    by fghrt

    The quality was amazing and I could hear loud and clear.

  85. 103

    by GHYUYN

    The unit fit easily over my ear, was easy to connect to my phone (standard Bluetooth pairing operation) and the reception and transmission was very clear.

  86. 103

    by The Dog ZooTop

    This is one of the best Bluetooth headsets that I have ever used!

  87. 103

    by TiDFGSZ


  88. 103

    by TiHGK

    Battery life is incredible. The battery can easily last a whole day.

  89. 103

    by RTYFH

    The Bluetooth is very good.

  90. 103

    by RTFG

    Sound is not just acceptable but is good enough for me. Every day I find that these are more suitable for me. Very comfortable to my big ears 🙂

  91. 103

    by dthrv

    Great headset. Im very happy.

  92. 103

    by ZSC

    I like its stylish and sporty look. I wasn’t sure what to expect with its quality but the technology makes pairing very fast.

  93. 103

    by FTGYHRN

    I’m really happy with this purchase, end to end.

  94. 103

    by YUIYK

    I am glad that this was the first bluetooth headset I ever bought because of the ease of use it gives me, the design is a great one, and the price is more than fair for all you get (which includes a carrying case, extra fitted silicone earpiece protectors, a short charging cord, instructions, and the unit, itself). If I am ever in the market for another similar item, I have no need to look elsewhere! This is the one!

  95. 103

    by RETERT

    I keep this one, it is the best headset so far I ever had.

  96. 103

    by TRT

    I work from home a lot, so I needed a great Bluetooth that had great sound quality, great range and comfortable. This wonderful device had all I required. It is extremely comfortable and often forget that I have it on me.

  97. 103

    by bonzai

    Would recommend it.

  98. 103

    by Customer

    Value: Unbeatable. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  99. 103

    by Lamont W

    I’m happy with he product and the price point; I would highly recommend.

  100. 103

    by Terran

    It was super easy to set up and connect

  101. 103

    by J. Martinez

    Wireless earpieces are essential to me. With 4 kids, I do a lot of cleaning, cooking and chauffering so I want to be able to talk on the phone handsfree while doing all sorts of things. The last earpiece I bought a few months ago was from this same company and it works so well (so much better than my previous Plantronics one) that I decided another one was needed to just keep in the car all the time. The sound quality is so impressive considering I’m in a car with so much ambient noise. No one realizes I’m using an earpiece. This particular one is a little more expensive than the one I bought a couple months ago but it truly is so sturdy yet comfortable. I have extremely sensitive ears but with these, I don’t even remember I have them on! My ears don’t itch or ache…in all honesty the other ones I recently bought are really comfortable too…I can’t really say which ones I prefer, they’re both really well made! If you’re in need of wireless earpiece don’t hesitate to get these!

  102. 103

    by Baggeric

    The sound is fantastic

  103. 103

    by Elliott

    This is a great headset, and you won’t be disappointed by it.

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Neck hanging Bluetooth headset wireless G03 ultra long standby game E-sports in ear subwoofer

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