YCH-03 CVC6.0 wireless headphones bluetooth 4.1 earphone for phone sport earpiece noise canceling cordless headphones earpods

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  • Brand Name:abay
  • Plug Type:Wireless
  • Function:For Mobile Phone,for Video Game,Monitor Headphone,For iPod,Sport,Common Headphone
  • Wireless Type:Bluetooth
  • Waterproof:No
  • Style:Neckband
  • Active Noise-Cancellation:Yes
  • Support Memory Card:No
  • Sensitivity:105±5dB
  • Is wireless:Yes
  • Support APP:Yes
  • With Microphone:Yes
  • Resistance:32Ω
  • Connectors:USB
  • Line Length:0.6m
  • Volume Control:Yes
  • Frequency Response Range:20-20000Hz
  • Support Apt-x:Yes
  • Model Number:ABAY YCH-03
  • Communication:Wireless+Wired
  • Vocalism Principle:Dynamic
  • Control Button:Yes
  • Function1: :Up/Down, Temporary/Play/Phone
  • Features2: :phone/mp3/mp4/pc/radios Bluetooth earphone
  • Noise reduction: :CVC6.0
  • Transmission distance: :10m
  • Working hours::5 hours
  • Charging time::2 hours
  • Standby time: :180 housrs
  • Battery::100mAh rechargeable lithium battery

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Black, Blue, Green, Red

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46 Reviews For This Product

  1. 46

    by Potts

    Sounds is great, easy to connect, easy to charge, and overall, very good product. My problem is I am having a hard time with finding the right combination of ear pieces to keep them in-place while running or working out. This is what I afraid would happen, and I might purchase a different pair with an over the ear clasp. Other than that, they are good and they should last a long time.

  2. 46

    by Herring

    Bought then for my bf and he loves them. However, they’re really short so you cant just hang them loose around your neck. You have to have them attached to each other – with the magnet in the back of the buds. Other than that, they’re ok.

  3. 46

    by Vaughan

    Work really well. Fit comfortably in your ears, with different size ear buds. Really like that you can see how much battery is left (if you have an iPhone) when they are on. They also tell you when they are connected to a bluetooth device.

  4. 46

    by Gonzalez

    I’ve only been using these a few weeks but so far so good. Easy to pair and good sound. I have noticed a bit of lag when I connect to watch video on my Kindle Fire, but I’m not sure which device is responsible, or if it’s just our internet connection.

  5. 46

    by Leon

    Charge lasts my work day and I bought two so I can switch them out. The quality is about the same as the stock i-phone earbuds, at a price that is not much more than the awful things you get at the convenience store.

  6. 46

    by Warner

    I’ve purchased these multiple times now (first pair ended up in the washer, second was left out of town in a hotel room) and have not been disappointed. Charging is quick and easy. They’ve held up through multiple running races and weight lifting sessions at the gym. I am happier with these than I was purchasing a much more expensive brand.

  7. 46

    by Peck

    Absolutely amazing headphones. The sound quality is great. The bass is noticeably present and appropriate. They fit very snugly into my ear canal and won’t fall out at the gym. They are lightweight, but made of high quality materials. There are extra ear buds for better fit. I’m really happy that I?ve got them. I’m already recommending these to everyone I know, and I’m getting similar responses back.

  8. 46

    by Harper

    I really like them they sound awesome I just wish the battery lasted longer. I use them at work I do a 10-hour shift Monday through Friday they maybe last around 5 hours on low volume the charger cord is really short too

  9. 46

    by Lara

    I have been using these for about a month. The sound quality is good and they keep a charge for awhile, but the wires are starting to show at one part. I have worn these to work out in, so they may be better for less movement activities.

  10. 46

    by Odom

    These are great BT headphones. Great little case, good sound, multiple earpieces in different sizes and types. Those two little loops help them stay in your ears, too, which is awesome. Also comes with USB charger, and runs up to 10 hours on one charge. Go ahead and get some!

  11. 46

    by Hicks

    Great deal, works great and the kid enjoys his music without having to share with anybody else!

  12. 46

    by Byrd

    The headphones look good, and convinent to use. I buy it for my husband as a birthday gift. He really likes it, he always uses it when running. Great product!

  13. 46

    by Manning

    The sound is very good?There are three different sizes eartips to choose. I like it.I recommend !

  14. 46

    by Shaw

    Perfect, I just use them in the front because sometimes the speaker does not have that much range I guess

  15. 46

    by Dickerson

    I have had others that end up with glitches. These have been great!

  16. 46

    by House

    For its price it’s a pretty good wireless headphones. For music, depending of the earpiece used, the quality is good. Bass and tones are pretty much level. Call quality is clear and reception, without any strong wind is received well. Battery life is really good, definitely was able to get more than 4 hours of heavy to moderate use. Build quality is also good defined worth its price

  17. 46

    by King

    I use these earbuds for listening to podcasts, youtube videos and audio books. I find them very comfortable, having optional buds sizes is a big plus. Their battery life is great. These earbuds meet all my needs, just what I expected.

  18. 46

    by Phillips

    I got these headphones to have while working out. The sound quality is decent and they fit ok (for the most part). However having an inner cartilage piercing, one of the earbuds falls out easily and can be painful if I try and put it back in more securely. Also, there is a major issue when trying to watch a video or movie since the audio and visual don?t synch up correctly. Overall, for the price they aren?t bad but I?m sure there are others that are better

  19. 46

    by Dorsey

    The headphones worked wonderfully and had amazing quality. After about 4 months they just stopped working, they will not charge and will not turn on. I never dropped them or threw them around, so I don’t understand why they stopped working. Other than that they’re very nice.

  20. 46

    by Porter

    I?m very pleased with the fit and sound quality. I didn?t like ear buds, but these ones made an exception. The ear buds are comfortable and the silicone tips seal out unwanted noise. As far as sound quality goes, for the price I’m more than pleased. The range is pretty impressive too!

  21. 46

    by Hart

    Love these! Have been using for a few weeks now. I listen to podcasts all day while at work. Love being able to step over to the printer or the kitchen for tea and I don’t have to take off my headphones. The sound is clear and the ear buds are really solid and durable. The last set I had fell apart in just a few months of use. I do have to charge them daily but considering I use them all day, it’s not surprising and within the specifications given by the manufacturer. May buy a second pair, one for work and one for home.

  22. 46

    by Duran

    I always want to get some Bluetooth headset which does not fall off from my neck. This is exactly what I need, with a protective case so the headset does not get damaged in my pocket(most of my previous headsets broke in my pocket) so that is a bonus. Also the sound quality is decent for my need. All at a reasonable price.

  23. 46

    by Maynard

    These are nice headphones, the sound is good and clear. Magnets on the earbuds make it easy to store without tangling. Comes with a handy little storage case, where you can put the extra ear attachments. Microphone is close to the mouth for telephone calls. All around useful and handy earbuds, pairing through Bluetooth is straightforward.

  24. 46

    by Kennedy

    These earbuds are great! My only wish is that I could lower the volume one more degree – in my office, it is still pretty loud on the lowest volume setting. Otherwise, they are comfortable, have a good sound, and easy to use. Great earbuds!

  25. 46

    by Roman

    These are great and for a good price. Using them all the time. Long battery and a sweet voice to tell you things. A bit heavier than I would like but I am not getting any others for now. Clear and deep sounds. Recommend them to others I have seen.

  26. 46

    by Marks

    These are great value for the price. It was very easy to pair with my phone and I have not experienced any issues connecting. Battery life is pretty good. I have used for 6+ hours and they were still working. Good fitment since they enclose several earbud sizes that you can swap. Sound quality is okay but doesn’t standout. Moderate distortion at high volumes. Limited bass. However it is acceptable for outdoor/workout use.

  27. 46

    by Burke

    I’ve been using these earbuds while running and walking for about 9 months. They worked great until about a month ago, and now the volume in the left ear is very low, while the right ear is fine.

  28. 46

    by Rhodes

    woks great in all conditions. phone calls work well beyond expectation. love this for workouts. always reliable.

  29. 46

    by Jacobs

    The headset is really good, bass boring, treble bright, clear voice, is a good value for money good headphones praised, this headset, than I used to buy a lot better, beautiful, the atmosphere, Good sound quality, endurance, recommended, very nice, sound quality is also good, listening to music is very comfortable, cost-effective, it is recommended to buy!

  30. 46

    by Stokes

    Works great. Only complaint is when the battery is low it says ‘Please charging’. Proper English is ‘Please charge’.

  31. 46

    by Ballard

    Easy to connect and automatically turned off after about an hour of inactivity. Long range with great sound for movies. This is the 3rd one I?m purchasing for my friend. Definitely not for hi fidelity music listener but it?s okay for just so so music. Made with metal durable metal housing plus 2 magmatics on each side to secure it. I recommend this product.

  32. 46

    by Ware

    I love these! There is a nice red case that you can put the headphones in and take them to go. I love That they are protected in your purse when not in use.

  33. 46

    by Lang

    I’ve been using these everyday at work for the past 4.5 monts. The sound is comparable to other earbuds in the same price range. The battery would usually last the work day with almost constant use but has slowly been degrading the last few weeks.

  34. 46

    by Jones

    I like the headphones except for one flaw. It isn’t balanced when doing some form of activity such as a cardio workout. It pulls to the side that the controller is attached to the wire, thus pulling on the other earpiece. I have to adjust it every few minutes to keep it balanced.

  35. 46

    by Robinson

    I been using this Bluetooth headphone for a while now and its great. The sound quality is very good. I mostly us it when I go to the gym and it works very well. The ear bug fit in my ear very comfortable.

  36. 46

    by Dawson

    I’ve tried a couple Bluetooth Headphones like this one, and this is by far my favorite. Became my daily driver whenever I left the house. Better sound quality than other headphones, easy to connect, easy to control, and the voice doesn’t sound demonic like some other Bluetooth headphones. However, the driver part started popping off of the casing on one earbud, held on by two little wires. I eventually super-glued it back together and solved the problem. However, I recently threw them in my jacket pocket for an hour and later discovered the OTHER earbud had popped off and a wire was disconnected. Very sad to see it go, got about 10 months of use out of them.

  37. 46

    by Hahn

    Good for the price, I use them for the gym mostly and get very sweaty some days and they stand the test. Good sound quality. Only complaint is the battery life. I get about ~2/3hrs worth of use out of them, not terrible but could be better.

  38. 46

    by Linda

    My husband loves them! He is very picky and hard to please, he works where he is constantly moving so wired headphones are not an option, The wireless earbuds also bother him. He came home after day one of wearing them and said he loved them because the should quality was great and when he took them out of his ears the magnet keeps them around his neck like a necklace so he does’t feel like he will lose them.

  39. 46

    by Cain

    There are a few small things that have bothered me. When I first got them, they easily lasted an entire 8-hour work day, including an hour break for lunch, so 9+ hours. Now, 5 months later, the battery life has started slipping–though I’m not that surprised, considering how much I have used them. I’ve used them almost every work day since I’ve gotten them, for 7-10 hours a day. Now they make it about 7 hours before I get the ‘Please Charging’ reminder every 5 seconds. (I wish I could change that, I find it annoying.) The other small thing to watch out for these is that the earbud tips can pop off if you’re not careful, which could mean you’ll lose them (and the little ear stabilizer things, since they’re held on by the tips) forever.

  40. 46

    by Hull

    Overall I?m happy because I only use them to listen to music. It if you intend to use them for phone use, you will be disappointed.

  41. 46

    by Spence

    Works without issue, fits nice and doesn?t fall out while running.

  42. 46

    by Gardner

    Still kicking after 6 months. Versus a TAIR brand that lasted 6 days. Pairs with both my watch and phone seamlessly. Only faults are not noise cancelling and gives no warning it is losing its charge. Just repeats needs charging over and over until it goes dead. I posted this and a few days later it kept repeating pairing, power on, power off and so on until it DIED. Can’t charge it. Rendered useless. Contacted them to test the 18 month warranty. Will see how that goes. If all goes well the rating should go up. Keep you posted.

  43. 46

    by Wilkins

    They are not the best sounding in buds, but they get the job done. I use them running and working out and at my desk at the office. All and all i would recommend these just cause they sound decent and the price point is not that bad for some throw aways.

  44. 46

    by Johns

    Works great and was easy to set up with my Pixel 2 XL phone. Sometimes there is a bit interference and I lose sound but if I put my phone on ‘do not disturb’, it doesn’t happen. Must be from incoming cell phone signal.

  45. 46

    by West

    The angle of the buds is not physiological (for me at least). Apple earbuds fit me just fine, but these never felt aligned…

  46. 46

    by Stuart

    These are crazy excellent, especially for the price. My last ones looked like these but would cut out if my phone was in my left, back pocket because the Bluetooth circuit was on the right (as are these). However, these are excellent; I’ll leave my phone in other rooms while wandering around doing chores and whatnot. The battery life is very good. I use them quite a lot, and over a few days, and they keep on trucking with infrequent, sporatic charging.

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YCH-03 CVC6.0 wireless headphones bluetooth 4.1 earphone for phone sport earpiece noise canceling cordless headphones earpods

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